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Transponder news for 05.05.2016

News of satellite TV


Yamal 402, 54.9°E
Matč TV ( RUS-029) Once again goes to the 12640 N 2500 3/4 DVB-s FTA
And another 12652 (H) 7500 3/4 appeared with those. Match TV broadcasts without logo. Probably, feed for ice hockey championship (Every day – signal that is, then there is no)

Türksat 2A/3A/4A 42° E
"KANAL 56 Siirt is not turned on 12699 V 77005/6; DVB-S2/QPSK/MPEG-4

Badr-5 26° E
10730 (H) 27500 3/4 — RT Arabic HD has left from the package
Tv channel “MBC Max” Appeared on 11919 (H) 27500 3/4. Open

EUTELSAT Hot Bird/13 c/13B 13E 13° E
10930 H DVB-S2/8PSK 30000 2/3 -Info-card "Blizz TV went
11785 H DVB-S2/8PSK 29900 3/4 — PSY TV/TV "Psicologia gone c frequency, openly available on 10853 (H)
"Somaliland National TV out 11470 V 27500 5/6, openly available on 12520 V 27500 3/4.
‘ Central Asia TV’ and IranAS ‘ Movie’ gone with the 12149V, switched on 11566 h
New package with channels ‘ Central Asia TV’ and IranAS ‘ Movie’ has started on 11566 h (wide beam), Open, SR 27345, FEC 5/6
Al Jazeera English ‘’ has 11034V, now available at 11137H
Tv channels “Telemarket and Telemarket for You” Appeared on 11541 V 22000 5/6. Open

Eutelsat 9B 9° E
The "Kinomir", «RTVD», "TeleBom/TeleDom» appeared on the 11977 (H) 27500, 2/3, DVB-S2 / 8PSK, kodirovka Conax/VideoGuard
"Arise" News "appeared on 11996 V 27500, 3/4, DVB-S, MPEG-2, hanging info-map
«GTV» (Global Tamil Vision») gone with the 11727 V

Astra 4A, 4.8°E
Channel ‘ Vintaž’ has 12341H, stream 40, replaced by the test card, continuing work on 12284V


TV Markiza with HbbTV HD channels with 23.5° E
3 May this year Slovak commercial broadcaster TV Markiza has launched a service cable hybrid HbbTV at all of its HD channels from the satellite Astra 3B (23,5°E).
Skylink platform subscribers, having receivers with support for HbbTV may use hybrid tv on the main channel Markiza HD, as well as the Dajto HD and Doma HD. The HbbTV broadcaster TV Markiza offers three application – Teletext, weather and access information from the Internet-portal So far it only tests, but in the future the service will be expanded. HbbTV application for broadcaster prepared a Czech company Mautilus. Draft HbbTV for TV Markiza is divided into three phases, now only the first part of. In the coming weeks we will focus on optimizing applications and elements. Then we start the next part of the project.
“Solutions for TV Markiza were created by adapting our product – white label for HbbTV, that we develop in the long term and that can be adapted for each channel,”- said Petr make a Mazanec, Technical Director Mautilus.


“ISS named Jsc” won the tender for two satellites “Express”
Železnogorskoe JSC “Information satellite systems” named after academician m. f.. JSC” won the tender to supply two satellites broadcasting — “Express-103” and “Express-80”, It will build for federal state unitary enterprise “Space communications” (RSCC).
The contest results were announced 30 April. An informed source told the Guide Corporation “Roscosmos”, Chapter “JSC” Nikolay Testoedov has already been called chapter RSCC Yuri Prokhorov and thanked them for their confidence. Prokhorov himself refused to comment on the results of the contest, Noting, that it was closed and its progress, as well as the results, participants can comment on.
A contract for signature will be handed over to the winner of the tender within two weeks, said Prokhorov.
Two spacecraft RSCC is willing to pay 15,5 billion rubles, assuming exchange risks (Russia is ready to pay itself the target equipment, which in any case would come from the foreign manufacturer).
The contest was filed two applications: from “ISS named Jsc” and RKK “Energy”, submitted by a joint venture with Airbus “Energy SAT”.
Close to the leadership of the RSCC, the source reported, that the application of “JSC” WINS costs — Russian manufacturer said the price of the 1,2 billion below, than “Energy SAT”.
In terms of technical solutions and delivery in both cases we get a comparable solution, based on advanced foreign technologies. If you won “Rešetnëv”, the Russian satellite platform will set target equipment, produced by Thales Alenia, and if won “Energy SAT”, the target equipment it would be from a competitor is Airbus Defence and Space (ADS).
Yet 2 a year ago, RSCC arranged more representative and public tenders: in January 2014 year in the Eurovision RSCC competed Airbus Defence and Space, Canadian MDA Corporation, China Industrial Corporation “Great Wall” and “Rešetnëv”.
A lot has changed since then — after the story with the refusal to pass Russia platform “Mistral” the military-industrial Commission decided not to procure dual-use equipment (These include broadcasting satellites, with their help, links to the leadership of the country) abroad. This does not mean, that the satellites will be entirely Russian, but patriotic will platform, which will establish a foreign target equipment. Devices themselves will be built in Russia does not give us their whole manufacturer cannot precisely, There is a risk of a ban on the import of picking one or the other (recently that happens regularly, influencing the duration of launches of spacecraft).
Therefore, the tender for “Express-103” and “Express-80” RSCC invited only Russians-RSC “Energy”, “ISS named Jsc” and the joint rocket construction Corporation. Despite “related” the link between all three companies (they belong to the Corporation “Roscosmos”), According to a member of the competition Commission, the tender was held in all important respects procedures, opening procedure documented on camera.
According to previously published plans RSCC against satellite constellation, until the end of 2018 year the company intends to launch into geostationary orbit four new apparatus is “Express-AMU3”, “Express-AMU7”, “Express-80” and “Express-103”, parallel decommissioning is scheduled to withdraw five older machines. It is worth noting, that “Express-80” and “Express-103” is scheduled to be launched days running, that is one, provided by “Roskosmos” through the budget of the federal space program (PCF expiration date 2016-2025 years). As a matter of fact, This “debt” “Roscosmos” for an unsuccessful launch apparatus “Express-AM4R”, that was lost due to unforeseen work “Proton”.
Other satellites, output in orbit during the period of validity of the PCF 2016-2025, RSCC is planning to run from extrabudgetary sources.


Portuguese RTP with broadcast UEFA Euro 2016 in 4 k
It all goes to,the Portuguese public broadcaster RTP will launch a special channel Ultra HD during football broadcasts of euro 2016 in France.
It was previously known,that only 7 UEFA Euro 2016, starting with the quarter finals, will be available in 4 k resolution. Now it turns out, that opening match (France – Romania) will also be available at UHD. Portuguese television RTP 4 k will show in all UHD 8 matches.
A total of eight matches will be broadcast live on the channel RTP Ultra HD 20:00 local time. Opening match Euro-2016 – 10 June, quarter-finals between 30 June on 3 July, semi-finals 6 and 7 July and finals 10 July.
New channel RTP Ultra HD will be available through pay-TV operators NOS, Vodafone Portugalia and Meo (Portugal Telecom). It is worth recalling, that Portuguese operators NOS and Meo use satellite Hispasat at position 30° W, Therefore, it is likely, What if the channel RTP Ultra UHD will appear by satellite, It is from this. Will it pay, Yet such information.


GS Group launches satellite tv in Bangladesh
28 April 2016 year of investment and industrial holding Group started broadcasting the first GS satellite TV‑operatora in Bangladesh – RealVU. The project was implemented in partnership with Bengali diversified conglomerate BEXIMCO. GS Group made by the supplier and integrator of its own software and hardware solutions for the functioning of the operator in accordance with modern standards of digital television.
The first operator of satellite pay-TV in Bangladesh – a joint project of the holding company GS Group and conglomerate BEXIMCO. The first national DTH platform will provide high-quality RealVU digital transmissions throughout the country, with a population of more than 165 million people. Previously viewers had access to analog broadcasting of Bengal and cable tv, as well as illegally connect to Indian DTH operators.
The technological basis of the television operator RealVU constitute decisions of GS Group. Holding provided the supply and integration of hardware-software complexes of own design, that will allow the first satellite operator in Bangladesh, operate in accordance with modern standards of digital television. Thanks to Russia's high-tech solutions, powerful satellite signal is available anywhere in the country and practically does not depend on weather conditions.
Digital satellite platform RealVU offers more 100 tv channels in SD- and HD‑kačestve. In the available viewers packages includes famous international channels in English, popular from Indian channels and canals with local content, made in Bangladesh. Throughout the country formed a wide dealer network of sales and service. Digital tv set-top box development of GS Group meet the needs of modern viewers. Including, smart features are available to users PVR (record broadcast) and TimeShift (timeshifting), as well as electronic program guide (EPG).
"Foreign broadcasting projects GS Group – example of successful output of Russian high technologies to the global market. The first satellite operator in Bangladesh RealVU allows to realize the massive access to quality digital television in the country, where more 165 million people forced to watch digital cable tv broadcasting or of poor quality or illegally connect to foreign operators. We look forward to, that we will be able to attract a significant amount of audience already in the first year of operation the operator through a deep examination of GS Group in the field of management of national broadcasting projects, diverse content, responds to the needs of different categories of viewers, and high level of service», – narrated by Director of external relations, Department of foreign broadcasting projects GS Group Sergey Aharon Dolgopolsky.
RealVU – the second foreign broadcasting project, launched with the direct involvement of the GS Group. With 2012 on 2016 year holding has successfully implemented a project to create the first national digital terrestrial television platform One TV in the Kingdom of Cambodia. GS Group plans to create a digital broadcasting projects in the promising markets of Pakistan, Indonesia and other countries