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Transponder news for 06.01.2017

Ежедневные новости спутникового телевидения

Daily news satellite television


YAMAL-401 90°E
11670 H DVB-S2 14400 5/6 - «3ABN» ("Three Angels") I left out of the package

Horizons 2 & Intelsat 15 85°E
package "Telecard" works in standard mode

ABS 2 75°E
11473 The DVB-S2 22500 5/6 - Broadcasting «World Business Channel» channel replaced testkartoy

Intelsat 20 68.5°E
«Vision 3TV» left the 12682 (H) 26657 2/3

"Bulletin of Nadym" left the 11179 V 3255 1/2

Y1A 52.5 ° E
«Didar TV» ushel with 12073 V 27500 7/8

Türksat 3A / 4A at 42 ° F
«ONE SUPER TV», «Turksat HOURS»,”EXPO CHANNEL” gone with the 12379 (H)
“Central TV” openly appeared on 12641 (H) 30000 2/3 DVB-S/MPEG-2

Astra 3B 23.5° E
Hustler HD CZ disabled on 11914.50MHz, pol. (H) (Dvb-S2 SID:20831 PID:530[MPEG-4]/110 Czech)

Hot Bird 13C 13.0°E
'Orange Sports Polish’ off the air and I went to 10796V
11604 (H) 27500 5/6 — «HB-Feed», «DW» gone. «Media Broadcast-Test 29,30» appeared openly in the package

Eutelsat 10A 10° E
It appeared frequency - 10829 V 4285 3/4 DVB-S / MPEG-2 channel «Afro Music Channel»

Amos 2/3 4° W
Channel «firstUA» on 10759 30000 3/4 and 11175 30000 3/4 It is now prescribed as the «UA KRYM»

Thor 6 0.8° W
'MTV Facts’ I left with 10872H
‘TV 2 Sport Premium 4’ I left with 12476H
‘Kanal 11 (Sweden)’ I left with 12437H
C More Tennis went to 11309 V
Discovery HD Showcase left the 12015 (H)
C More Live 5 He appeared on 12476 (H) 30000 FEC 3/4, MPEG-4, HD, Conax


Daily news satellite television

Daily news satellite television


Travelxp 4K – новый канал UHD на 13 ° E
Right before the opening of the CES in Las Vegas, during which the hot trend is still the Ultra HD, Satellite operator Eutelsat Communications has announced the launch of two new UHD channels on the satellite Eutelsat Hot Bird (13°E). Broadcasters stations and FTV UHD Travelxp 4K signed a multi-year contract with Eutelsat for satellite-range of this operator across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Fashion Channel FTV UHD debuted on the satellite Eutelsat Hot Bird with 23 December last year, at the time of, as adventure Travelxp 4K began test broadcasts 4 January of the current year. For the broadcast of these channels is used HEVC compression standard and 10-bit color depth with 50 fps.
“Since the launch of our first channel about fashion on the Eutelsat satellite in 1997 year, we have developed a unique and universal mark on the basis of high-quality broadcast. We have made a step in the high-resolution, ten years after the launch of our first digital channel on the satellite Eutelsat.Segodnya we are happy to implement our commitment to the highest standards of data quality through the channel Ultra HD, which offers Hot Bird satellite coverage area unique images of past fashion shows from around the world,” – said Michel Adam Lisowski, CEO of FTV UHD.
Travelxp 4K is available in seven languages, offering hundreds of hours of travel programs. Channel 4K is the successor Travelxp HD, which shows the travel program and transfer of own production,available in over 50 millions of households around the world. Travelxp 4K broadcast in color space REC 2020 10-bit using the new standard HDR (High Dynamic Range), developed by the BBC and NHK, which gives a more rich and dynamic picture by increasing the contrast between the lightest and darkest parts of the screen, and increases the number of displayable colors. HLG uses standard technology (Hybrid Log-Gamma), allowing screens Standard Dynamic (SDR) decoding HDR.

Technical parameters:
EUTELSAT Hot Bird 13B (13°E)
TP. 111 (10,726 GHz, Pol. (H), SR: 30000, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S2 / 8PSK)
ID: TravelXP 4K
PID V: 457 (HEVC / UHD)
PID A: 458 (AAC)
PID PCR: 457
SID: 4603
Provider: -
Kodirovanie: No (FTA)
Technical parameters:
EUTELSAT Hot Bird 13E (13°E)
TP. 91 (12,539 GHz, Pol. (H), SR: 30000, FEC: 5/6; DVB-S2 / 8PSK)
PID: 121 (HEVC / UHD)
PID A: 122 (AAC, Eng)
PID PCR: 121
SID: 1102
Provider: Eutelsat 
Coding: No (FTA)


New HD Channels Italian Rai
In the night 3 on 4 January 2017 the Italian broadcaster Rai had announced changes in the broadcasting of their channels. One of the four transponders used moved to DVB-S2, and the other in the DVB-S value was changed FEC, which allowed the addition of new stations. With these changes,, the number of channels in SD remained unchanged, but they were running 5 New in HD, which complemented the proposal tivusat platform. The new channels are: Rai News 24 HD, Rai History HD, Rai Gulp HD, Rai YoYo HD и Rai School HD, all encoded, and SD channels, except Rai YoYo remain FTA. Adding channels has led to changes in the parameters of the transponder.
Channel list, and changed parameters of all four transponders Rai:

Eutelsat Hotbird 13 c (13,0°E)
TP. 124 (10,992 GHz, Pol. V, SR: 27500, FEC: 2/3; DVB-S/QPSK)
Rai 3 TGR FVG (511/653/511/8501) - moved with tp.52
Rai Movie (200/800/200/8502)
Rai 1 (512/650/512/8511)
Rai 2 (513/651/513/8512)
Rai 3 (514/652/514/8513)
Rai 4 (523/604/523/8514)
Rai News 24 (520/690/520/8516)
Rai Radio 4 Light (673/673/8515) - only available here, off a copy of the tp.52
Radio OM unica (54/54/8554) - Rai Radio 1 in mono
Rai Radio2 mono (55/55/8555)
Rai Radio3 mono (56/56/8556)
Eutelsat Hotbird 13 c (13,0°E)
TP. 125 (11,013 GHz, Pol. (H), SR: 29900, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S2 / 8PSK)
Rai 5 HD (1810/1811/1810/17711)
Rai Gulp HD (1820/1821/1820/17712) - replaced Rai 2 HD,who moved nA tp.52
Rai YoYo HD (1830/1831/1830/17713) - replaced Rai 3 HD,who moved nA tp.52
Rai Scuola HD (1850/1851/1850/17715) - replaced by Rai Sport 1 HD,who moved nA tp.52
Rai 4 HD (1860/1861/1860/17716)
Rai Premium HD (1870/1871/1870/17717)
Rai Movie HD (1880/1881/1880/17718)
Eutelsat Hotbird 13 c (13,0°E)
TP. 52 (11,766 GHz, Pol. V, SR: 29900, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S2 / 8PSK) - new SR, FEC, now DVB-S2
Rai 1 HD (501/601/501/3401)
Rai 2 HD (502/602/502/3402) - moved with tp.125
Rai 3 HD (503/603/503/3403) - moved with tp.125
Rai Sport 1 HD (504/604/504/3404) - moved with tp.125
Rai News 24 HD (505/605/505/3405)
Rai History HD (506/606/506/3406)
Eutelsat Hotbird 13 c (13,0°E)
TP. 54 (11,804 GHz, Pol. V, SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S/QPSK) - new FEC
Rai Sport 1 (512/612/512/3301)
Deputies (517/655/517/3302)
Rai Sport 2 (513/613/513/3303)
Rai History (514/614/514/3304)
Rai Gulp (515/615/515/3305)
Rai yoyo (516/616/516/3306) - moved with tp.52
Rai Scuola (518/618/518/3307) - moved with tp.52
Rai Premium (520/620/520/3309)
Rai 5 (521/621/521/3310) - moved with tp.52
Senato (522/622/522/3314) - moved with tp.52
Rai Radio1 (670/670/3311)
Rai Radio 2 (671/671/3312)
Rai Radio 3 (672/672/3313)
Rai Radio 5 classical (665/665/3315)
Rai GrParlamento (664/664/3317)
Rai Isoradio (661/661/3318)


At the end of 2016 HBO Europe, the company has completed the distribution of its channels on the satellite Amos 2 (4° W).
With this satellite is no longer available channels HBO Hungary, HBO2 EC, HBO3, Cinemax Cinemax и 2. The operator decided to focus on another method of distribution channels HBO for its customers – operators of cable and satellite platforms channels are available over IP (Internet Protocol). The above channels are on the satellite Amos 2 encoded in PowerVu system. However, This conditional access system have previously been hacked, to give to get unauthorized access to paid content. This could be one of the reasons for the termination of distribution HBO channels via satellite. HBO company for a long time has used satellites for the distribution of their channels. Earlier in the orbital position of 4 ° W also broadcast local versions of HBO, such as HBO CZ, HBO Adria HBO PL и и версии телеканалов HBO HD. End HBO distribution on satellite Amos has no effect on the satellite platform and cable networks. The proposals HBO channels are available to subscribers.

In September SpaceX named the cause of the accident and are ready to resume launches
The company owned by Elon Musk SpaceX found the cause of the catastrophic explosion, happened 1 September last year and which brought damage in the amount of 285 millions of dollars (273 million euros), and is ready to resume missile launches. In a statement,, posted on the website of the company SpaceX, states, that the cause of the explosion were the problem in one of three helium tanks, known as "high-pressure composite vessels wrapper" (COPV), situated in the tank with liquid oxygen, a third stage rocket. As a result, the free liquid oxygen fuel caused a powerful explosion, who destroyed the Israeli AMOS-6 satellite. Investigation into the causes of the explosion took place under the supervision of the Federal Aviation Administration (FEW), BBC (United States), National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and the National Transportation Safety Board. The investigation was to establish the causes of the explosion, FAA was able to give the company permission to resume launches. And in SpaceX ready to resume its activities in the field of start-ups. The first load, to be output in the space of forces, It is a collection of 10 small satellites, owned telecommunications company Iridium specialized. Their launch is scheduled for Sunday - 8 January. Meanwhile, Musk and his engineering team have to rocket a number of design changes, in particular - to a method of supplying a rocket Falcon 9 helium. This launch will be promoted with a starting SpaceX site at Vandenberg Air Base US Air Force. The usual starting area of ​​Cape Canaveral, where there was 1 September explosion, It was badly damaged and is not yet ready to launch ispolzovaniyu.Priostanovka nearly four months has cost dearly for the company SpaceX, and for its customers. In particular, delay has made adjustments in the schedule starts on the order of such companies, like Echostar (E-23 satellite), SES люксембургская (спутник ITS-10), Hispasat (Amazonas satellite 5), as well as in terms of Koreasat 5A satellite and Qatar launches Es'Hail 2; all they have to go into space in the first quarter 2017. "The SpaceX appreciate the support from our customers and partners throughout this period, and also eagerly awaiting the opportunity to fulfill its obligations 2017 year and in the future ", - The company said.

TVN Meteo Active HD to broadcast on 13 ° E
4 January 2017 year on one of the transponders Nos. 10, owned TVN Grup satellite Eutelsat Hot Bird 13C (13,0°E) at a frequency of 11,393 GHz, Paul. V, (SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S2 / 8PSK) canal place, identifying themselves as "Test 50", appeared TVN Meteo Active channel in high definition (HD). The station is encoded in the system Nagra MA (S4 / N3) and Conax for the platform nc+ and Viaccess Orange. It is worth recalling, that the Sabbath in this place will be broadcast in HD HGTV. Broadcast last here a little more than two days. With 7 January, this place will be declared before the station HGTV.

Technical parameters:
Eutelsat Hotbird 13 c (13,0°E)
TP. 10 (11,393 GHz, Pol. V, SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S2 / 8PSK)
ID: TVN Meteo Active HD
PID V: 532 (MPEG-4/HD)
PID A: 850 (Pol), 851 (org)
PID PCR: 532
SID: 4331
Provider: TVN 
Coding: Conax (NC +, cable networks), Nagra MA (S4 / N3 - NC +), Viaccess (Orange)
Image quality: 1920x 1080, 16:9, OK. 4,5 Mbit/s bitrate: 2x 192 kbit/s stereo MPEG


NTV Mir will be free (FTA)
Russian Federal broadcaster NTV has made significant changes in the reception of international channels NTV Mir in Europe. Changes are in the completion of the distribution paid to Astra 4A satellite (4,8°E) at a frequency of 12,380 GHz, Pol. (H) (SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S/QPSK), which was used in the main operator in the Baltic States. NTV Mir transmission here has been encoded in the system Viaccess and VideoGuard. The new transmission is free and available to 30 November 2016 year for all stakeholders, that are in range of the satellite Eutelsat Hot Bird 13C (13,0°E). NTV Mir broadcasts with the operator GlobeCast capacity, which provides a number of other Russian-speaking channels for Europe, among them the International TNT, Shanson TV, STS International, RTR Planeta, Russia 24 and Russian Bestseller. The purpose of the end of the pay broadcasting 4,8 ° E and the transition to free from 13,0 ° E is an obvious. The broadcaster wants to compete more effectively with other Russian-language channels, order more, that in recent years the number of satellite Eutelsat Hot Bird significantly vozroslo.22 December 2016 NTV, the World reported on its website about the new parameters, which entered into force on 1 January 2017 year.
New technical parameters: (officially with 1.01.2017 g.)

Eutelsat Hotbird 13 c (13,0°E)
TP. 126 (11,034 GHz, Paul. V, SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S/QPSK)
PID V: 1320 (MPEG-2/SD)
PID A: 1330 (Eng)
PID PCR: 1320
SID: 1713
Coding: No


Hungarian satellite pay-tv platform T-Home has activated additional satellite capacity from an operator Spacecom.
In his new capacity after the first technical tests are already available, new program. The new T-Home capacity operates on the satellite Amos 3 (4° W), at a frequency of 11,426 GHz, Pol. (H), (SR 30000, FEC 3/4, DVB-S2 / 8PSK). There were new HD channels – Eurosport 1 HD, History HD and Travel Channel HD. After optimization of T-Home capacity at the position 4 ° W has been included also station Duna World HD.
Technical parameters – new capacity T-Home:

Amos 3 (4° W), frequency 11,426 GHz, Pol. (H), SR 30000, FEC 3/4, DVB-S2 / 8PSK

T-Home after the activation of a new container uses the satellite Amos 3 A total of seven transponders. All work in the DVB-S2 and they are a total of 25 programs in HD resolution and a few dozen stations in SD.