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Transponder news for 05.11.2016

Новости спутникового телевидения

News of satellite TV

Intelsat 20 68.5°E
«Signs and Wonders» appeared in the open 12602 V 26657 2/3. «Free State» and «MFM TV» gone with 12722 V
RCG TV resumed broadcasting on 12522 V 26657 FEC 2/3, DVB-S/MPEG-2, Open

11161 V 2122 2/3, DVBS2 / 8PSK - new parameters broadcast "Journal of Nadym"

Türksat 3A / 4A at 42 ° F
"Rustavi 2", «TV 25" left the 11472 (H) 23450 5/6. «Geylan TV» appeared on 11594 V 25000 2/3. «Ton TV» left the 11650 V. Package «BirlikMedya» is back on 12303 V 27500 5/6 DVB-S / MPEG-2, open. "Hi TV" заменил «Sinemafo's», opened on 12641 (H) 30000 2/3. «MCJ MEDIASA» left the 11855 V

Eutelsat 36C 36°E
Family left with HD 12034 (L), DVB-S2/MPEG-4
Our detective(HD) He appeared on 12034 (L), DVB-S2/MPEG-4 DRE-Crypt
Our HD left the 12034 (L), DVB-S2/MPEG-4
Our Kinoroman(HD) He appeared on 12034 (L), DVB-S2/MPEG-4 DRE-Crypt
Family left with 12149 (L), DVB-S2/MPEG-4
Our detective appeared on 12149 (L), DVB-S2/MPEG-4 DRE-Crypt
Our left the 12149 (L), DVB-S2/MPEG-4
Our cinematic novel appeared on 12149 (L), DVB-S2/MPEG-4 DRE-Crypt

Astra 2G 28.2°E
Arise News на 11464 (H) 22000 5/6 DVB-S / MPEG-2 broadcasting restored

Astra 3B 23.5° E
«Smash TV» ушёл с 11836 (H)

1N Astra 19.2 ° E
12633 (H) 22000 5/6 - «Collection» music channel appeared in the package
‘Sky 1’ He appeared on 11914H (Europe beam), DVB-S2/QPSK/MPEG-4/Videoguard, SR 27500, FEC 9/10
HD version of 'Sky 1’ He appeared on 12070H (Europe beam), DVB-S2/QPSK/MPEG-4/HD/Videoguard, SR 27500, FEC 9/10
Sky Cinema Hits quit 11758 (H) 27500 9/10 Dvb-S2/QPSK (Mpeg-4)
Sky Cinema Harry Potter has appeared on 11758 (H) 27500 9/10 Dvb-S2/QPSK (Mpeg-4) the encoding Videoguard
SFR SPORT 2 HD out 12090 V 29700 5/6 Dvb-S2/QPSK (Mpeg-4)
Sky Cinema Hits HD quit 12304 (H) 27500 9/10 Dvb-S2/QPSK (Mpeg-4)
Sky Cinema Harry Potter has appeared on 12304 (H) 27500 9/10 Dvb-S2/QPSK (Mpeg-4) the encoding Videoguard
SFR SPORT 3 HD out 12246 V 29700 5/6 Dvb-S2/QPSK (Mpeg-4)
ONE Tv has appeared on 12245 (H) 29900 5/6 DVB-S/Mpeg-2 FTA
Shopping Tv has appeared on 12673 V 29900 5/6 DVB-S/Mpeg-2 FTA

EUTELSAT Hot Bird/13 c/13B 13E 13° E
11604 (H) 27500 5/6 - «Juwelo TV» left the package (mpw). Frequency 11393 V 27500 transferred to DVB-S2 8PSK 3/4. After that it has registered «Power TV», "Eska TV", «TO!TV», «NTL», "Pulse 2», "Advanture HD» и «NEW TV». These channels (кроме "NEW TV», who was not there) and «Vox Music TV» gone with 11508 V 27500 3/4

‘Fashion TV Europe’ I went to 12111V
‘N 24’ He appeared on 11785H (wide beam), DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG-4/HD/Conax/Videoguard, SR 27500, FEC 2/3

Eutelsat 7A 7.0°E
"TRT 4K’ He appeared on 11456V (beam area B), DVB-S2 / QPSK / HEVC / UHD / Irdeto 2, SR 22500, FEC 5/6
'TRT News’ He appeared on 11637H (beam area B), DVB-S2/QPSK/MPEG-4/HD/open, SR 30000, FEC 5/6

Astra 4A, 4.8° E
‘TV 2 Zebra’ I went to 12092V
'FIVE', ‘ MTV Hits’ и ‘Nickelodeon Nordic’ went to 11862V
‘Kanal 4 (Denmark)’, 'BBC1', 'NRK 2', 'NRK 3’ and 'TV 4 Facts XL’ appeared on 11862V (Nordic BSS beam), VideoGuard, SR 27500, FEC 3/4

Daily news satellite television

Daily news satellite television

Romanian operator Digi TV turned tp with CT24
Румынский консорциум RCS / RDS, Romanian operator, Hungarian and Serbian satellite pay-TV Digi TV, I finished one of DVB-S multiplex the satellite Intelsat 10-02 (1° W).
It was a transponder, which was previously used for the distribution of Czech and Slovak programs for the Czech Digi TV on an old technology platform. The work programs for the majority of the old Digi TV CZ has been completed with 30.9.2016 and one of the last Czech channels – Information CT24 has been disabled on the satellite Intelsat 10-02 last night. Through this disabling can occur only at a frequency multiplex 12,687 GHz. Most subscribers Digi TV in the Czech Republic are already receiving services Nova Digi TV CZ, which works on a new technological platform with improved picture and sound quality and a wider range of programs, offering including stations in high definition (HDTV). CT24 viewers can continue watching the program from the perspective of FTA 0,8 ° W / 1 ° W with capacity on the satellite Thor 6 UPC DTH operator.
Former technical parameters – RCS / RDS (Digi TV):

Intelsat 10-02 (1° W), frequency 12,687 GHz, Pol. V, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, DVB-S/QPSK

Technical parameters – CT24:

Thor 6 (0,8° W), frequency 12,073 GHz, Pol. V, SR 28000, FEC 7/8, DVB-S/QPSK


The satellite sector: Bankers predict a "big three" stable growth
People, responsible for the collection and analysis of statistical data, They have their say. The series of bank notifications for investment clients "Big Three" (HIS, Intelsat и Eutelsat) with their latest results were sent 27-28 October.
However, comments - a very ambiguous, Journalists write publications Advanced Television.K example, financial analysts are unanimous in their opinion that, that last year's drop in orders from the US government and military organizations ended, and today is the growth of orders on the agenda. The news should gladden all three operators.
The report "On the turn", prepared by Berenberg Bank, celebrated, that, despite the decline in the financial projections of the company SES (which usually entails an outflow of investors), in fact, "the overall picture confirms our idea, SES that the company managed to turn the tide in the two "problem" for himself segments, as well as about, that the business as a whole in the fourth quarter returned to a slight increase, showing sequential acceleration, which is an important indicator ".
In particular, Berenberg mentioned in SES-17 satellite is the future, capacity which will use Thales Alenia for the organization of their services in-flight entertainment FlytLIVE, and that, by SES forecasts, to 2024 year will bring annually 100 million euros. The launch is scheduled for 2020 year. The news helped Berenberg put the rating of "Buy" and target price 32 Euro.
A similar position is occupied by Deutsche Bank, in which he described the latest developments for the "Big Three", as "the most acute period of pain", and stated, that both are convinced of SES, it has already passed through "crunch point", but warn, that Eutelsat is still waiting for a "period pains" in the coming 24 of the month. The Deutsche Bank advises investors to "buy» SES in light of the expected in 2017 year growth. However, in the case of Eutelsat at Deutsche Bank are not yet able to say anything good.
The Bank advises clients to "sell» Eutelsat. The investment bank Jefferies praised all three operators for "Encouraging results" and for, how well they "were their ships through the rushing water 2016 of the year», and noted, that the recent sharp fall in the price of shares in SES finished. The bank highlighted the SES success in obtaining contracts for broadcasting Ultra HD and the conviction that, UHD expects that penetration, similar to today's HDTV penetration.
The Morgan Stanley focused on Eutelsat and on the, how the operator is planning to implement in the next few quarters plans to reduce costs, which will have to be explicitly announced in February next year.

Eska TV, Power TV, TO!TV, Adventure HD, VOX Music TV, NTL and pulse 2 Only with the new parameters
3 November this year to change technical parameters of channels from ZPR Media Grup and Michal Winnicki Entertainment were quite unexpected, since there was no decision on the period of parallel broadcasting.
The channels were moved very quickly and immediately shut off to the old broadcast frequency. Changes to the station: Pulse 2, NTL Radomsko, Eska TV, Power TV, TO!TV, Adventure HD и VOX Music TV. All these channels are broadcast with tp.16 satellite Eutelsat Hot Bird 13C (13°E) at a frequency of 11,508 GHz, Pol. V (SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S2 / 8PSK) and were immediately switched off.
Technical parameters of all channels:

Eutelsat Hotbird 13 c (13,0°E)
TP. 10 (11,393 GHz, Pol. V, SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S2 / 8PSK)
ID: Pulse 2
Kodirovanie: Conax (NC +, cable networks), Nagra MA (S4 / N3 - NC +), Viaccess PC 3.0 (Orange)
ID: Eska TV
Koдирование: No ID: POWER TV
Koдирование: No ID: TO!TV
Koдирование: No ID: ADVENTURE HD
Koдирование: Conax (NC +, cable networks), Nagra MA (S4 / N3 - NC +), Viaccess PC 3.0 (Orange)
Eutelsat Hotbird 13 c (13,0°E)
TP. 114 (10,796 GHz, Pol. V, SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S2 / 8PSK)
PID V: 162 (MPEG-4/SD)
Kodirovanie: нет
На tp.10 включена тест карта канала New TV, which is scheduled to run on 9 November.
Eutelsat Hotbird 13 c (13,0°E)
TP. 10 (11,393 GHz, Pol. V, SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S2 / 8PSK)
PID V: 526 (MPEG-4/SD)
Kodirovanie: No


Польская NEW TV тестируется FTA на 13E
Offer of free programs on the Polish satellite system Eutelsat Hot Bird position at 13 ° E expands new stations – коммерческим телевидением NEW TV.
The test station is broadcast FTA with capacity platform nc + operator. Nowa TV will begin regular broadcasts 9.11.2016, but now viewers can tune in to test the position of the new program. From the outset, NOWA TV will be available not only to terrestrial viewers (MUX 8), but also the position of the satellite 13 ° E. NOWA TV channel is a universal character, offering entertaining content, movies and TV shows, as well as current affairs programs and documentaries. Movies and TV shows are like the British, French, German, and Polish production. Nowa TV program start was originally scheduled to 28.10.2016.
Technical parameters – NEW ТV:

Eutelsat Hotbird 13 c (13°E), frequency 11,393 GHz, Pol. V, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, DVB-S2 / 8PSK, FTA


Vivid Touch is now available with erotic cards
Assumptions appearance erotic channel “soft” – Vivid Touch in position 13 ° E with erotic cards come true.
3 November were added to the respective IDs of conditional access systems and duct work on some maps, presumably Mega Elite HD, as well as other embodiments of cards and Elite HD 10+. Vivid Touch – one of the two planned new erotic channel from Vivid TV Europe. Unfortunately, it should be noted, that the transmission quality is not impressive. For unclear reasons, despite the presence of the transponder on DVB-S2, the image is compressed in MPEG-2, Data transmission speed is not too high, In addition the logo on the screen is quite large.
Technical parameters:

Eutelsat Hotbird 13 c (13,0°E)
TP. 158 (11,662 GHz, Pol. V, SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S2 / 8PSK)
PID V: 196 (MPEG-2/SD)
PID A: 197 (Eng)
PID PCR: 196
SID: 16936
Provider: Telespazio Kodirovanie: Irdeto 2, Viaccess PC 4.0, CryptoGuard (0x4B24)
Image quality: 544x576, 16:9, OK. 2,9 Mbit/s bitrate: 64 kbit/s, MPEG stereo


TTV HD in the platform nc + and Smart HD +
channel TTV, which until now has been available as part of platform nc + only as SD, It will be available for subscribers of the platform in HD.
On TTV HD channel from the satellite Eutelsat Hot Bird 13C (13°E) appeared coding system, characteristic nc +. So far, TTV HD was only available in Cyfrowu Polsat and Orange TV. Now will also in nc +. TTV – information and journalistic channel.
Technical parameters:

Eutelsat Hotbird 13 c (13,0°E)
TP. 16 (11,508 GHz, Pol. V, SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S2 / 8PSK)
PID V: 539 (MPEG-4/HD)
PID A: 890 (Pol), 891 (org, AC3)
PID PCR: 539
SID: 15831
PID TXT: 595
Provider: TVN

Kodirovanie: Conax (NC +, Smart HD+, TNK HD / NNK, nc + Map, cable networks), Nagra MA (S4 / N3 – NC +, N3 – Cyfrowy Polsat), Viaccess PC 3.0 (Orange)
It is worth noting,that the SD channel version is completely disconnected from the satellite (It was available on tp. 10 – 11,393 GHz, Paul. V), so now all the spectators, regardless of proposals, TTV HD have to configure the station with the above parameters. This also applies to the audience, Use the map Smart HD +.