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Intelsat-15/Horizons-2 85° e
Kino tv HD 11800 N 28800 now encrypted IRDETO2 is available in Unlimited packages and standard-World Cinema

Turksat 4A. 42°E
Tv channel “Lifetime” Appeared on 12089 (H) 4400 5/6. Open

Hot Bird 13v, 13°E
Paramount Channel appeared on the 11541 V 22000 5/6 DVB-S/Mpeg-2 encoding Nagravision, VideoGuard
Saudi Channel 2 He appeared on 12380 V 27500 3/4 DVB-S/Mpeg-2 FTA

"Orion" has launched a loyalty program for subscribers of "Telecard"
Federal satellite operator Orion launched a loyalty program for subscribers — Telekarta Bonus». The program allows participants to connect services for cheaper fares, accumulate bonus points and exchange them for additional discounts. This is the first integrated client loyalty program among Russian operators of satellite television.
«Telekarta» Bonus calculated as the new, and existing subscribers. Clients, newly activated satellite tv, automatically become participants of, and can enjoy its privileges from day of activation. For existing subscribers of the basic condition of participation is the continuous use of the operator's services within six months. Keeping his, Subscribers get access to basic software packages more favourable tariff- 100 roubles per month per package "standard" (regular price- 149 Br), 300 rubles a month for "unlimited" package (regular price- 399 RUR/month).
In addition to discounts on basic packages, the program provides bonuses for shift to a more expensive fare; for regular annual prolongation of the contract; for the replenishment of a personal account for a certain amount. Bonuses are intended to get discounts when you add additional packages or other services.
The main objective of the programme "Telekarta" Bonus is to increase the attractiveness of listings for potential subscribers, strengthen the loyalty of existing subscribers and attract attention to additional products "Telecard".
«Telekarta Bonus "is our answer to the crisis, comments by launching a new project, Deputy Director General of the Group of companies «Orion» Maria Zilina, is a loyal Subscriber today is the main value of the company. Certainly, We were formerly different promotions and special offers. So, eg, When a lump-sum annual payment foreseen discounts. But today most subscribers prefer to pay in small pieces, and for those, anyone willing to do it regularly, We also offer the opportunity to loyalty program discount. Thus, «Telekarta» Bonus brings together all the proposals into a single concept, making our satellite tv even more profitable for new subscribers, and for those, who uses our services, who prefers non-recurrent payments, and those, who likes to pay monthly».
Press release SC «Orion»

Tricolor Tv»: growth on 32% in the 1st quarter 2016 year
Summed up Russia's largest digital tv operator in first quarter 2016 year.
Tricolor tv has substantially increased revenue year-to-year and retains financial dynamics, recorded in 2015 year. So, revenue grew by operator 32% compared to the first quarter of last year (2,7 bln rubles.) and amounted to 3,4 billion rubles.
With 1 January to 31 March 2016 year to high-definition television (HDTV) from "tricolor Tv» connected 424,1 th. Subscribers. The total number of HD subscribers grew at 6% and reached the mark in 7 million households. Tricolor tv subscriber base exceeded 11,87 million households. About a third of all new users choose when connecting to HD-operator services tariff Single Multi» (2000 USD/year), allows you to view high definition channels on multiple screens.
Thus, the high profits the company ensured the loyalty of users, choosing innovative services "tricolor Tv».
Director of sales and subscriber service of tricolor tv» Aleksey Karpov: Digital technologies have become a mass phenomenon. In these circumstances, financial and more effective are company, at the time made a bet on new broadcasting formats and quality of customer service, and not only on the active connection subscribers, has lost meaning another two to three years ago. The main task of "tricolor Tv» — justify the trust of our customers, confirm, millions of Russians have made the right choice, When contacting us for digital tv».
The diversity of channels, affordable HDTV, the only Russian package UHD-channels, mul′tiskrin, additional packages and services, Russian equipment Exchange program, — that's what now forms a clear image of the national operator subscribers, You can trust, sure Alex.
Flagship client oriented policy «tricolor Tv», Since August last year, became a private Federal retail network. By the end of Q1. 2016 the number of sales and service offices and showrooms-shops reached 240 points more than 200 cities across the country. Further development of the network is planned.
At the current moment through branded network are carried out on the order of one third of all cooperative exchanges with technology partners obsolete Exchange satellite equipment to a new generation of receivers.
According to the 31 March 2016 year subscribers in zone broadcasting satellite Express-AMU1 and Eutelsat 36B, who have activated the package «one», were available 234 the body of the- and radio channels, including three dozen — in HD. In view of the additional packages, subscribers can view 260 channels.
Aleksey Karpov: "The main priority for us is the attention to the needs of our subscribers and a better service in Russia, enough flexibility to introduce new services. Preparing to launch new promotions on equipment Exchange, even more advantageous for subscribers, and new digital services, capable to satisfy the most demanding user. In addition, We plan to 2017 year to abandon broadcasting to legacy MPEG-2, that will increase the quantity and quality of tv channels, including high and ultra high definition».
Press release «tricolor Tv»

NTV-Plus subscribers includes new communication channels.
Company NTV-Plus» has opened new feedback channels to its subscribers. On service, information and technical support, as well as connect to the satellite operator services you can now contact the company's support through Skype Internet-services, Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger.
Call on Skype is an alternative to the customary phone call. To contact the call centre, NTV-Plus, a user must connect to the account of
To send text messages to subscribers can use WhatsApp or Viber. To do this, in the address book you want to add a room 8 916 380 21 81. In addition, ask a question via Facebook Messenger in a group of NTV-Plus. These services – alternative to sending e-mails.
The use of additional communication channels has become the next step to improve customer service. For many online services has long become preferable ways to communicate and find relevant information. The company's clients now have a broader set of tools to communicate with the Subscriber Service NTV-Plus.
Operational Internet communication services will be possible with 9:00 before 21:00 Moscow time in accordance with the timetable of the call-center. Questions and messages, received at other times, necessarily be taken into consideration and will not go unanswered. When communicating with a contact point in many cases subscribers need to indicate the number of your contract.

Tivusat box: Paramount Channel on the new frequency
Italian version of movies Paramount channel Channel in SD resolution began to be broadcast to subscribers free satellite platform Tivusat box from the new transponder.
To receive program subscribers would have to reconfigure the receiver on the new settings. Paramount Channel broadcasts in Italy for free with 27.2.2016. The program first appeared in Italian terrestrial digital platform, After a few days and on the satellite in HD and SD resolution to TivuSat box subscribers. In the proposal the pay-TV Sky Italia, the program still does not appear. Paramount Channel offers movies, serials, News. Viewers are available for both new movies,and classics from United States.
Technical parameters – Paramout Channel:

EUTELSAT Hot Bird 13B (13°E), frequency 11,541 GHz, Pol. (v), SR 22000, FEC 5/6, DVB-S/QPSK

Paramount Channel settings change only applies to the SD version. Paramount Channel HD broadcasts on the original parameters.


42°E: Turkish baby KIDZ station with the new SR
On Turksat in position 42° E there has been a change of parameters of children's broadcasting station KIDZ / ANIMATED.
Mini package increased the value of symbol rate with 2400 ksymb/s 4400 ksymb/s. Other settings have been saved. Uncoded KIDZ station broadcasts daily from 6:00 before 21:30 educational programs for children from 2 before 14 years. In the remaining time on the position of the FTA program appears Animez KIDZ with anime content. After increasing the value of symbol rate (SR) the mini package solution appeared test new, broadcast free Lifetime Channel station. Mini package broadcasts in East beam. For admission require larger antenna (about 120 see).
Technical parameters – KIDS / ANIMATED, Lifetime Channel:

Turksat 4A (42°E), frequency 12,089 GHz, Pol. (H), SR 4400, FEC 5/6, DVB-S/QPSK


Spacecom is planning a new platform at 4° W
Israeli satellite operator Spacecom, The AMOS satellite provider, However, Encompass Digital Media, a global company, focused on delivering video services, created a new common European distribution platform for tv broadcast.
Encompass Services – Spacecom will be offered in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) in Ku-band satellite Amos 6 at position 4° W. A joint initiative of the Encompass and Spacecom will rely on providing feeds and other content with a full range of services in all areas on satellite capacity. The company will offer a full range of services on satellite Amos 6. Spacecom cooperates with MediaPort Satellite Services Ltd. with an Office in Rugby in the uk, where will be the platform.
Satellite Amos 6 replace the position 4° W existing Amos 2. The new spacecraft, Amos 6 Falcon rocket carrier will be displayed 9 from Cape Canaveral in July 2016 year. The satellite will be equipped with a 24 transponders in the Ka-band, 39 at Ku and 2 in c-band.
Encompass Managing Director EMEA Marco Tinnirello said: "Our new joint venture, created for the distribution of television programmes, guarantees the highest quality both in terms of content, and communication systems. Pan-European coverage beam in Ku-band satellite Amos-6 will allow us to provide a range of interesting new services for European viewers, as well as add additional services for tv channels, vendors and customers digital providers».
"The launch of the Amos-6 and attach it to our space grouping will allow us to expand the number of services we provide, as well as coverage in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Adds ceo and President David Pollak Spacecom. Thanks to covering the whole continent a new panEuropean beam, as well as the fokusiruemym rays high throughput in Ka-band, We will be able to expand into new markets and offer your customers exciting new services».

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