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WeTek OS 1.1.6 ANDROID for WeTek Play

ANDROID WeTek ОС v1.1.6 для WeTek Play

ANDROID OS WeTek v 1.1.6 for WeTek Play


Been waiting for, more than a month and that's what we have …
WeTek ОС версии 1.1.6

WeTek OS version 1.1.6


Android :
- Fixed bug with delete button:
- Prolonged use, click "Delete", to make a screenshot
- Added Hungarian language WeUpdate:
- Added Turkish translation WeTek Theater:
- Fixed bandwidth (DVB-T) 7 m 
- Changes to the LNB  - off on exit
- Disable LNB, before bringing the device into standby mode (shutdown)
- Update SAT and SRV tables after the merger
- Fixed bug, ATSC tuner
- Fixed mask ATSC captioning
- Added Russian and Ukrainian translation
- Fixed a DVTplayer crash (back to the Launcher and black screen & need dual output)
- MultipleFrequency function is disabled
- Improvements for Australian users Launcher:
- TalkBack has been added on the main screen of the application Update:
- New KODI 15,2
- Aptoide
- Other applications on a clean installation:
- YouTube to Google TV Remotely
- Skype Remotely
- Box Remotely
- Chrome Remotely
- ES File Explorer Remotely

The installation is divided into net (replacement of the complete destruction of all user data) and simplified – a simple firmware update with conservation programs and user data.

Simplified update is also available on the network. And here on this link: 424.6 MB

Video Guide on how to install firmware on WeTeK Play

Full firmware update to Play WeTeK with the removal of all programs and user settings:

WeTek OS 1.1.6.rar 425.3 MB

Video Guide for installing the firmware OS WeTek 1.1.6

After finishing the installation, You are welcome, turn off the WeTek Play
After you enable, Please reboot, for proper application updates.

ANDROID WeTek ОС версии 1.1.6

WeTek Theater 1.1.6

WeTek Theater 1.1.6

WeTek Theater 1.1.6


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