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OpenSPA 6 from 01.06.2016 to install on sdcard WeTek. Play


What is new

- New skin Full HD 1080p Metrix JR (thanks to the developers of GigabluePAX and Metrix skins for inspiring me)
- New plugin spaMetrixJR to customize color style and some background screens of new MetrixJR skin (accessible from Menu -> Customize -> Customize skin MetrixJR or from Extensions menu)
- Enigma2 changes to improve Full HD skins support.
- Fixes in autodeepsleep plugin (in certain contexts (restart at certain times) the sleep timer does not start).
- Fixes in EPG plugin (now the OK button only appears when needed and fixed bug in some channels equivalencies.)
- Changes in spazeMenu to support new plugin spaMetrix JR.
- Changes in TimeSleep plugin (now with support for Kodi, Dreamplex and HMStream)
- New feature to autoconvert screens and give support to skins 1080p (if you're using skins 1080, you have to answer yes when you are asked for)
- HDMI-CEC improvements (now screen is refreshing fine when you change Activate from No to Yes)
- FAQS update at Help menu (we advice newbies to read FAQS to know basic features about OpenSPA)
- Added some translations.
- Various fixes in E2.
- New bootlogo.

User : root Pass : openspa
OpenSPA 6 Wetek.Play  от 01.06.2016 для установки на sdcard

OpenSPA 6 Wetek.Play of 01.06.2016 to install on sdcard