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Transponder news for 30.09.2016

Новости спутникового телевидения

News of satellite TV

Intelsat 904 60°E
Tv channel “Armenian Public TV” Temporarily goes open 11622 V 8527 3/4. DVB-S2

Intelsat 12 45°E
France 24 French появился на 11673 V DVB-S2/8PSK MPEG-4 30000 3/4,VideoGuard
Magic TV Bulgaria left 11632 V

Hot Bird 13C 13.0°E
'Eska TV’ left 11393V, moved to DVB-S2 on 11508V
‘8 TV’ appeared on 11393V (wide beam), Open, SR 27500, FEC 5/6
HD version of ‘Rai 5’ appeared on 11013 h (wide beam), DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG-4/HD/Nagravision 3, SR 29900, FEC 3/4
HD version of ‘HSE 24 Italy’ appeared on 10930H (wide beam), DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG-4/HD/clear, SR 30000, FEC 2/3
TEF Channel appeared on 11662 V 27500 3/4 DVB-S2/8PSK FTA
Nickelodeon HD, Paramount Channel HD left 11470 V 27500 5/6 DVB-S/Mpeg-4
Gali Kurdistan left 11200 V 27500 5/6 DVB-S/Mpeg-2

Thor 6 0.8° W
213 Sport appeared on 12380 V 28000 5/6 DVB-S/MPEG-2

Daily news satellite television

Daily news satellite television


The study: subscribers of pay TV began to take less channels
The number of pay channels, taken by the viewers, began to decline. Comes to such conclusions of the analytical Agency Nielsen on the results of the analysis of the global TV audience.
Analysts report, the trend of increasing the number of available channels, or, who regularly watch viewers, saved. The more time the viewer spends on watching TV, the more channels it will tend to look. The average of 205,9 received channels subscribers are constantly looking 19,8, or 9,6%, according to the portal Rapid TV News.
However, subscribers of pay TV tend to "cut" packages of channels, or go for the small packs. This may be due to the distribution of subscriptions to the paid video-on-demand (SVOD): customers SVOD services watch less TV channels, than the average viewer. This is due to the fact, the audience SVOD services are younger and more affluent, I think at Nielsen. In addition, was discovered the dependence of the number of viewed channels from the age of subscribers: on average, getting older, viewer every two years looks at one channel less.

"Channel" began to fight with the blocking of Internet advertising
"The first channel" launched the mechanism, aimed at dealing with blockers Internet advertising. Users, installed this POS., reduce the quality of broadcast on the Internet video read more
The site "the First channel" forcibly reduces the quality of broadcast video on the Internet for those users, which have installed software to block online advertising, the newspaper "Vedomosti".
It clarifies the issue, when you run a video channel from the site 1tv, as well as with other legal sites, these users first, there is a warning message, when the ad player can work correctly, and after that reduces the quality of broadcast video.
As explained to the edition the representative of the company, the spread advantage of Internet advertising to television becomes a serious problem. The source explained, because of the use of such software a company loses to 25% revenue from video advertising.
The newspaper said, what is the second known case, when in any way restricts its users due to ad blocker Internet advertising. So, the newspaper cites the example of another well-known case, according to the Cnews website which does not give access to its articles to users, installed software to block advertising.
The representative of the other media companies agree with the "First channel", what blockers online advertising is becoming a more serious problem and say, that control is becoming a dilemma. "If you take the analogy with traditional TV, it turns out, what then should I turn off the news release to those audiences, at the time of a commercial break left the room or changed the channel", – leads edition of the words of the Deputy Director of VGTRK Dmitry Mednikova.

The first "clear" the TV shop on Hot Bird
obob. tv
While in the position 19,2 degrees East for a long time already broadcasting TV in standard ultra-high definition and there are several similar channels in HD, popular satellite fleet Hot Bird was devoid of such content. But progress does not stand still and now in memory of the satellite receiver fans SAT-TV unable to register and the first HD-TV with "the Firebird".
Given the fact, this position is replete with open Italian channels of various directions and quality, you can expect the first "clear the store of them. And so it happened. The first fully advertising-TV channel on Hot Bird was the Italian version of "HSE 24 HD». In parallel, continues broadcasting and SD version of the channel.
According to the website, bitrate HSE 24 HD" is not very high — only 3,7 MB/sec, audio 128 KB/s.
HSE is the German network infomercials, that point 13 g e. decided to enter the Italian market. On the position 19,2 g e. broadcast three of the HSE teleshopping. Two of them — "HSE24", "HSE24 Trend" broadcast in HD.
The broadcast settings HSE 24 HD" for Italy:

the satellite Eutelsat Hot Bird (13 g e)
frequency is 10930
polarization — horizontal 
SR — 30000
FEC — 5/6


ZDFkultur and EinsPlus finish broadcasting
German public television ARD and ZDF a few days will end the work of its thematic programmes.
With 30.9.2016 is finished broadcasting stations ZDFkultur and EinsPlus. With 1.10.2016 public television will present a new channel for youth. It will be available only through the Internet. The selected program ZDFkultur will appear on the channels 3sat and Arte. A new station for young people has received the name of Funk and the page already there is a countdown before the broadcast starts. Funk will only be available as non-linear services on mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. EinsPlus starts broadcasting in 2005 year. ZDFkultur was launched in 2011 year.

Germany will be the Harry Potter TV channel HD
German pay-TV operator Sky Deutschland is launching a channel for fans of the Saga about Harry Potter.
4 November on the site of the channel Sky Hits will appear Sky Cinema Harry Potter HD, where around the clock, in chronological order, will broadcast eight movies about Harry Potter, made between 2001 on 2011 year. Channel content will also be available on mobile devices and OTT services operator. Channel Harry Potter will stop working 20 Nov and Sky Hits back in place. Sky Deutschland is not the first time experimenting with such emergent channels. Previously, the operator has already launched channels, dedicated to Star wars, agent 007 and disney princesses.

Raising fighters RSCC satellite Internet
FEDERAL STATE UNITARY ENTERPRISE “Space communications” (RSCC) expanded the partnership with Eutelsat S. A., preparing the ground infrastructure for providing communication services using capacity Ka-band frequencies of the spacecraft “Express AMU1” (36° e).
This allowed Russian “daughter” French satellite operator Eutelsat – OOO “Eutelsat Networks” – to enter the Russian market of satellite Internet.
RSCC, in partnership with Eutelsat S. A. developed on the basis of the Center of space communication (CFB) “Dubna” ground infrastructure, includes a Central switching station and antenna system of the first stage. In 2017 g. RSCC is planning to Commission the antenna system of the second stage.
Based on this infrastructure “Space communications” provides services for “Eutelsat Networks”. “We take the issue of providing access to satellite segment, health monitoring of communication channels and maintenance”, – said the representative of the press service of the RSCC. Financial terms of cooperation the company did not disclose.
Deputy General Director for innovative development, the RSCC Evgeny Buydinov said, that the expansion of mutually beneficial partnership with Eutelsat has implications for the fields of digital broadcasting, satellite broadband access, control and monitoring of spacecraft.
Project with RSCC is a continuation of 20 years of cooperation between Eutelsat and “Space communications”, noted General Director “Eutelsat Networks” Kirill Yanchenko. “Using the capabilities of the satellite “Express AMU1”, providing full coverage of the European part of Russia and part of Western Siberia, “Eutelsat Networks” offers high-speed communication services to individual consumers and business users”, – he said.
Recall, in March 2014 g. to provide services on the territory of the Russian Federation Eutelsat S. A. established a subsidiary, OOO “Eutelsat Networks”, however, the satellite broadband this company has started to provide only 7 September 2016 g., said regional Vice President of Eutelsat S. A. Mykola Orlov.
As a supplier of subscriber terminals, the company has chosen Gilat Satellite Networks Eutelsat. According to him, the first contracts the company signed with NAO “National satellite company” (“Tricolor Tv”) and JSC “RTComm”. As previously reported, “Tricolor Tv” in partnership with Eutelsat Networks 7 Sep has launched the service two-way satellite Internet access.
Contract company “RTComm” with Eutelsat Networks also relates to the use of capacity Ka-band satellite frequencies “Express AMU1”. “Thanks to the use of the tanks of the satellite and ground infrastructure, Eutelsat, “RTComm” extends the coverage area of broadband Internet satellite in Ka-band for individuals”, – said the representative of the company “RTComm”. According to him, satellite broadband Ka-band – the future point of growth in the satellite communications market, which could significantly change its structure.
“This frequency range allows to obtain high-speed, compared to other frequency ranges, satellite Internet, available to the mass market segment of satellite communications. The speed of the data channel in the satellite Ka-band is comparable with the ground – up to 45 Mbit/s”, – he said.
As previously reported, communications satellite “Express AMU1” (according to the classification of the French operator – Eutelsat 36 c) began providing commercial service in the orbital position 36° East d. in February 2016 g. Capacity “Express-АМУ1” used as “Space communications”, and Eutelsat. On “The Express АМУ1” works 18 beams in Ka-band with a total capacity of 12 GB/s.
Satellite Internet in Ka-band with spring 2015 g. available to users in the far East and Siberia through “Express-Am5”, may 2016 g. – for residents of the European part of Russia, Siberia and the Urals via satellite “Express-Am6”. RSCC connects subscribers to satellite Internet services in Ka-band through distributors, srcade which ZAO “Ka-Internet” (included in GC AltegroSky), AO “KB “Spark”, OOO “Isatel”, AO “RTComm” etc.

Prevention registration system "Tricolor TV"
In the night 30 September 2016 g. in the period from 00:00 before 01:00 (Moscow time) will be held technical prevention registration system.
In the period may be temporary interruptions in the work of private offices dealers, as well as private offices subscribers.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!