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Transponder news for 15.08.2017

Daily news satellite television

Daily news satellite television


Eutelsat/36B 36 c / Express-AMU1 36,0°E
Nat Geo Wild Europe is back on 11254H, SR: 15000, FEC: 2/3, DVB-S2 / 8PSK, MPEG-4, Irdeto2
BNT World is back on 11254H, SR: 15000, FEC: 2/3, DVB-S2 / 8PSK, MPEG-4, Open

Eutelsat 16A 16,0°E
Eurosport 2 HD appeared on 11094 V 27500 4/5 DVB-S2/QPSK MPEG-4 HEVC Conax

Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B 13°E
Dubai TV HD appeared on 12399 (H) 27500 ; FEC:2/3 ; DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG4/HD ; SID:905 ; PID:101/102 ; Open
TEST 1 I left the 12399 (H) 27500 ; FEC:2/3 ; DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG4/HD ; SID:905 ; PID:101/102
Dubai Sports 3 HD appeared on 12399 (H) 27500 ; FEC:2/3 ; DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG4/HD ; SID:906 ; PID:201/202 ; Open
TEST 2 I left the 12399 (H) 27500 ; FEC:2/3 ; DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG4/HD ; SID:906 ; PID:201/201

Amos 7 4° W
Tv channel “NTA” Appeared on 12410 (H) 20833 7/8. MPEG-4. Open



22 August 2017 , the "Tricolor TV" in conjunction with the first channel and the broadcaster "Red Square" will organize a festive concert, devoted to the Day of State Flag of the Russian Federation
22 August 2017 , the "Tricolor TV" in conjunction with the first channel and the broadcaster "Red Square" Russia's largest operator of digital television will organize a traditional holiday concert, devoted to the Day of State Flag of the Russian Federation. TV version of the concert, see Sunday, 27 August, on Channel.
Public Holiday, celebrated 22 August, dedicated to one of the main symbols of the Russian Federation - the Russian tricolor. This year, the National Flag Day in the Kremlin Palace will host the annual gala concert with the participation of Russian pop stars. The concert is organized traditionally the "Tricolor TV", First Channel and TV "Red Square".
The guests of the gala concert will be partners and subscribers "Tricolor TV" from all over Russia - more 5500 man. View it can every Russian - broadcast TV version of the concert dedicated to the Day of the State Flag of the Russian Federation will be held on Sunday, 27 August, in 17:15 on Channel.
This is not the first holiday concert, organized by the "Tricolor TV" for the whole country. So, in the past year on the Day of the tricolor from the scene of one of the biggest concert halls of Moscow congratulated the country's most popular Russian pop stars: Larisa Dolina, Grigory Leps, Alexander Rosenbaum, Oleg Gazmanov, Igor Nikolaev, Alexander Buynov, Polina Gagarina, Zara, Vitas, Natalie Podolsky and Vladimir Presnyakov, Valeria, Stas Peha and many others.
Elizaveta Kapralova, Director of public relations "Tricolor TV": "Day of the Russian Federation National Flag - certainly, one of the main patriotic holidays. Russian flag - a symbol of our great country, our unity. We, as the leading operator of digital television in Russia welcome the opportunity 22 August in conjunction with the first channel to present to all Russian spectators a festive concert "Day tricolor". We want to bring into the homes of our festival audience, to get together with the whole family, see bright colorful concert, listen to the famous and beloved songs performed by top stars of the national stage. I hope, in this celebration everyone to feel that same sense of unity, love and pride in their country ".

Sports channel of the Hungarian public television MTVA tested in high-definition format (HDTV) on Slovak Telekom platform maps (Nova Digi TV SK, Magio Sat).
M4 program was still available to the subscribers of these networks only as SD.
M4 HD broadcasts the same content software, in SD resolution, but different technical transmission quality.
M4 HD channel is on the UPC DTH operator capacity. Until now, with this transponder program provides UPC Direct and Digi TV customers in Hungary. After connecting to other systems CA (CAID 0B1C – Conax и 1882 – Nagra MA) signal will be used for other subscribers.
Technical parameters – M4 HD:
Thor 6 (0,8° W), frequency 11,843 GHz, Pol. V, SR 30000, FEC 3/4, DVB-S2 / 8PSK

The company Etisalat has extended its new DVB-S2 platform on the satellite Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B
The company Etisalat has extended its new DVB-S2 platform on the satellite Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B at position 13 ° E with two more free stations in high definition (HDTV). Part of the multiplex steel Dubai TV HD channels and Dubai Sports 3 HD.
Dubai TV HD – information channel. Dubai Sports 3 HD – sports station, aimed at sports, popular in the UAE. Both stations can be viewed from the same position (13°E) and full SD resolution. Channels in SD and HD have the same content, which differs technical quality distribution.
The multiplex both Etisalat Dubai TV and Dubai Sports Program 3 broadcast in SD resolution. Now broadcasting in classical SD resolution is available in the multiplex operator Du (frequency 11,747 GHz).
Technical parameters – Dubai TV HD, Dubai Sports 3 HD:
EUTELSAT Hot Bird 13B (13°E), frequency 12,399 GHz, Pol. (H), SR 27500, FEC 2/3, DVB-S2 / 8PSK, FTA
Technical parameters – Dubai TV (SD), Dubai Sports 3 (SD):
Eutelsat Hotbird 13 c (13°E), frequency 11,747 GHz, Pol. (H), SR 27500, FEC 3/4, DVB-S/QPSK, FTA


Tricolor Tv News
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We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Macedonian television channel TV Sonce is preparing a change in the distribution of its program on the satellite Thor 6 (0,8° W).
In the near future the station should leave the transponder number 20 at a frequency of 12,092 GHz, Pol. (H) (SR: 28000, FEC: 7/8; DVB-S/QPSK).
Channel appeared in the multiplex DVB-S2 Romanian company ESS (Eastern Space Systems) currently owned by the operator MX1.
Changes in the distribution of TV Sonce relates only to move inefficient MPEG-4 version with DVB-S transponder in a second DVB-S2. The move will free up space and multiplex DVB-S for the other channel, who wants or needs to broadcast in MPEG-2 for users of older SD satellite receivers.
TV Sonce is a vast selection of local music programs, including concerts and theater performances. Spectators are also waiting for news, reports, documentary, journalism and sport.
New technical parameters:
Thor 6 (0,8° W)
TP. BSS09 (11,881 GHz, Pol. V, SR: 30000, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S2 / 8PSK)
ID: Sun TV
PID V: 1111 (MPEG-4/SD)
PID A: 1211
PID PCR: 1111
SID: 9011
Provider: ESS
Kodirovanie: No (FTA)

Launched Canal + Now in the platform nc +
15 August this year at the position number 38 in the channel list will appear nc + Canal + Now, which will be used to broadcast sports events, extending parallel events, broadcast at the same time in the other sports channels.
According to the broadcaster, the main purpose of Canal + Now is to provide access to the greatest possible number of events within the framework of existing rights. It will be used, First of all, in the presentation of special events, in particular, sports, extending parallel events, broadcast at the same time in the channels Canal +, Canal+ Sport, Canal+ Sport2.
Among the sporting events, presented on Canal + now find, in particular: UEFA Champions League (playoff and group), UEFA League Evropы, Multiliga 30. LOTTO queue Premier League, competition from the cycle tour Cavaliada, EHF Champions League players and tournaments manual cycle Golf-European Tour.
Canal + Now will be available at the position №38 subscribers nc +, use your package “premium”, containing Canal
Recall, that ITI Neovision the company made at the end of last year about changing KRRiT, issued to the sender 2014 year concession for the satellite channel + League on Canal + Now, and recently the name of Canal + Now there was a well in the surveys nc +.
Currently, nc + platform already uses the channel in a similar way 38 decoders – It appears there sometimes sports broadcasts, when there is no space in the other channels. Service called Sport 38 emissions and it is provided, but I do not know, in the end, Canal + Now there would be exactly in this place.
The satellite transmission channel Sport 38 It is implemented with the following technical parameters:
Eutelsat Hotbird 13 c (13,0°E)
TP. 114 (10,796 GHz, Paul. V, SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S2 / 8PSK)
ID: . (point)
PID V: 175 (MPEG-4/HD)
PID A: 142 (rus, AC3)
PID PCR: 175
LED: 15716
Provider: NC +
Coding: Conax (NC +), Nagra MA (S4 / N3 – NC +), Viaccess PC 3.0 (Orange)