Strengthening of a signal from a satellite dish

How to increase signal satellite antenna

How to increase signal satellite antenna

Some of the large number of satellite tv Subscribers are faced with the problem of – signal, the received satellite antenna, not enough strong and when bad weather picture channel accepts crumbles and disappears.
While watching your favorite movie or transfer such “rassypaški” are a nuisance and here at this stage and the idea appears, that there is a need to somehow amplify the signal, the received satellite antenna.
When the task of better reception of the satellite signal, you must troubleshoot the equipment to receive the signal and to understand the causes of insufficient sustained reception of signal from the satellite, and these reasons are eliminated.

Lack of size satellite dish

First let's figure out what we need to increase the signal from a satellite dish.

If you want more channels, the increase is unlikely to signal help. Except if there is no admission of several transponders.

Another thing when strews or even disappearing picture, simply put- no signal from the satellite.

Causes of poor signal may be few and fix them is quite simple.

Wind or someone turned the antenna, that's enough for even a few millimeters, or she was initially poorly configured and signal vanished during a rain or cloud cover.

After the installation of the dish across the House can be built or tree can grow, It happens, that antenna in winter set opposite a tree, and spring bloom on it leaves and they completely block the reception of the satellite signal. In the case of, If the antenna appeared obstacle in a satellite there is 2 ways to solve the problem – Reinstall the antenna or eliminate obstacle.

All from the fact that mistakes were made during installation, in particular – insufficient dotânuty bolts (wind collapses). In this case, to increase the signal enough to adjust satellite antenna, not forgetting the correct converter (right-left, forward back).

Poorly configured/downed with a satellite dish

You have all been well, television regularly showed, but over time became increasingly signal fade, or say in winter (When there is no foliage) all good, and in the summer is really missing the signal from the satellite. The reason is banal. Next growing tree otrastilo a new branch in the direction of the antenna beams, and obscures the signal from the satellite. Enough to cut off the branch (or tree), or install a satellite dish to another location.

Even very banal problem. Its essence lies in the poor-quality cable. Since it eliminates layer of insulation inside the water falls, or he simply Frays. Signal — drops gradually with the failure of the cable. The best way out is to replace cable on more qualitative. When mounting do not forget his forge, What would wind not babbled them.

With the cable may be further cases. If the cable length is very large, It simply signal fades. And when good quality indicators antennas, then in the room may not detect signal.

In such a case, you should take a quality cable and if you need, install satellite antenna signal booster, There are such. Its better to set halfway between receiver and satellite dish.

Using circuit Sockets and other signal suppression
It is necessary to analyze all the way cable from the antenna to the receiving receiver and eliminate all sorts of connections, dividers, circuit Sockets and other signal suppressors. Simple rule applies – the fewer obstacles in the signal path, order, actually, He above. Ideally, the cable must be approached from the LNB to the receiver directly – without barriers. replacing converter on modern to enhance the signal from a satellite dish
accurate adjustment of antennas for signal amplification, received from the satellite
The emergence of obstacles found in the companion

Using circuit Sockets and other signal suppression

Extremely rare, but still there are breakages satellite receiver — in this case, the wizard also helps you none. Damage to the receiver you can sometimes diagnose attaching and detaching the cable to the receiver (If all other hardware in the order) the scale of any signal that must respond to. When the power supply failure is most often simply not enabled tuner but sometimes it happens that there is no signal or goes missing on one or all satellites.

What if everything is in order, and the signal simply is not enough — you need to enhance.

In such a case will only increase the diameter of the mirror dish. The big antenna and signal strength more. To find the right size is a better look at lingsate the recommended size for a specific satellite antennas in your area.

Having considered all these causes of weak signal from dish, You can come to the conclusion, that in order to strengthen the signal from the antenna, you can take the following – increase the size of the antenna, replace converter quality, an accurate tuning of the antenna to the satellite, paving new quality cable reduction without connections, remove obstacles before the antenna towards the satellite, remove various dividers-repeaters-circuit Sockets.
In the case of, If you intend to entrust the work to strengthen the received satellite signal specialists, You can contact our company.

There are various artisanal ways to increase satellite signal. But I personally have not tried them myself and argue about their health will not.

 Bush ways to increase satellite signal


Here, According to the author, Tin Bowl can significantly increase signal to antennas and more 1 meter.

Some who do special frames, graphite supplies. Don't think it all works.

Although with the range selection is very important polarizer and Irradiator. And if you carefully pick, possible to amplify signal even on small satellite antennas.

 selection of the polarizer and Irradiator


Perhaps here, not all signal amplification.

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