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Android games working with media controller boxes g18ref

Android игры работающие с геймпадом на медиа боксах g18ref

Android games working with controller on media boxes g18refs processor Amlogic 8726MX. The controller can be connected to the receiver via the Android Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB-interface. What option is best? Everyone has their own preferences and tastes. Many players encountered a problem when their, just bought the controller refuses to work in games, that simply must work on the controller, for example those – that portirovalis′ with the console. And even there the controller option in the game, but it does not work the way it should. Perhaps some buttons don't work either totally controller refuses to work and is not detected game.

Android игры работающие с геймпадом на медиа боксах g18ref

To start the list with useful links to utilities. Keyboard emulation, mouse and sensor, Play any games!: How to manually register the controller Sixaxis Controller

Tincore Keymapper USB/BT Joystick Center GOLD

USB Pad Optimised

Turn your Android device into a full-fledged portable gaming console

Tegra Zone

MOGA Controller

Top 5 controllers for Android 5 online games for Android brings native support for gamepad


Android игры работающие с геймпадом на медиа боксах g18ref

Connect android devices to the controller via USB 2.0, The USB interface is one of the easiest ways to connect the game controller to the android gadget. For example, analog stick from Sony, supports a usb interface, you can easily connect to g18ref_th2. Game controllers on the market there are controllers that support Wi-Fi connect. Thus, You can play a game console hit games on modern LED TV, supports wireless data transfer technology. Gejmad for android console, It's worth to choose according to your needs and tastes, with the condition if you really do not have enough physical management game.

Android игры работающие с геймпадом на медиа боксах g18ref

Ok, When the maker of games for mobile devices, initially takes care not only about the touch management, but also about other ways to control the game. But such games, Unfortunately, little, Yes and there are their troubles.

Android игры работающие с геймпадом на медиа боксах g18ref

Games that support gamepad

Modern technologies are rapidly evolving, engineers inventing new gadgets and devices, which give new emotions from the usual things. Who would have thought, that something a couple of years ago modern android gadgets can get support gamepad? This technology is experimental and not yet received massive support from the developers. Most likely, It is connected with nedeševymi joysticks, require high-performance Tablet. But if the tilt toward the financial aspect and look at technology from a different angle, You can draw a conclusion, that a controller for Android could bring a new sensation from the usual gameplay. List of annexes, that support gamepad, is shown in this page. Well, actually a list of games, which support joystick.:

Whispering Willows Full support for gamepads,Russian interface
FIFA 16 FIFA 16 Ultimate Team[3(D)] It is working with a gamepad
only works with a gamepad Titan Souls


Android игры работающие с геймпадом на медиа боксах g18ref

In the future the list will be updated as support. Welcome and your test results. Write in the comments, and I will add. Working with game controller. Play on Android with a controller from Microsoft Xbox 360. The general impression from the gamepad on Android. A very specific thing this joystick. Play, in any case,, much more convenient in almost all games, but do not think, that Office will be perfectly comfortable. To the entire, even to a good, need a little getting used to. need a little getting used to, rather, making their, previously unseen, the thrill of the game.

Android игры работающие с геймпадом на медиа боксах g18ref