Transponder news for 29.09.2017

Daily news satellite television

Daily news satellite television


Horizons-2 85° E
Tv channel “Hunting and fishing” Appeared in the package “Telekarta” on 11960 (H) 28800 2/3. DVB-S2. Conax, Irdeto3

ABS-1 / ABS-2 75 ° Е
Frequency 10985 n 35007 and 11045 n 44920 transferred to the new satellite ABS-2A

Belintersat 1 51.5°E
'213 4K’ I left with 11410H

Eutelsat 36C 36°E
Tv channels “NTV-Serial, NTV-law, 5 Channel, STS and Sovershenno sekretno” Appeared in the package “Tricolor TV” on 12380 (L) 27500 3/4. DVB-S2. Hevca. Viaccess 5.0

Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B 13°E
Sky Italy: Inter Channel appeared on 11900 (H) 29900 FEC:3/4 DVB-S2/MPEG-4 SID:9487 PID:165/418, VideoGuard
Cyfrowy Polsat: video Tempter (test card) He appeared on 12188 V 27500 FEC:3/4 DVB-S2/MPEG-4 SID:7309 PID:265/266, Open
included transponder – 12015(H); SR:27500; Fec: 3/4.DVB-S2 / 8PSK. [MPEG-4/HD] Cyfrowy Polsat SA:.appeared openly: Cf. test 1, test 2 cp, cf. test 3, Try a new package


more than a billion: Analysts said a record number of subscribers of pay-TV
According to data from the recently published by Dataxis report for the second quarter 2017 year, the number of subscribers to pay-TV services around the world has reached a point in 1,05 billion people.
These quarterly reports Dataxis about the situation on the market of pay-TV services suggests, that between the second quarter 2016 year and the second quarter 2017 the number of subscribers to pay television services increased by 60 million people, reaching in 1,05 billion people. Recall - a symbolic mark of one billion users was reached at the end of 2016 year.
The largest quarterly increase in the number of subscribers was reported in the IPTV sector and linear OTT - 24% and 44% Accordingly,. However, despite this high rate of growth in the sector of linear OTT, its performance is not much impact on the overall figure, since this sector is only 1% of total global pay-TV market. cable television sector has shown a negative growth, and DTH and DTT are in a state of stagnation.
Quarterly growth in the number of subscribers in the Asia-Pacific region was 8%. Thus, the region has confirmed its status as one of the fastest growing in the number of subscribers.
This is particularly true of China and India, wherein QII 2017 year there were a total of 48% of the total number of subscribers to pay-TV services in the world.
With the exception of North America, which demonstrated negative growth, in all regions of the world during the period from II quarter 2016 for the II quarter 2017 on - year, a moderate increase in the number of subscribers to pay-TV services has been noted 1 before 4 percent for the quarter.
Note, projected to Digital TV Research research agency the total number of subscribers of pay TV will reach 1,09 billion not previously 2022 year.

Internet in the European Union: LTE-connection is available 96% households, BBA - 76%
According to the European Commission, LTE is coated 96% households, and fixed broadband Internet 76% households
The European Commission has published a report on the current situation of broadband coverage in Europe as of the 2016 year. After analyzing the data collected, We report the authors concluded, that at the end of June 2016 year access to broadband high-speed Internet (no less 30 Mbit / s in the downlink) had 75,9% households, with access to LTE networks had 96% EU households.
This is the fourth edition of the report, created by expert research firms IHS Markit and Point Topic, that collect data and analysis on 31 country in Europe. A key driver for growth covering Next Generation Access Networks (FROM) in EU countries remains VDSL - in this sector there was an increase in the 7,1%, and the total coating reached a point in 48,2% households. On the whole, 12 months to June 2016 year access to the Internet via high-speed broadband network NGA received 12,8 million new households.
"FROM 2013 VDSL year remains the fastest growing broadband technology of the, which became the subject of study in the study; in some countries there was still just incredibly high annual growth in VDSL sector, - says a senior analyst at IHS Markit and project manager Elisabeth Fellenbaum. - For example, VDSL coverage in Italy has more than doubled during the 12-month period, It ended in the middle of 2012 year, in fact, it grew 33,6%. In Iceland, Germany, Hungary and Slovakia have also been observed VDSL double-digit growth in the same period ".
But provide the best coverage yet mobile networks (though it is more expensive).
«LTE network availability has become almost ubiquitous in many countries, surveyed, - says Fellenbaum. - AT 11 LTE coverage has reached a point countries 99% all households, and coating the whole LTE network substantially equal to the 3G HSPA networks coated. This is a significant improvement compared to the, it was only four years, when access to LTE networks had only 59,1% EU households ".
Eternal digital divide
However, constant threat of the digital divide remains. The report said, that the gap between the coating NGA networks in urban areas and rural areas, though reduced, but still remains quite significant: only 39,2% of households in the EU's rural areas have access to high-speed broadband internet.
Providing access to broadband Internet in rural areas of the EU remains a key priority for the European Commission. As of the end of June 2016 year 92,6% all households, located in rural areas 28 EU countries (that is, except Iceland, Norway and Switzerland, which also became the object of study Experts) We have access to at least one of the fixed broadband access technologies. At the same time, only 39,2% - or 12 million households in rural areas - had the opportunity to experience the benefits of broadband networks, NGA. However, by June 2016 Floor NGA networks increased by 9,5% for the year, that is, during this period access to NGA networks have received a total of more 2,9 million rural households.
"Furthermore, we see, that the gap between the cover rural areas and nationwide coverage is reduced - as is the case with the fixed access technologies, and in the case of the NGA - in comparison with indicators, noted in previous editions. This was the result of considerable investment in the development of broadband networks in rural areas ", - added Fellenbaum.
A key factor in the growth in broadband in Europe should be the modernization of the networks of Internet access over twisted pair. The report said, that the operators of broadband networks, working in Europe, continue to focus its efforts on upgrading and strategies of existing copper DSL lines instead of increasing investment in the development, usually, more expensive technologies FTTP (fiber-to-post).
As in past years,, the lowest rates of FTTP coatings have been observed in Greece and Belgium - on the level 0,6 and 0,4 per cent. In the UK coating FTTP, as it is not sad to celebrate, only slightly higher - all 1,8%. A pleasant contrast against this background that looks Portugal, where FTTP «got» the network to 86,1% households.

Tricolor Tv News
27 September 2017 years have been carried out to change the parameters of the broadcast channel "NTV series", "NTV right", STS (HEVC SD), "The fifth channel" (HEVC SD), "Top secret".
To resume, you need to search for "Tricolor TV" channels.
To update the list of channels, Press «MENU» button on the remote control of your receiver, Select search channel tricolor tv => OK and update the list of tv channels, following the instructions on the tv screen.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Russian satellite operator STV platforms (Satellite Television) today transferred two multiplexes with ABS satellite 2 (75°E) a new satellite ABS 2A (74,7°E).
multiplexes parameters remained unchanged. Recall, that Russia's first multiplex STV was transferred to the ABS 2A last week.
Technical parameters STV platform with new satellite ABS 2A:
ABS 2A (75°E), frequency 10,985 GHz, Pol. (H), SR 35007, FEC 3/4, DVB-S2 / 8PSK
ABS 2A (75°E), frequency 11,045 GHz, Pol. (H), SR 44922, FEC 5/6, DVB-S/QPSK
Both multiplex broadcast a series of coded programs and several freely broadcast stations – 360Moscow ° HD (the first frequency), and RU TV, Top Shop TV Russia, Belarus 24, Moscow 24 Moscow and Trust (second frequency). Where available, and five radio programs – DFM Region, Russian Radio, Russian Radio +2, HIT FM и Maximum.
To date, we know, that ABS 2A translated broadcasting and TopShop TV channels, distributiruemyh company “signal Media”: “my Planet”, “planet HD”, “Science”, “Russian romance”, “Russian bestseller”, “Russian detective”, “Comedy”, “History”, “Mult”, Cinema, HCT, “Mom”, “Doktor”, T24, “country”, “Sundress”, years и “Movie TV”.
The company STV is a leader in providing services DTO (direct to operate), which is to provide services using capacity on domestic and foreign satellites.

15° W: New multiplexes DMC. Channels temporarily FTA
Dutch operator DMC (Digital Media Centre) launched on satellite Telstar 12 Vantage (15° W) two new multiplex, located on one of the transponders. Fans of satellite signals, now have the opportunity to get acquainted with the technical quality of all programs – stations, as a temporary broadcast FTA.
DMC is still in position 15 ° W contained three packages on two transponders. Everything indicates that, that the operator wants to combine power, and some even cut.
technical parameters of the original multiplex DMC:
Telstar 12 Vantage (15° W), frequency. 11,468 GHz, Pol. (H), SR 22500, FEC 3/4, DVB-S2 / 8PSK
Telstar 12 Vantage (15° W), frequency. 11,495 GHz, Pol. (H), SR 21600, FEC 3/4, DVB-S/QPSK
Telstar 12 Vantage (15° W), frequency. 11,523 GHz, Pol. (H), SR 12000, FEC 3/4, DVB-S/QPSK
packet signal from the new transponder weaker, and for receiving recommended diameter of a parabola 120 see.
technical parameters of the new multiplex DMC:
Telstar 12 Vantage (15° W), frequency. 11,401 GHz, Pol. In, SR 18350, FEC 3/4, DVB-S2 / 8PSK
Telstar 12 Vantage (15° W), frequency. 11,428 GHz, Pol. In, SR 25720, FEC 3/4, DVB-S/QPSK
In the first new muxu DMC shown AMC Balkan channels, AMC Middle East HD, History, Russia, HD, Outdoor Channel ЕМА HD и Food Russia HD. At the second station are arranged CBS Reality EMEA, JimJam EMEA, JimJam Middle East Extreme Sports Channel в регионе EMEA, Crime&Igation UK, History и Playboy Europe.
For viewers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia will be interesting, First of all, station CBS Reality EMEA, JimJam EMEA, Crime&И Ingation History, Czech which have an optional audio track.

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