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WeTek. Play OpenELEC 8.0 with the new Kodi 17 Krypton updated 03.04.2016

WeTek.Play OpenELEC 8.0

WeTek. Play OpenELEC 8.0

My compilation of new and super little but did not finish working OpenELEC 8.0 (c) Kodi 17 Krypton for WeTek.Play.

This compilation main components :

Новый видео драйвер Mali GPU r5p1-01rel0 Update amremote utility to ecdf401 kodi: rework patch for AMLCodec.cpp to prevent black screen during channel switch Update WeTek proprietary DVB driver to 20160304
Linux/arm 3.10.99 Kernel kodi 5b9b4b5(code 17 Alpha1)
OpenELEC settings 0.6.12
cairo 1.14.6 
systemd 229
dbus 1.10.8
libinput 1.2.2 
libass 0.13.2
gdb 7.11
openssh 7.2p1 cmake 3.5.1 
mesa 11.2.0-rc4  Python 2.7.11
xrandr 1.5.0
simplejson 3.8.2
llvm 3.8.0
expat 2.1.1 
tmpdump fa8646d  ffmpeg 3.0.1
videoproto 2.3.3 
curl 7.48.0 
libopenmpt 0.2.5787
xorg-server 1.18.2
sqlite-autoconf-3120000 added speex / opus audio codec support  alsa-updates 1.1.0
alsa-utils-1.1.1  alsa-lib 1.1.1 
pulseaudio: use pulseaudio --> alsa bridge
[Wetek.Play/amlkernel] - fix pixelclock for 23.976hz mode based on CEA-861B Amlogic/kodi: Add video_rate correction fix from @koying

Download OpenELEC 8.0 for WeTek.Play ARM7vWeTek.Play OpenELEC 8.0

Скачать WeTek.Play OpenELEC 8.0Code 17 Krypton (72769f6)

ffmpeg 3.0.1


Clean install OpenELEC-WeTek_Play.arm-8.0-devel-20160402232501-r22579-g69718fe.img.gz 112.9 MB

OpenELEC-WeTek_Play.arm-8.0-devel-20160402232501-r22579-g69718fe.img.gz Win32diskimager

Update OpenELEC-WeTek_Play.arm-8.0-devel-20160402232501-r22579-g69718fe.tar 122.0 MB

Copy tar the update file in the folder Update and restart WeTek. Play

The update will take place when loading the receiver WeTek. Play

Скопировать tar файл обновления в папку Update



Archive OpenELEC assemblies, old and other…


Video instruction – How to install OpenELEC on SD-map


Video instruction – How to update OpenELEC through Samba

Components for OpenELEC 8.0 required for use of the satellite receiver WeTek.Play

VDR addon OE 8.0 3.9 MB

Tvheadend addon OE 8.0 4.9 MB Tvheadend 4.0.8 4.9 MB Tvheadend 4.0.9


Components for OpenELEC 7.0 required for use of the satellite receiver WeTek.Play

For lazy people and those who did not go with the first spear recommend using backup settings for OpenELEC 7.0

In the backup settings for OpenELEC 7.0 for receiver WeTek.Play, In addition to indispensable to launch satellite parts, entered:

After installation, do not forget to set their values ports DiSEqC


«Антикризисное предложение по бесплатному просмотру практически всех спутниковых телевизионных пакетов»

"Crisis suggestion toll-free rendered virtually all satellite television packages»

Mega Oscam arm under OpenELEC

Wicardd Emulator (Version 1.19 beelive) arm OpenELEC


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