Firmware E2 Experimental MNIGMA 0.3 NAND from 28.06.2016 to install to the internal memory WeTek Play

Firmware E2 Experimental MNIGMA 0.3 from 28.06.2016 for installation in NAND memory WeTek.Play

- Fresh flash needed as there is no update path from the previous version.
- 'Experimental' is really meant; no cheap excuse or joke, please do NOT use as a primary image until properly tested and fixed.
- All the underlying system changes are rather extensinve -> nasty surprises more than likely. 
- As Kodi is NOT yet updated to 16.x, your E2+Kodi Mnigma backup works just fine. 
  (well, sort of; if OSD is too dark please do (try to do...) deep standby and hard reset - power on, power off. 
- Elec RC fixes from pcz soon as well as other stuff.

For your viewing pleasure. More or less... 🙂 

- v0.3 experimental
- modest and minor changes as follows;
   renewed kernel, E2, Code, build system, skins, etc...

- try to fix CEC drama for Kodi
- Estuary for both E2 and Kodi
- OE RC changes, still needs keymap fixes, can't test. REC long show recordings

WeTeK Play MNIGMA 0.3

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