Transponder news for 08.11.2016

Новости спутникового телевидения

News of satellite TV


Intelsat 15-Horizons-2 85°E
Astrakhan 24 I left the 11920 (H)

Intelsat 20 68.5°E
«Faith World» appeared in the open 12522 V 27500 3/4

Express-receptor antagonist 56° E
Tv channels “Detective Nash and Nash buffs” Appeared in the package “Tricolor TV Sibir” on 12265 (L) 27500 3/4. DVB-S2. Dre-Crypt
“Vintage TV” I left the 12245 R( NTV Plus Vostok)

YahSat 1A 52.5° E
«GEM» channel package has appeared on 12111 V 27500 5/6 DVB-S2: «GEM MUSIC», «GEM KIDS», «GEM NEWS», «GEM TRAVEL», «GEM TURK», «GEM FARM», «GEM HISTORY», everything is open

Azerspace 1 46.0°E
CBC Sports HD кодирован на 11135 N 27500, DVB-S/MPEG-4, ONLY

Intelsat 12 45°E
«Fiesta TV» left the 11509 V 23332 2/3

Türksat 3A / 4A at 42 ° F
«TRT World HD» A copy went to 11054 V 30000 3/4

EUTELSAT Hot Bird/13 c/13B 13E 13° E
12673 V MPEG-4 29900 5/6 - «Telereporter» появился открыто. 12245 (H) MPEG-4 29900 5/6 - «One TV» appeared in the package, Open
HD version 'KTV 1’ appeared on 11566H (wide beam), DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG-4/HD/clear, SR 29900, FEC 3/4
‘Adventure’, "Eska TV ', ‘NTL’, ‘Power TV’, 'Pulse 2', ‘To!TV’ и ‘Vox Music TV’ went to 11508V
‘Vox Music TV’ appeared on 10796V (wide beam), DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG-4/clear, SR 27500, FEC 3/4
Package 'nc +’ with the channels '8 TV', 'Focus TV', ‘Mango 24’, ‘Polo TV’, ‘TTV (Poland)’, 'TVN', 'TVN 24', 'TVN 24 To', 'TVN 7', ‘TVN Meteo Active’, 'TVN Style’ и 'TVN Turbo’ converted to DVB-S2 on 11393V, DVB-S2 / 8PSK, SR 27500, FEC 3/4
"Eska TV ', ‘NTL’, ‘Power TV’ и ‘To!TV’ appeared on 11393V (wide beam), DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG-4/clear, SR 27500, FEC 3/4
'Pulse 2’ appeared on 11393V (wide beam), DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG-4/Conax/Mediaguard 2/Nagravision 3/Via 3.0, SR 27500, FEC 3/4
‘Adventure’ appeared on 11393V (wide beam), DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG-4/HD/Conax/most popular 2/Nagra 3/Via 3.0, SR 27500, FEC 3/4
‘4 Fun Dance’, ‘4 Fun Hits’ and '4 Fun TV’ gone with the 10853H, moved to 10758V
‘4 Fun Dance’, ‘4 Fun Hits’ and '4 Fun TV’ appeared on 10758V (wide beam), DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG-4/clear, SR 27500, FEC 3/4
'Fish & hunting TV’ He appeared on 10930H (wide beam), DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG-4/clear, SR 30000, FEC 2/3

Eutelsat 9B 9° E
Package channels “Ukraine” Appeared on 12111 V 27500 2/3. DVB-S2. Conax

Eutelsat 7A 7°E
Digiturk: TRT 4K disabled on 11455 V, DVB-S2
Digiturk: Digiturk UHD на 11455 V 22500 FEC 5/6, Dvb-S2/QPSK, MPEG-4, Hevca, encoded in Irdeto2

Eutelsat 3B 3.1 ° E
HGTV HD Arabia appeared on 11050 (H) 7120 FEC Auto, DVB-S2 / 8PSK, MPEG-4, Open
CATV (Central Asia TV) new SR on 11676 V 1770 FEC 5/6, DVB-S2 / 8PSK, MPEG-4, Open

Daily news satellite television

Daily news satellite television

Russian edition of "Voice of America" ​​for the first time will telenoch with summing up to the US election results
In the night 8 on 9 November - ie. tomorrow - Russian edition of "Voice of America" ​​for the first time in the history of conduct in the television format night summarizing the American elections. A special five-hour continuous TV program in Russian in Washington, entitled "Election 2016 g. Results "will be live in 20 pm Washington time, respectively 3 am Kiev time, and in 4 morning Moscow.
The program advertises a direct inclusion of Staff of State Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in New York City, as well as the inclusion of correspondents "Voice of America" ​​from different points of America, as well as in London and Moscow. Also in the framework of the program "Voice of America" ​​will give a simultaneous translation into Russian language - after the tabulation of results - winning speech and losing candidates.
The transmission will be broadcast as part of a joint TV channel in Russian "real time", which has recently been translated to US international service around the clock - Russian edition of "Voice of America" ​​in conjunction with the relevant editions of TV and radio station "Liberty".
Broadcast Settings channel "real time" on the satellite Hotbird 13 GR. (E) (This channel is broadcast only through the satellite, Asian satellite network, "Voice of America" ​​in the broadcast channel "Real time" is not used):
Hotbird 13 GR. E - frequency 12226; polarization vertical; flow rate 27500; Error correction factor 3/4 - Broadcasting is MPEG-4 / HD format.
Also, visitors can watch the broadcast channel "real time" through his website
In addition, said specific program "Elections 2016 g. The results "will go on the air, and then be available for replay through the website of the Russian edition of "Voice of America»

"Media Group Ukraine" tests broadcasting with Eutelsat 9B satellite
"Media Group Ukraine" intends to carry out satellite broadcasts from two satellites: former - Astra 4A (4,8 g e) and new - Eutelsat 9B (9 g e).
This is stated in the official press release, the media holding. Since this year all channels "Media Group Ukraine" on the satellite Astra 4A (owned by SES) repeatedly subjected to jamming by hackers, whereby the signal is not available to end users and service providers, the holding decided to broadcast from two satellites odnovremenno.Takim way in the Media Group hopes to provide uninterrupted access to channels from the satellite. The information of "Media Group Ukraine" a statement reported, that is currently carried out testing of satellite broadcasting spacecraft Eutelsat 9B, which held technical resources of Eutelsat. "The quality of translation for any channel is one of the most important indicators. From this it depends on audience loyalty, and, Accordingly,, business profitability. If the viewer can not watch programs in high quality or even receives a signal from noise, then even the best content does not provide the high levels of looking. Recently, "Media Group Ukraine" channels subjected to jamming dozens of times. Unprecedented was jamming signal during EURO 2016, when many Ukrainians were deprived of the opportunity to watch the semi-finals of the European Championship. We have repeatedly appealed to the police and supervisory bodies - SBU, MIA, National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting, Mininformpolitiki - with a request to investigate the situation and take appropriate action, but the problem has not been solved. To secure the future of our channel signal and make it available to viewers, regardless of anyone's criminal activities, we decided to test the possibility of simulcasting two satellites ", - Commented the director of network development department of the broadcast channel "Ukraine" Bogdan Zhdanov. Recall, launch Eutelsat 9B held 30 January with the help of the carrier rocket "Proton-M" from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. In March, the satellite was put into operation and started providing services to the broadcast television to viewers, living across Europe.
Broadcast settings:

Eutelsat 9B (9 g e), frequency 12111 GHz, Pol. V, SR 27500, FEC 5/6, DVB-S2 / 8PSK


The new names of unlicensed channels with 42 ° E
The Turkish multiplex with FTA proposal replaced some channels.
Changes have occurred in the package A Plus Live Medya on the satellite Turksat 3A (42°E) with tp.15 at a frequency 12,685 GHz, Pol. (H) (SR: 30000, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S/QPSK). Package offers 28 niche channels from Turkey, part of which is now working under a different brand. From the package have been disabled: Can TV, Atlas TV, A Cinema TV, So the Son, vision TV, style Fashion, The West TV, Cinemax TV, Arabesque melodies, Fight TV, Raki TV, The country, Horror TV, C Max TV, Full Action, Plus Life, The Box TV, Green Valley TV и C Action. These new channels of programming positions were: F Plus TV, Nova Cinema, N Movies, TV support, Favorite TV, Fashion Elite TV, Wild West, I Film TV, Safran, HD Movie, Live TV, Pop Artist, Cine Name, n Music, Nova Action, Sefa, Music Vox, TELEtime and Sinema Max. All these stations are broadcast without a license. Private broadcasters in Turkey have a fixed term of broadcasting without a license, but then must submit the relevant documents. However,, not to bother with the rights, prefer to change the channel name and logo. Some broadcasters practiced recycling logo channels from other countries under its own.
Technical parameters:

Turksat 3A (42°E)
TP. 15 (12,685 GHz, Pol. (H), SR: 30000, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S/QPSK)
Kodirovanie: No (FTA)


Travel Channel HD, Food Network HD with tests on tp.TVN
7 November this year on one of the transponders, owned TVN Grup number 16 Eutelsat Hot Bird 13C (13,0°E) at a frequency of 11,508 GHz, Paul. V, (SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S2 / 8PSK), there were two tests, identifying as a Travel HD and Food HD, which are encoded in Conax system (for cable networks).
There is currently no known purpose of running test channels Travel Channel HD and Food Network HD.
In addition to the other transponder number TVN 10 frequency 11,393 GHz, Paul. V, (SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S2 / 8PSK), appeared unknown Test30, which is also coded in the Conax system.

Service HD-PLUS - access to all HD-channels on the NTV-Plus platform.
Use your modern TV on 100%!
Service Cost HD-PLUS = 850 rubles per month, eg, subscription “Base-West” + “HD-PLUS” = 149 + 850 = 999 rubles per month.
Subscribe to the HD-PLUS and watch all the HD-channels, shown on NTV-Plus platform, even if you do not subscribe to additional packages, in that these channels include!
HD-PLUS - is access to premium channels of different genres:
sports, cinema, opening and Entertainment, music, children's programs and cartoons.
All these channels are broadcast in HD (high definition)!
How to connect?
1 You subscriber NTV Plus and subscribe to the basic package "Base West" – required condition …
2 Log in to your personal user account and choose HD-PLUS service
3 See more 200 channels of all genres, including 40 in HD-format!
It is important to:
· Subscription to the service «HD PLUS" is not available on the territory of East Broadcasting, as well as in combination with the basic package "Economical";
· Subscription to the service «HD PLUS" it is automatically canceled when you make a subscription or order Expanded Expanded combination with other additional subscription packages;
· If you have a subscription or a combination of the Enhanced Enhanced subscription with other additional packages, Order «HD PLUS" service is not possible;
· Subscribe to additional channels package «Viasat Premium HD West" or a combination of «Viasat Premium HD West" package of TV channels and «Viasat West" will be canceled automatically when you subscribe to the service «HD PLUS";
· If you subscribe to the service «HD PLUS", Additional subscription TV package «Viasat Premium HD West" or a combination package of TV channels «Viasat Premium HD West" and «Viasat West" can not.

Broadcast TV channel interrupted Fiesta
Fiesta Bulgarian TV channel, dedicated to the art of cooking, I was turned off with the Intelsat satellite 12 (45°E). The channel is transmitted without encryption, so, it was possible to look at the individual sets of satellite HD receivers. Broadcasting was carried out with tp. 2 at a frequency of 11,509 GHz, Paul. V (SR: 23333, FEC: 2/3; DVB-S2 / 8PSK).
products, drinks and a healthy lifestyle is the main theme, which affected Fiesta TV station. Its aim was to promote the foodservice industry and a healthy lifestyle practices. Broadcast program contained, domestic and foreign. The station was launched in November 2009 year. From the outset, it has been available for free for cable networks. Individual viewers can receive it via satellite.
List of Bulgarian FTA channels from Intelsat satellite 12 (45°E) begins to decline. Recently VTV station and Magic TV have been encrypted for Vivacom platform. Now Fiesta TV interrupted coverage.

EuroNews starts the transition to HD
In early November, it held a significant event in the world of satellite TV, which tells of the gradual decline in the digital era of broadcasting standard definition video signal and the transition of key broadkasterov to broadcast in high definition format. So, began broadcasting European news channel EuroNews in the new HD quality can certainly encourage users, who still use the MPEG-2 satellite receivers for the acquisition of a modern unit with support for viewing high-definition television, For already announced the date of termination of the satellite broadcast EuroNews in SD, and now no one doubts, that eventually all the world's leading television stations refuse to broadcast in standard definition.
TV channel EuroNews HD appeared on the following parameters:

satellite: EUTELSAT Hot Bird 13B (13 degrees East longitude)
frequency: 11,566 GHz
polarization: horizontal SR: 29900
FEC: 3/4
Euronews HD
service ID: 800
video PID: 811 (MPEG-4/H.264/AVC)
audio PID: 821 AAC (English)
Technical characteristics of the channel:
video resolution - 1920x1080
bitrate - about 5,5 Mbit / s
audio - 130/150 150 kbit / c AAC
ISP - GlobeCast

Program channel EuroNews HD is no different from the SD-version, which is broadcast on a frequency 12597 V except, that there is a new standard broadcast is only available in English. In the original television broadcasts and more 10 languages, including at Russian. No doubt, that the other audio tracks will appear in the HD-version foreseeable.
It has been reported, that the parallel broadcasting of HD to SD-versions will be carried out throughout the year and in November 2018 g. EuroNews SD broadcast will be terminated.
After the start of full-fledged broadcast EuroNews in the new standard it will be the second HD-TV channel on position 13 g e, which is available in Russian.

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