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Transponder news for 26.07.2016

Ежедневные новости спутникового телевидения

Daily news satellite television


Horizons-2 85.2° E
12160 (H) 28800 3/4 — new channel "Bravo TV" has replaced the broadcast "Moscow 24"

YahSat 1A 52.5° E
11900 (H) 27500 7/8 — all the test channels encoded in BISS left the package

Intelsat 12 45°E
Tv channel “MTV Lebanon” Appeared on 12633 (H) 2220 3/4. Open

Türksat 2A/3A/4A 42° E
12001 V 4444 5/6 — "Teledünya Info" and "TürkSat Tanıtım" appeared in the package

Hellas Sat 2 39°E
11556 (H) 2500 7/8 — new parameters of broadcast channel "TV AJYAL"

Новости спутникового телевидения

News of satellite TV

"MTS TV" stumbled on a rake
Previously on our website we wrote about, the share of satellite operator "MTS TV", which allowed potential customers to purchase satellite equipment free shareware ("Connection 0") will be indefinite. But we have received unofficial information, that this marketing tool to increase subscriber base in the near future will not be used. One word, action suspended. The reasons for this decision lie on the surface. The operator came across the same trouble, as the market leader Tricolor TV".
Recall, under what Conditions, the subscriber acquires at the point of sale equipment for free. However, he must pay a basic package of channels before the end of the month, and then to make equivalent payments during 18 or 24 months depending on packaging. Setting the subscriber makes their own or uses for these works appropriate specialist for a fee.
This event was a relative success, given the advertising campaign of the operator. It is quite possible, with the onset of autumn period the number of people willing to connect to "MTS TV", not paying the cost of the equipment, would have increased. But in the process of the event started the same problems faced by other satellite operator "Tricolor TV", conducted similar company — the problem of defaulters. It's hard to say, what motivated these users, t.. in the case of non-payment they immediately stopped access to view TV channels, but their number approached the critical indicators. In this regard, it was decided the action "Connect to 0" not to renew for August.
In return, subscribers will be offered to acquire the sets of linear satellite equipment in the salons of MTS discount 2000 Br. Management of the operator hopes, the proposal will be a success among potential subscribers of satellite television.
At the moment the number of subscribers of satellite project "MTS TV" is unknown. Was previously disclosed plans to guide the operator to reach 100 th. users by the end of this year.

3D left. Ahead — VR
News, which was expected. Stopped broadcasting open demo channel Astra 3D", which was broadcast with the same satellite constellation in position 19,2 degrees East longitude. It was the last free channel, which provided the opportunity to watch surround TV satellite. In spite of the fact, what four orbital points in digital pay packages are still TV channels in 3D, the fate of this format is already a foregone conclusion.
Currently watch satellite TV programs in 3D, you can watch the SKY, who works in Germany, The UK and Italy. There is also a channel "Penthouse 3D", which extends from the position 9 degrees East for cable operators. In connection with the trend you can expect, all these channels will be closed in the near future. The reasons for this decision has been written many times, so we will not repeat, a look at the new technology of entertainment, replacing 3D — VR.
At least so say those, who is "Astra 3D Demo" launched broadcasting channel "Astra VR Demo". VR is a virtual (artificial) reality, which replaces the stereo-television (3(D)). On the demo channel Astra VR" broadcast footage from the cockpit, who needs to immerse the viewer in the conditional world of aviation through flight simulation the aircraft.
How exactly this technology will be sold through the channel can be guessed. It requires, the signal to be submitted to VR glasses, but at the moment it is a technical solution, which can realize the transmission images of the satellite signal on the appropriate gadgets with the help of which you can view on the glasses VR.
The parameters of the tele signal "Astra VR Demo":

the satellite Astra 1KR;
the position of the 19,2 degrees East longitude;
frequency is 11612;
polarization — horizontal;
SR 22000
FEC 5/6

The satellites will be in geostationary orbit repair
Company Space Systems Loral (SSL) got a contract in the amount of $20,7 million from the U.S. Agency for promising research projects (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – DARPA) on creating robotic satellite positioner.
The work is carried out in the framework of the DARPA orbital servicing of geostationary satellites (Robotic Servicing of Geosynchronous Satellites – RSGS).
SSL is obliged to create two robotic manipulator, able to capture and dock the satellite, not originally designed for such operations, then apply a number of tools and equipment already developed under the first phase of the program. Orbital tests of the manipulators is scheduled for 2020-2021 g..
The success of the program will allow to increase the active lifetime of geostationary spacecraft. DARPA, in their statements, worries about, the success of the RSGS will allow you to resume operation of a large number of military satellites, failed, eg, due to the degradation of solar panels.
Recently, another developer of satellite technology – the MDA received a contract for the elaboration of the question of the replacement of antennas on geostationary spacecraft. SSL notes and commercial prospects of the program, because many communication satellites can bring profit to its operators after carrying out the orbital repair.

Launch “Proton-M” from Baikonur is delayed to the fourth quarter 2016 year.
Startup booster “Proton-M” with the satellite Echostar-21 from the Baikonur cosmodrome may be postponed for a month or more, announced today, a source at the cosmodrome.
“The next launch of the carrier rocket “Proton-M”, Perhaps, will be no earlier than the fourth quarter of 2016 year. Earlier, it was planned for 29 August. That is a start, Perhaps, will be postponed at least for a month”. Satellite Echostar-21 have not yet been delivered to Baikonur.
“The satellite is still not delivered, as it continues to work, the Commission, investigating the causes of abnormal operation of the propulsion system of the second stage of the launch vehicle “Proton-M” when you run the satellite Intelsat-31 in June”.
In turn, in the Directorate of communications of the Khrunichev Center announced, that launch date has not yet been determined.
“The Commission's work continues. Launch date will be determined later”, – said a source at the cosmodrome.

From today the subscribers of "Telecarte" affordable entertainment and educational TV channel "Bravo TV".
The channel will impress you with the high level of interactivity, thematic contests channel, dance and vocal projects of its own production. The creators of the channel are paying the lighting creative startups, festivals, cultural activities. At Bravo you will find art films, many interviews with musicians and actors, humorous and cooking shows, cartoons for children.
The channel is available in MPEG2 format in the area of broadcasting satellite Horizons2.
Pleasant viewing!


TV channels "Our new cinema" and "CHL" will pay for loud is
One hundred thousand rubles each are required to pay the company OOO "TPO Red Media" and LLC "KHL-Marketing". Fines, in the decisions of FAS Russia, appointed for the excess volume of advertising blocks, messages on advertising, announcements, logos television channel and audio volume level, interrupt their TV programs on the TV channel "Our new cinema" and TV channel "KHL".
When measuring on a channel called "Our new movie" the ratio of the volume of advertising blocks, information about is, all announcements, logo of TV channel and audio volume level, interrupt their programs, found above the level of the sound volume of advertisements, announcements, information about is, screensavers of the channel above the level of the sound volume of the program parts in some cases “fork” 1,6 dB – 4,8 dB. From its side the same measurement on the TV channel "KHL" has demonstrated the excess volume of advertising over the audio volume level to the advertising sections 1,7 dB.
Recall, the law “About the volume of advertising” entered into force 25 may 2015.