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WeTek OS 1.1.7 ANDROID for WeTek Play.

WeTek OS 1.1.7 for WeTek Play [14/03/2016]

History of changes new version WeTek OS 1.1.7

Added dual boot when you enable WeTek during Play., Press the power button to select boot from the internal memory or SD card.
Works with all remotes WeTeK: WeTek. Play Classic RCU, WeTek. OpenELEC RCU and WeTek. Play Enigma 2 RCU.
Some fixes for Android and kernel Update Kodi to v 16.0 Jarvis

After you complete a new installation, You are welcome, turn off the WeTek Play.
After you enable, You are welcome, make a restart, for proper application updates.

WeTek OS 1.1.7 available for online updates!

WeTek OS 1.1.7


Also for manual update files are available WeTek OS 1.1.7 for download:


Download WeTek OS 1.1.7 426.2 MB

Download WeTek OS 1.1.7 to install a clean sweep 428.3 MB