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ËË6 OpenELEC 6 r21481 gbe8e1e0 for WeTek Play with smooth video

(ЁЁ6)OpenELEC 6 r21481 gbe8e1e0 для WeTek Play с плавным видео

OpenELEC – Development builds 30.10.2015

My compilation OpenELEC-WeTek_Play.arm-6.0-devel-20,151,030,142,657-r21481-gbe8e1e0 for WeTek Play from 30.10.2015 This time not a lot changes, but there are important: (ËË6)OpenELEC 6 r21481 gbe8e1e0 for WeTek Play with smooth video The main thing that earned button “SELECT” or “OK” on the remote from the tv by CEC. Also edits on the smoothness of the video entered the main git OpenELEC that is also very good. Today from the main differences between the two left Gita :

 ffmpeg-2.8.1 libamcodec 45a1086

NusNUuVrVEiLhWdx8jEDg[1]screenshot000 [embedyt] = MW2L5CKeS4k[/embedyt]

And so the file itself for OpenELEC update on SD card: OpenELEC-WeTek_Play.arm-6.0-devel-20151029175130-r21481-gbe8e1e0.tar 105.7 MB cqp6DH8y30y8GFDcxjYjqw[1] I also want to introduce you to microcodes to install directly into the WeTeK Play, in the internal memory of the: