Transponder news 7 December 2017

Daily news satellite television

Daily news satellite television


Express-AT2 140°E
Tv channels “Amedia Hit и Amedia Premium” Appeared in the package “NTV Plus Dalniy Vostok” on 12399 R 27500 3/4. DVB-S2. Viaccess 5.0

Intelsat 904 45.0°E
'NTV Style’ temporarily talking openly on 11513V (Europe beam), DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG-4/clear, SR 30000, FEC 2/3

Hellas Sat 2 39.0°E
Пакет ‘Bulsatcom’ I left with 12565H, is now available on 12213V
Пакет ‘Bulsatcom’ I left with 12688H, is now available on 12482V

Express AMU1 36°E
FM radio channel EAST appeared on 12111 (L) 27500 FEC 3/4 DVB-S2/MPEG-4, DRE Crypt

Astra 2G 28.2°E
Tv channel “92 News” Appeared on 11538 V 22000 5/6. Open

BADR-4 26° E
Tv channel “Alhurra” Appeared on 11938 V 27500 5/6. Open

Eutelsat 16A 16° E
Tv channel “TV News” Temporarily goes open 11011 V 27500 3/5. DVB-S2

Eutelsat Hot Bird 13E 13°E
Pars TV appeared on 10775 (H) 27500 FEC:5/6 DVB-S/MPEG-2 SID:1505 PID:5051/5052, Open (prescribes how long Mava TV)

Astra 4A, 4.8° E
Tv channel “Okhota i Rybalka” Appeared in the package “Viasat” on 12054 V 27500 3/4. VideoGuard

BulgariaSat 1 1.9°E
Package 'Polaris Media’ He appeared on 12380H (Balkan beam), DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG-4/Bulcrypt, SR 30000, FEC 2/3, copies bundled with Hellas Sat 2, 39° e, 11135V

Intelsat 35e 34.5°W
New options for the package 'AFN’ with the channels 'AFN News', ‘AFN Prime Atlantic’ и ‘AFN Sports’ to 4126L (global beam), DVB-S2/QPSK/MPEG-4/PowerVu/Verimatrix, SR 11000, FEC 1/2


Tricolor TV "minus MPEG2
According to official information, the satellite operator "Tricolor TV", stops receiving payments from the owners of the equipment with the subscriber receivers, that support viewing of TV channels only in the MPEG-2 standard. Thus, at the beginning of the new 2018 year, Broadcast in the standard, It is likely to be discontinued.
Previously, the operator announced, that acceptance of payments from the owners receiver DRE-4000, DRE-5000, DRE-5001, DRS-7300 and the other receivers of the "first wave" is accepted only for six months, then - for three months and recently to renew your subscription to the package "One" could only be a month. In parallel, Without explaning the reason, operator "retroactively" to disable access to the package even paid subscriber receivers MPEG-2, forcing their owners to change equipment.
Recently, these subscribers will have access to a highly truncated package of "One" channel, which basically consisted of federal TV channels, which includes two digital terrestrial multiplex. But despite this many subscribers with obsolete equipment continued to use. Now, in the coming year they will have a choice - either to abandon satellite television in general or trade equipment with modern. Recall, that the base model for the exchange of a GS B533 receiver. The operator also offers exchange for technically obsolete receivers brand DTS-53/54.
Something happened, that should have happened. There is in all this positive aspects. In the first place it, that most of the MPEG2 terminals worked without replacement almost ten years. How criticized at the time the equipment and the GS DRE!
But there are also negative. Operator, instead of this spring to make the official announcement of the date of termination of the broadcast MPEG-2 decided to go the other way and still its Help Desk customers for a ride with such equipment. Repeatedly faced with such cases, when the MPEG-2 receiver with a paid subscription suddenly encodes and Help Desk offers its owners to contact the dealer or pass receiver for repair. Instead of, to be honest, that "the receiver contact offline. Exchange offer ". However, often a caller is not particularly bother and immediately buy air digital set-top box, and continues to look beyond the main air channels. already free. Until the next 'exchange'.

on BulgariaSat 1 It appeared there was a television
It's hard to say how long it will last, but if more than two weeks ago that the board could take a cue from the three carriers, but this time with a new spacecraft began broadcasting full package of channels on one frequency, which could accommodate more 30 tv channels.
However, This is not surprising because the patched. in this multiplex are no high-definition television. apparently, the promised programs in HD and UHD appear from this side later. In the meantime, at a frequency 12380 H goes broadcasting, ISP which serves Polaris Media Company of Serbia.
The package of broadcast TV channels mainly from the Republic of Serbia, in t. h. RTS 1 и RTS 2, and four Arena Sport channels, etc.. Present and Bulgarian channels, but they are few. Some of them broadcast openly: Ekids, Evrokom, Magic TV and several radio stations. The basic structure of the package is closed Bulcrypt conditional access system.
You should pay attention, which began broadcasting on the same frequency of the previously activated. Perhaps, this means that the provider from Serbia package here can be extended.
In spite of the fact, that viewers of the CIS countries, this position has little interest, We would expect from this point interesting news, and the owners of satellite reception system with a "little motor" can add this item to your receiver menu.
Broadcast settings: 12380 GHz horizontal polarization, SR 30000, FEC 2/3, DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG-4

Orion and Humax Electronics announced a strategic partnership in Russia
GC "Orion" has signed a cooperation agreement with a leading global manufacturer of digital set-top boxes - now HUMAX.
The partnership is built on the principle of certified retailers. The first stage of implementation of the agreement was the adaptation of multimedia equipment "Hyumaks" for distribution in the territory of the Russian Federation. Interactive Hybrid receiver M1-media center will be in the line of "Orion" in January 2018.
In the framework of cooperation on the model of certified retailers
GC "Orion" takes on certification and licensing provider equipment, with the result that the latter receives the right to implement it in the local market, including, without participation of the company. By investing in the revision of the standard hybrid television equipment "Hyumaks" under the requirements of the subscribers "Accessories", operator guarantees, that the selected model is completely customized for Russian and is designed to work seamlessly in the home network.
Interactive Hybrid M1 receiver is intended to be the flagship of the "Telecard" line satellite TV equipment. Functional, stylish, Ergonomic it combines the advanced technology of satellite and IP-broadcasting and modern TV viewing: Hevca, Full HDTV, MPEG-4/MPEG-2, DVB-S2/S. Despite its compact size, M1 is a full hybrid mediatsentr, supporting most known standard media content playback. The receiver can receive and decode satellite platform HA signal "Orion" encoded Irdeto. When connected to the network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet module the user has access to the web portal and Internet access. The receiver plays media files from a variety of external media, including from the local home network. The M1 provides an electronic program guide on the TV screen (EPG), broadcast recording by a digital video recorder (PVR), video and still images, music playback via USB.
A unique feature of the new items is preset OTT service operator "Telecard-line". With built-in Ethernet port and Wi-Fi, when connected to the Internet user opens access to more than 70 TV channels, as well as to all additional services and packages "Telecard Online" mobile application. So, with a subscription "Cinema", available to subscribers more 5000 movies and TV shows in HD quality without any advertising from the online library theater ivi, online service the best series of the planet Amediateka Home of HBO, etc..
The recommended retail price of the M1 receiver with an access card to connect "Accessories" is 6 500 USD.
Tony Hwang, Executive Director of "Hyumaks Electronics Company Limited (CIS)"I commented on the agreement:
"We appreciate the potential of the Russian market of television equipment and do not accidentally chose" Orion "for the strategic partnership it. Due to the diversified development of the business and a powerful satellite media platforms, the company is very sensitive to changes in consumer demand, and has the necessary mobility to run a variety of innovative solutions. M1 is based on a flexible platform OCTO.
This in-house development HUMAX, which is already widespread throughout the world, it is used world-wide operators (tier-1). Many years of experience allows us to predict the successful launch of the project in Russia ".
Kirill Makhno, General Director of "Orion" described the launch of new products: "Development of mm 'One of our current priorities. M1 from "Hyumaks" opens a new line of premium interactive equipment for subscribers "Accessories". It will further develop our OTT solutions and will provide a basis for the creation and launch of new interactive services. This step - our natural response to market realities, which require a new level of work with existing customers. I am sure, that international experience and professional intuition of our strategic partner - the HUMAX - will contribute to its successful implementation ".

“Orion” He summed up the activities in 2017 year
6 December met the federal satellite operator guidance “Orion” with the media. Company experts have summed up the year, They presented their vision of further development of the pay TV market in the face of slowing organic growth, and at the same time spoke about the strategic projects, which will become the locomotives of business 2018 year.
In connection with reallocation of the TV audience and the need to expand the subscriber base, in 2017 g. GK “Orion” He continued to develop their online projects. So, since the beginning of the year the number of mobile TV service “Telecard Online” increased by 30 names and exceeded 70. In particular, subscribers, use the services on smartphones and tablets, They became available Amedia 1, Amedia 2, “Football”, “illusion +”, “Ocean”, Slow, Noise, Galaxy, T 24, “The living planet”, “Science” and other channels, including children's and regional. Package deals for online users “Orion” supplemented block of film “world cinema”.
According to Director of Development and Business Process Management CC “Orion” Elena Yachmennikovoy, video consumption on mobile devices is one of the main trends 2017 g. If Russia, according to the company, order 28% video consumed on smartphones, this figure in the US is 50%.
This is confirmed by the numbers, listed company analysts. The total number of app installs “Telecard Online” iOS and Android to date exceeded 45 th. In 2017 g. the number of downloads doubled to 17 th. Number of visits section “Cinema” since the launch of the service in January 2017 g. exceeded 49 thousand., It has been viewed 16 th. pieces of film content.
In addition, in 2017 g. “Telecard Online” enriched service Amediateka. Through the partnership, “Orion” and the company Amedia TV in a mobile application for satellite TV subscribers is now available online service serials Amediateka Home of HBO. Access to the service will be carried out through the OTT service “Telecard online” on the basis of the technological platform “LayfStrim”. Connection fee for subscribers of 249 USD. per month. In addition, service allows you to send images from one device to another, Fortress exercise in social networks, and view content simultaneously on multiple devices.
“Currently, one of the key drivers of the market is the development of pay-TV services multisredovyh, which allows subscribers to retain and provide them with additional benefits of paid subscription. In “Accessories Online” integrated key services, thematic channels packages and products of our partners. In fact, this “video showcase”, convenient for users and partners”, – said Elena Yachmennikova.
In mobile services, the framework for the development of the project 2017 g. “Orion” launched the online application “TV Guide”, Combining the two options – interactive program guide and “Personal Area” subscriber. The free service is available to download not only to subscribers “Accessories”, but also to all interested. Last without the need to register can be notified about the beginning of your favorite programs, add in “Favorites” they are interested in the program, etc..
A vector of development of B2B portfolio “Orion” It was the launch of playout services to foreign broadcasters as part of the strategy to develop its own satellite platform. Today “Orion” provides services playout order 50 TV channels in Russia and CIS, including Discovery, Viasat, SPI, etc..
For foreign broadcasters playout service provides two options for cooperation. The first involves the complete playout of content customers, including files absorption, tested, forming the playlist, installation, operation with the broadcast mesh etc. The second interaction diagram includes channels by adapting the local market. According to company forecasts, the launch of this service will allow “Orion” in the next two years to double the customer portfolio towards playout.

6 December 2017 , the "Tricolor TV" included in the "One" packet radio "East the FM".
"East FM» - an international radio, at which sound waves of the world's dance hits with unique color, beautiful oriental ballads and musical trends of young contemporary artists in the numerous languages ​​of the peoples of Europe and Asia. In our air - music, which is understandable and close to most listeners.
Radio station "Vostok the FM" is available as part of the "One" package in the area of ​​satellite broadcasting "Express AMU1" and Eutelsat 36B, and satellite "Express-AT1" (project «tricolor Tv-Sibir). To configure the radio, press «Menu» button on the remote control of your receiver, select "Search" Tricolor TV "channels, Click «OK» and make the channel list updates, following the prompts on the screen.
Happy listening!

The federal competition commission Broadcasting (FKK) at Roskomnadzor in December 2017 and January 2018 year giving away five pools of satellite transponders, intended for broadcasting DTH-.
On the official site of Roskomnadzor contains information on holding 31 January 2018 The competition for the right to a satellite broadcast using the orbital-frequency resource and the respective frequency bands, allocated for television and radio broadcasting.
All four lots will be drawn: one transponder on the satellite “Ekspress-AT2 -” a station point 140 degrees east longitude. for 1,2 million rubles, covering the Far East; seven transponders on satellites “Express-AT1” (56 degrees D. V.) for 23,1 million rubles, intended for broadcasting, mainly, to Siberia; as well as for broadcasting in most of the country (western, south, Central and Urals zone) – eight transponders on the satellite “Express AMU1” a station point 36 degrees (60,25 million rubles) and six transponders on the satellite “Express-AT1” (54,4 million rubles).
In all cases, the conditions of the contest is provided laundry broadcast time and availability concept formation and propagation channels and packet radio channel.
In addition, 20 December at the FCC for competition 1,55 million rubles will also be played right to broadcast on satellite “Express-Am5” a station point 140 degrees east longitude. At the moment, these spacecraft broadcast Russian satellite operators “Tricolor”, “NTV +” and “Orion Express”.
Recall, the only participant and winner of the January 2017 year of this competition for the right to broadcast on satellite 56 and 140 degrees was “NTV +”, a year earlier on the same call for proposals have been received.

Epic Drama, the company's new channel Viasat World, I began test broadcasts on the capacity of the company Telekom Austria Group (TAG) on the satellite Eutelsat 16A (16°E).
Signal from the start is coded system Conax. TAG is likely to become the supplier of distribution Epic Drama program signal.
The program is available here with additional Czech, Bulgarian, Latvian, Turkish and the original audio track. Additionally available and a number of additional DVB subtitles in Croatian, Estonian, Greek, Latvian, Romanian, Slovenian and Serbian languages.
Epic Drama begins regular broadcasting 14 December 2017 year. The station will focus on modern dramas, including detective, classic, political, history, military, adventure, historically grounded, as well as the fantastic stories.
Technical parameters – Epic Drama:
Eutelsat 16A (16°E), frequency 10,928 GHz, Pol. (H), SR 30000, FEC 3/5, DVB-S2 / 8PSK, Conax CA
Epic Drama channel capacity TAG broadcasts in MPEG-4 HD video bitrate 7 Mbit/s. Bitrate of each audio track is 192 kbit/s in MPEG.

French telecommunications and TV platform SFR launches new package, consisting of 18 TV programs.
The service is available through Fransat decoding card on the satellite Eutelsat 5 West (A) (5° W).
SFR SAT offers sports, of film and entertainment channels and VOD (video on demand) through three thematic packages.
The proposal also includes channels SRF Sport, including stations in Ultra HD resolution, Altice Studio, channels with new movies and TV series and Play SFR, which comprises channels E!, SyFy и 13th Street
SFR SAT packages are offered at a price of 9,99 euro up 19,99 Euro and include access to programs via computer, mobile phones and tablets.
SFR SAT platform will compete with DTH service CANAL France (earlier CanalSat), which is broadcast from the Astra satellite at position 19,2 ° E.

Start of the second telecommunication satellite «Azerspace-2 / Intelsat-3" is expected in April-May 2018 year ( OAO "Azerkosmos" )
It was announced on the practical completion of the satellite manufacturing, parallel manufactured Booster.
The second satellite will be carried out from the launch complex at Kourou. Putting the satellite into orbit has been the French company «Arianespace».