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Transponder news for 30.11.2016

Новости спутникового телевидения

News of satellite TV

Channel "BRIDGE TV DANCE" has replaced "DANGE TV" on all satellites broadcast.

Kazsat 3 58.5°E
Caspian HD: Animal Planet appeared on 10804 V 30000 3/4 DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG-4/Irdeto2
Caspian HD: NEVC HD appeared on 10845 V 30000 3/4 DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG-4/Irdeto2

Eutelsat/36B 36 c 36° E
12190 (L) 22500 3/4 — TV channel "Yuvelirka" encoded (mpw). 12456 The DVB-S2 27500 3/4 — TV channel "and From" coded

Eutelsat 33C 33.1°E
Tv channels “TMC HD Suisse, NT1 HD Suisse and TF-1 Suisse HD” Appeared on 12621 V 10058 25/36. DVB-S2X. Open

Astra 2G 28.2°E
Tv channel “ITV Border UK HD” Appeared on 11068 V 23000 3/4. DVB-S2. Open

Eutelsat 21B 21.6°E
10912 H DVB-S2 33705 AUTO — a package of channels "Boomerang HD", "Cartoon Network HD", "CNN HD", "HLN SD", "TCM", "CN Hindi", all encoding. Viaccess

Eutelsat 16A 16° E
"Living HD" encoded, "Hayat HD" encoded on 11262 (H) 30000 2/3

EUTELSAT Hot Bird/13 c/13B 13E 13° E
11296 (H) 27500 5/6 — "Dream cinema" began broadcasting
Pars TV appeared on 11296 (H) 27500 5/6 DVB-S/Mpeg-2 /FTA
CCTV Documentary, CCTV News, CCTV 4 Europe appeared on 11585 V 27500 5/6 DVB-S2/8PSK FTA
Tv channel “Pars TV” Appeared on 11296 (H) 27500 5/6. Open
ITN TV appeared on 10775 (H) 27500 5/6 DVB-S/MPEG-2/FTA

'NT1 Switzerland', ‘TF 1 Suisse’ and TMC ‘ Suisse’ has left 12034V

Astra 4A, 4.8° E
‘Quarter TV’ left 11766H, continues to work on Amos 2, 4° w, 10722(H)

Amos 3 4.0° W
‘Erotica TV’ and ‘EroX HD’ appeared in the package 'Viasat Ukraine’ on 11222H (European H beam), MPEG-4/Videoguard, SR 30000, FEC 7/8
‘Playboy TV Europe’ appeared in the package ‘Viasat Ukraine’ on 11258 h (European H beam), DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG-4/Videoguard, SR 30000, FEC 2/3
11128 (H) 10000 AUTO — Package "OiV" left, the transponder is turned off


Roskomnadzor will conduct competitions on implementation of satellite broadcasting
The Federal competition Commission on television and radio will hold 25 January 2017 year meeting, dedicated to the competitions for the implementation of satellite broadcasting, it is spoken in the message of Roskomnadzor.
The subject of the first contest is the right to broadcasting earth stations of satellite communications, working through the on-Board relay spacecraft “Express-AT1”, on the territory of all subjects of Russia, in addition to regions of the Far East, using three transponders (No. 18, No. 20, No. 38). The size of one –time fee 27,2 million rubles, size competitive fee (2%) – 544 th. Br.
The second contest is open for the implementation of broadcasting by satellite “Ekspress-AT2 -” in the Far East using eight transponders (No. 27, No. 28, No. 31, No. 32, No. 35, No. 36, No. 39, No. 40). The size of one –time fee 9,450 million rubles, size competitive fee (2%) – 189 th. Br.
In competitions can take part legal entities, licensed for TV broadcasting. Applications for participation Roskomnadzor accepts up to 22 December 2016 year, the same date is the deadline for payment of tender fee, without which the application will be considered missed (contributions for 15 days after the competition returned to the participants, which have not been selected).
The winner will be the company, which will represent in the aggregate the best concept formation and distribution of the TV package and its feasibility study.

Eurosport 1 with HD 1.12. in the German HD+
The first program of the pan-European sports channel Eurosport in German version 1.12.2016 will be available in HD resolution for subscribers of the German satellite platform HD+ on Astra at position 19,2°E.
The operator of the platform, company HD PLUS GmbH, signed a contract with Discovery Networks Deutschland in the inclusion program Eurosport 1 Germany software HD offer HD+. With Dec Eurosport 1 HD will automatically be available to all existing subscribers HD+. Eurosport 1 HD will offer the full range of international sports. During the winter season, viewers will see the Tournament of four ski jumps (with 19.12.2016 on 6.1.2017), MS ski (6-19.2.2017) and MS in biathlon 2017 (8-19.2.2017). Platform HD+ from December will offer 23 programs in HD resolution.
Planned technical parameters – Eurosport 1 HD (with 1.12.2016):

Astra (19,2°E), frequency 11,111 GHz, Pol. (H), SR 22000, FEC 2/3, DVB-S2 / 8PSK

From programs the company's Discovery in the proposal HD+ is already available channel DMAX HD and TLC HD.

Scifi with the new settings in the list Cyfrowу Polsat
28 November Cyfrowу Polsat replaced the Scifi channel parameters.
At No. 50 in the channel list with transponder No. 120 Eutelsat Hot Bird 13C (13,0°E) at a frequency of 10,911 GHz, Paul. V, (SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S2 / 8PSK), available channel Scifi. It is worth recalling, what scifi on new options there 18 November this year.
New technical parameters SciFi Universal:

Eutelsat Hotbird 13 c (13,0°E)
TP. 120 (10,911 GHz, Pol. V, SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S2 / 8PSK)
ID: SciFi Universal 
PID V: 280 (MPEG-2/SD)
PID A: 536 (Pol), 792 (Eng)
PID PCR: 280
SID: 15918
PID TXT: 1029
Provider: Cyfrowy Polsat S.a.
Kodirovanie: Nagra MA (N3 - Cyfrowy Polsat, S4 / N3 - NC +), Conax (NC +), Viaccess PC 3.0 (Orange)
Current technical parameters SciFi Universal:
Eutelsat Hotbird 13 c (13,0°E)
TP. 7 (11,334 GHz, Pol. (H), SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S/QPSK)

Kodirovanie: Viaccess PC 3.0/4.0 (Orange, cable networks), Nagra MA (N3 – Cyfrowy Polsat, S4 / N3 – NC +), Conax (NC +)

In Russia began broadcasting a new channel of TV the Center
Russian broadcaster TV Center launches new TV channel called Central Television (DTV).
The announcement of this project was launched in April this year. Most of the content in the air DTV – documentary movies, journalistic program, as well as programmes on culture and education. Central Television will focus on energetic and active viewers aged 25 before 59 years, living in the big cities. The channel broadcasts original programs of well-known journalists and commentators, and relies on proven formats. Distribution channel Central Television started satellite operator Satellite Television. Started broadcast in unencoded form (FTA) satellite Express-AT1 (56°E) with the beam on the Western part of Russia. In the future, the channel should appear in the major satellite platforms Tricolor TV and NTV-Plus.
Technical parameters:

satellite: Express-AT1 (56°E)
frequency: 12 130 GHz polarization: R 
SR: 27500
FEC: 3/4
standard: DVB-S2/8PSK 
coding: No (FTA)


"Tricolor TV" will cease to broadcast the network channels Discovery
The Discovery group decided not to renew the contract with the "Tricolor TV" because of the "unacceptable conditions", told "Kommersant". A representative of the operator assured, that statement has the same content in the main package
"Tricolor TV" 1 Dec will stop broadcasting channels of the Discovery, told "Kommersant" representative of the "Media Alliance", who manages the network.
He said, that the contract with the operator expires 30 November and the company decided not to renew. A representative of the operator confirmed this information.
The General Director of "Media Alliance"? Gregory Lavrov? said, "Tricolor TV" has put forward "unacceptable conditions?», without explaining the details. According to him, the sentence operator "it puts him in a privileged position in relation to the market"?. The representative of "Tricolor TV" assured, that the operator has analogs with cognitive content in the main package.
"Kommersant" writes, the group includes the Discovery channel Discovery Channel, channel about the wild Animal Planet, entertainment channel for women, TLC and Eurosport. In Russia they are managed by a "Media Alliance" — the company "National media group" and Discovery Communications.? According to TNS Russia, in January—October Discovery has occupied 8-e a place among 300 niche channels with a share 0,37. ??
The publication reports, in autumn 2014 years the contradictions between pay-TV operators and content producers. This is due to the sharp appreciation of the currency, which led to the revision of contracts.

Replica. About television capitalism
The other day I was one very unhappy person. This man was unhappy, what being a subscriber "Tricolor TV" he's paying too much monthly fee in the amount of 1200 rubles per year, and channels where there would be advertising, not so much, as he wanted. This man is the owner of satellite receiver, which allows him to take more 200 television operator.
"All of us in one place!"— outraged the man — "they Capitalize on us, ordinary viewers. I will not, probably, after a year they ARE paying the money". True, literally fifteen minutes, when I explained it to him, he calmed down a bit. Because I found out, among developed countries we pay for viewing television and using the Internet is one of the cheapest in the world.
I remembered this case after reading this information from the National Council for television and radio of Poland. This Council reports to the citizens of the Polish state about, next, 2017-the year, the fee for use of radio will be 7 PLN per month, and the fee for use of the TV will be 22,7 PLN per month (at the rate 2016 g., one zloty is OK. 15 Russian rubles Prim. OBOB.TV). Who will pay for the year ahead, that the promised discount as integer 10%.
This law applies to everyone — users of cable television and satellite. The monthly fee for services providers, of course, to be paid separately. And this law is mandatory for all. Who shy away from subscription fees for the use of TV and radio, then risking, at least, on administrative responsibility.
So, when you think that subscription fee is in 1200 rubles per month is very expensive, and on the 20 free TV channels, which are broadcast via digital terrestrial multiplexes, a lot of advertising, remember, what we actually some of the happiest viewers in the world.
Interesting, whether this statement is anyone to argue? 😉

Began the first regular television satellite broadcasting in DVB-S2X
If you do not take into account democans from the operator of the Astra, which is from the position 19,2 degrees East longitude, you can talk about the beginning of regular broadcasting in the modulation of DVB-S2X signal package French TV channels on the Eutelsat satellite 33C. This SPACECRAFT is the orbital point 33 g e. and is currently used mainly for technical broadcasting. It is quite possible, the appearance of television "TMC HD Suisse", "NT1 HD Suisse", "TF1 HD Suisse" is associated with tests of broadcast package channels in DVB-S2X.
Czech edition of suggests, the broadcaster of these channels uses broadcasts in DVB-S2X to optimize the cost of satellite capacity. As is known, stream in DVB-S2X provides capacity savings from 30% compared to DVB-S2, which is currently widely used for satellite TV broadcasts, and gradually replaces, in turn, DVB-S.
Parameters broadcast on the French TV channels for distribution in the Swiss market: Eutelsat 33C (33 g e), frequency 12621 GHz, See, SR 10058, FEC 25/36, DVB-S2X / 8PSK, Open.
At the moment, to accept the broadcast signal modulation DVB-S2X can some models of DVB-cards, and also claim to support this standard in satellite receiver Octagon SF4008 UHD 4K. According to another online publication —, this model of the satellite receiver needs to be on the market in December this year. The cost of the receiver will be in the range 170-200 Euro. Given the fact, this device will also be able to receive the TV channels of ultra-high-definition, he will be one of the cheapest satellite receivers with 4K support on the market.
Recall, that at the moment there are only one satellite receiver Russian production, supports viewing of TV channels in ultra-high-definition — GS A230. Its fair market value balances within 14-16 thousand rubles, ie. from 200 euros and above.

news “NTV PLUS”
Connect NTV-PLUS to 31 January 2017 year and get 6 months subscription to the Basic package as a gift!
To qualify for the offer, you need:
become a subscriber of NTV-PLUS during the period of inclusion in action;
to subscribe to any combination of packages, includes the Basic package;
to buy a new digital terminal or a CAM-module at the offices of NTV-PLUS, or partner with NTV-PLUS and to register the equipment in any convenient way (in the personal Cabinet of the subscriber, via call center or at the nearest office of NTV-PLUS).
In terms of action, it is possible to register equipment, which has not previously been registered with another subscriber agreement.

In January on the platform NTV-PLUS will appear premium package "Mood movie"
Premium package "Mood movie" will be available to subscribers of NTV-PLUS 1 January 2017 year.
This is stated in the press release of the company "Red Media", which is engaged in the production and distribution included in the package of channels. Package "Mood movie" formed in August of this year. It includes five movie channels. They are distributed on the model of A La Carte, that is not to suggest separately, but only in a single proposal. As part of the launch of a new package for NTV-PLUS subscribers of the operator 1 on 8 Jan will be able to watch it for free. These days, the movie channels will show blockbusters 2016 year: «Zveropolis», "The crew", "Disgusting eight", "The Jungle Book", "Now you see me 2" and others.
"We look forward to a quick set of subscribers not only by the quality of the product, but thanks to the deep expertise of our colleagues in the promotion of additional packages for its customers", — commented the Director of the movie channels "Red Media" Nikolay Buts.

CCTV is tested again in HD on 13°E
In February of this year, 13°E during the day, it was possible to observe tests of a package of Chinese channels CCTV, designed for an international audience.
After almost 10 months, the TV suddenly came back on the same transponder. Broadcasting is not encoded again and this time the station CCTV will remain here on a permanent basis, replacing the version of SD. CCTV channels appeared on the transponder, which until recently used GlobeCast, by the way, the previous broadcast CCTV HD quality in February this year also belonged to GlobeCast, but this time in the stream this provider is not specified. It is important to note the same structure of the PID values, used, usually GlobeCast. Again, happy excellent quality broadcast channels of CCTV. Exactly, as the tests in February – each channel is transmitted at the speed of video stream 10,5 Mbit/s (1920×1080) and audio MPEG stereo 256 kbit/s.
Technical parameters:

Eutelsat Hotbird 13 c (13,0°E)
TP. 154 (11,585 GHz, Pol. V, SR: 27500, FEC: 5/6; DVB-S2 / 8PSK)
Kodirovanie: No

Technical parameters of the versions of SD channels from 13°E:

Eutelsat Hotbird 13 c (13,0°E)
TP. 126 (11,034 GHz, Pol. V, SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S/QPSK)
ID: CCTV News 
Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B (13,0°E)
TP. 72 (12,149 GHz, Pol. V, SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S/QPSK)
y still did not be available from 13°E. SD version available at 19.2°E, 9°E and 0.8°W.