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Category: Questions-Answers

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Lack of size satellite dish

Strengthening of a signal from a satellite dish

Some of the large number of satellite tv Subscribers are faced with the problem of – signal, the received satellite antenna, not enough strong and when bad weather picture channel accepts crumbles and disappears. While watching your favorite movie or transfer such “rassypaški” begin to irritate and here at this stage...

With 25.02 Tights not AUkaetsâ

With 25.02 Tights not AUkaetsâ

  With 25.02 Tights not AUkaetsâ, not that he plows and words was not. But MK switched on and no keys AutoUpdate MK01. Previously the auto keys trico worked on MK05. To correct this error in file SoftCam.key prescribe MK01, and all...


Channel groups in Tvheadend for Kodi 16

  Starting with Kodi 16 which is included in OpenELEC 7.0 There are some early points raised not to use groups of channels or so called tags. And so for the use of groups of channels in tvheadend You need to Include the use of groups from the server in Kodi 16  ...

Real FullHD 1080 p Android receivers g18ref AML8726MX processor

There are many opinions about whether the receiver with a processor AML8726MX and operating system Android 4.2.2 real 1080 p ? The real test! Features of iron:1. VS-ip015 receiver 2. HDMI cable 1.4 version and 3. Sony 40HX800 LCD on the receiver VS-IP015 installed firmware elite-22.3_vs-ip015_byGuRu_dvbs2_oscam_static-mac_telned_ftpd_1080p60fps-smooth_wifi8189 based...

How to set up account sharing C60S VIGICA Cccam or Newcam ?

To configure the sharing ratio we need for early bought account with šarovada with the protocol access cccamd or newcad. After the satellite television viewer application is configured and all the necessary body of channels found, you can proceed to your account data entry sharinga.Dlya choose this installation position...