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Transponder news 03 January 2018

Daily news satellite television

Daily news satellite television


YAMAL-401 90°E
Kaleidoscope TV appeared openly on 11385H, SR 30000 — FEC 3/4 ,DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG-4

Horizons 2 85°E
Beaver appeared on 11760 N DVB-S2 28800 2.3, Irdeto/Conax

Intelsat 20 68.5°E
Everywhere Free Sports на 12633 V 16166 5/6 DVB-S2 / QPSK MPEG-4 broadcasting started again, Open
Firehouse TV appeared on 12602 V 26657 FEC:2/3 DVB-S/MPEG-2 SID:15 PID:789/1045, Open
Fusion Plus TV has appeared on 12602 V 26657 FEC:2/3 DVB-S/MPEG-2 SID:26 PID:806/1062, Open

Intelsat 17 66°E
Docu Box appeared on 12614 V 5000 1/2 DVB-S2/QPSK MPEG-4, Open

Yamal 402 55°E
It began broadcasting versions NTV + 1 mp4, NTV + 1_mp2 на 11265 V 30000 /4, DVB-S/MPEG-2 FTA, 16kh9

All this 1 52,5°E
Neda TV replaced IR TV RZ1 of 11958 V 27500 7/8, Open

Azerspace 1 46°E
TNT Asia replaced NTV (+3) — 11015 H DVB-S2 13000 3/4
Kyrgyz package: NEXT TV has appeared on 11015 (H) 13000; FEC:3/4; DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG-4; SID:11; PID:3111/3211; Kyrgyz / Russian, Open

Türksat 3A / 4A at 42 ° F
Tlife quit 11509 (H) 30000 2/3. Tlife appeared on 11096 V 30000 5/6, Open.
Iberia TV quit 11472 (H). Channel 5 gone with the 11594 V 25000 2/3.
Manisa Media и 4 Eylül TV with ushli 12457 V 30000 3/4.
Kanal T quit 12641 (H) 30000 2/3.
B Medya TV appeared on the site on Gala TV 12685 (H) 30000 3/4, Open

Eutelsat 36B 36.0° E
'Yuvelirochka Fashion’ He appeared on 11977R (Russia beam), DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG-4/Mpeg 4.0/5.0/6.0, SR 27500, FEC 3/4
'Dialogues about fishing', 'Wild', 'Notifications’ and 'The Kid’ appeared on 12092R (Russia beam), DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG-4/Mpeg 4.0/5.0/6.0, SR 27500, FEC 3/4

5B Astra 31.5 ° E
CTC International appeared on 12071 (H) 30000 3/4 DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG-4, Open

Eutelsat 16A 16° E
Eurosport 1 HD is disabled on 11470.75MHz, pol. (V) (Dvb-S2 SID:635 PID:1601[MPEG-4]/1603 English, 1605 Croatian)
Eurosport 2 HD is disabled on 11470.75MHz, pol. (V) (Dvb-S2 SID:622 PID:1701[MPEG-4]/1703 English, 1705 Croatian)

EUTELSAT Hot Bird/13 c/13B 13E 13° E
11054 (H) 27500 5/6 - Instead of ZDF TV propisalsâ Juwelo, Open
11785 H DVB-S2/8PSK, MPEG-4 29900 3/4 — Sky Cinema Collection HD заменил Sky Cinema Christmas HD, VideoGuard
Azadi appeared on 11471 V 27500 FEC:5/6 DVB-S/MPEG-2 SID:14 PID:1401/1402, Open

Eutelsat 7A 7°E
TRT COCUK appeared on 10845 V 30000 FEC:3/4 DVB-S/MPEG-2 SID:8020 PID:2429/3420, Open
TELE2, ID X appeared on 11471 (H) 30000 FEC:3/4 DVB-S/MPEG-2, Irdeto 2
beIN SPORTS MAX 2, NICK JR. appeared on 11596 (H) 30000 FEC:3/4 DVB-S/MPEG-2, Irdeto 2
NICKELODEON appeared on 11617 V 30000 FEC:3/4 DVB-S/MPEG-2, Irdeto 2м
beIN SERIES SCI-FI, beIN MOVIES Comedy appeared on 11492 V 30000 FEC:3/4 DVB-S/MPEG-2, Irdeto 2
DISCOVERY SCIENCE appeared on 10845 V 30000 FEC:3/4 DVB-S/MPEG-2 SID:8021 PID:2421/3422, Irdeto 2

Astra 4A, 4.8° E
NATALI TV appeared on 12073 (H) 27500; FEC:3/4 ; DVB-S/QPSK/MPEG2; SID::6590; PID:6591/6592; Ukrainian. Open.
SHOPping-TV (Ukraine) I left the 12073 (H) 27500; FEC:3/4; DVB-S/QPSK/MPEG2; SID::6590; PID:6591/6592

Amos 7 4° W
12348 H - Ukrkosmos broadcast packet discontinued


"Eurosport" will be more
According to the newspaper Czech company Discovery Communications, which is the owner of the television network under the brand Eurosport, It should expand channels line under this name and in February the air should begin broadcasting television channels Eurosport 3, Eurosport 4 and Eurosport 5. And now let's see what kind of channels and viewers what digital platforms can see them.
It is logical to assume, that the appearance of the third, fourth and fifth Eurosport sports channel associated with carrying out a 9 on 25 February 2018 , the Winter Olympic Games in South Korean Pyeongchang. Thus Discovery Communications wants to expand the show sporting events in live broadcast, which can be considered a logical solution. Not all sports fans from European countries can not afford a trip to Pyeongchang, but on the other hand they want to get the maximum amount of broadcasts of sports tracks and arenas. Already, several European broadcasters have received a proposal from broadkastera include in their packages for new channels on Eurosport, which will be to broadcast during the Winter Olympic Games. In particular, reports on the digital platforms of UPC Czech Republic and 02 (O2TV - not to be confused with the same Russian youth television channel).
And now the main question: Is the new channels to appear in Russia? Probably not. Moreover, Russian version of the biggest sports channel in the world, and can not show the Olympics for its subscribers because Discovery has acquired the TV rights to the show the next Olympic Games (on 2014 inclusive) throughout Europe, but apart from Russia. Here, the rights to the show owns marketing agency "Telesport", has acquired the rights to broadcast the Olympics long before the high-profile doping scandals. It had acquired the sublicense to show the competition of the Olympics 2018 Russian federal TV channels.
It is quite possible, the new from the Eurosport sports channels will be in the former Soviet republics (Ukraine, Belarus, etc.). But while talking about it early.
We can only add, that its broadcasting Eurosport 3, 4, 5 will lead to the resolution of high-definition (HD).

Two channels on the side of light began to HD-announcement on Europe
Do not be intimidated! "The side of the world" - is none other than the American continent. Our viewers are not spoiled by television channels from this part of the globe, especially in HD. Now there is a chance, that we have something of a TV the other side will see the light. In any case, once two TV channels from Canada and Brazil have started to broadcast for cable networks and operators to position 9 degrees East longitude (Eutelsat 9B satellite). It is reported by the Polish edition
TV channel Love Nature HD broadcast with 4 soundtracks - English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese. Zoomoo HD program is available only with one sound track - Portuguese.
Love Nature HD shows viewers the beauty and wonders of nature, and in general - exclusive content around the world. Viewers can watch the animals in their natural habitat, and they can visit the most interesting countries on the TV screen. The station previously broadcast as a stream on the Internet for SMART-TV, computers, tablets, smart phones and other devices. The station is based in Toronto (Canada).
Zoomoo HD - is a Brazilian television channel, which brings variety to the entertainment and education. The station is to develop children's thinking, It promotes a love of animals and environmental education. This is a unique channel for children and families. Broadcast goes in Portuguese.
Technical parameters of broadcasting: Eutelsat 9B satellite (9 gr.Eastern.debt.), frequency 11,881 GHz, polarization vertical, SR 27500, FEC 2/3, DVB-S2 / 8PSK, encoding Viaccess 5.0

Viasat Ukraine News
Changes in the software offer Viasat
Dear subscribers!
C today channel TV XXI (№121 in PGE) expelled from the Viasat package and no longer be available to subscribers of the operator.

Roskosmos State Corporation summed up the results of activity in 2017 year
Roskosmos State Corporation summed up the results of activity in 2017 year, told about key achievements and plans for the opening of the International Space Station (ISS) in the near future.
It has been reported, that were implemented during the year 20 successful launches in the interests of government and commercial customers from Baikonur, Plesetsk and from the Guiana Space Center (Kuru).
Accident rate starts up in 2017 year 4,8 % - this is 0,2 % less than the 2016 year and 2,1 % less than the 2015 year. Perhaps, the main failure of the year can be called a failed start-up from the East, It was lost when satellite "Meteor-M» № 2-1 and 18 small devices.
According to the International Space Station program Roskosmos performed seven starts - four launches manned transport spacecraft "Soyuz MS" and a three-run transport cargo spacecraft "Progress MS". Before 2024 year in orbit will be carried out at least 290 science experiments, from them 90 We have successfully completed, 78 underway and 122 are preparing to send to the ISS.
In 2017 year established the Russian record for simultaneous launch 73 spacecraft delivered to three different orbits: from the Baikonur cosmodrome with "Soyuz-2.1a" using the carrier rocket with the upper stage "Fregat" has been successfully Implemented launch "Canopus-B-IR" satellite and 72 small devices.
The cooperation with the European Space Agency (THAT). In particular, Roskosmos and ESA launched the second phase of the "exomars" joint research project on the Red Planet.
In addition, signed a joint statement on cooperation in the exploration and development of outer space between Roscosmos and NASA. It confirmed the intention of using the ISS as a basis for the continuation of space exploration and interaction in the international lunar program: creating lunar visited Deep Space Gateway Platform (DSG), harmonization of standards, scientific mission to lunar orbit and on the surface of the Moon.
State Corporation "Roskosmos" The Commission has identified a plan of launches of space vehicles (KA) January - March 2018 year.
State Corporation "Roskosmos" The Commission has identified a plan of launches of space vehicles (KA) under the Federal Space Program (FCP), Federal target programs (FTP), international cooperation and commercial projects in January - March 2018 year.
According to the ISS in the first quarter 2018 It planned to implement 2 launch from Baikonur:
11 of February - the transport cargo ship "Progress MS-08»;
15 March - manned transport spacecraft "Soyuz MS-08».
According to the PCF and commercial programs in January-March 2018 It was also planned to be 2 launch: from the Baikonur EAST and from the Guiana Space Center (EGC).
1 February (spaceport EAST) - SC "Canopus-B» №3 and №4, "Soyuz-2.1a";
1 March (EGC) - SC O3b F4, "Soyuz ST-B".
Net profit “Roscosmos” According to the results of 2017 year, According to preliminary estimates, quadrupled, before 13 billion rubles, said the state corporation.
“According to the preliminary forecast, net profit enterprises, within the perimeter of the state corporation “Roscosmos”, in 2017 year, four times the figure 2016 years and will be around 13 billion rubles”, - said in a release.
Presidential aide Andrei Belousov is offline “Space as a business” 12 December 2017 , he expressed the view, that “Roscosmos” I should start making money, and Example “Rosatom” to become the largest global competitive company. According to him, 10 years ago, the former head “Rosatom” Sergey Kirienko turned “huge federal program, which “Rosatom” lived and building blocks”, then I began to search for “other ways to make money”.
Later, the general director of the Russian Space Agency said Igor Komarov, that the corporation is ready to consider such an approach, and already he sees in him the positive side - the simplification of procedures for approving projects, increasing responsibility “Roscosmos”, as well as increasing “flexibility and mobility” in their implementation.

1 January 2018 year ended broadcasting Ukrainian teleshopping channel Shopping TV.
Slovak businessman Sandi Cheshko did not pay the license fee and lost the license for satellite broadcasting in Ukraine. Since the new year instead Shopping TV channel broadcast Natali.
Shopping TV – not only teleshopping channel, changed his mind to develop broadcasting in Ukraine. the regulator issued last fall, and then annulled due to non-payment license Yuvelirochka channel, which is included in the Russian group WEIGHT Media.
Earlier, the country has also worked Channel TV sale UKR Everbringa Swede Per Anders, suspends broadcasting 2014 year. Thus, the market remained two channels teleshopping: BOUTIQUE TV, which is owned by US citizens, Pierre Abou Sleiman and Ronnie Peter Buslimen, as well as to Ukrainian TV Caravan owners Arkhiptseva Yelena and Tatyana Vovk.
Technical parameters of the channel Natali (Shopping TV):
Astra 4A (4,8°E)
TP. B19 (12,073 GHz, Pol. (H), SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S/QPSK)
PID V: 6591 (MPEG-2/SD)
PID A: 6592 (UKR)
PID PCR: 6591
SID: 6590
Provider: –
Kodirovanie: No (FTA)

19,2(E): Melodie TV only in MPEG-4 / SD
2 January of this year, the Austrian music channel simultaneous distribution finished in the old and new settings on the Astra satellite. To receive Melodie TV must perform a new search.
Melodie TV left the original DVB-S multiplex operator ORS and Austrian switched to DVB-S2 platform of the same operator. Broadcast channel is now available only in MPEG-4 / SD. For the reception it is necessary receiver with MPEG-4 and DVB-S2.
melody TV – music station, aimed at hits and folk music. The channel is free (FTA).
Technical parameters – melody TV:
Astra 1N (19,2°E), frequency 11,273 GHz, Pol. (H), SR 22000, FEC 2/3, DVB-S2 / 8PSK, FTA
This substitution also applies to the channel on the satellite Amos 7 (4° W) Ukrkosmos in the package at a frequency 12,348 GHz, Pol. (H), (SR: 30000, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S2 / 8PSK).

GoTV finished broadcast in MPEG-2 with 19,2 ° E
2 January this year with the transponder number 117 Astra 1N (19,2°E) at a frequency of 12,692 GHz, Pol. (H), (SR: 22000, FEC: 5/6, DVB-S/QPSK), Austrian music channel GoTV has been turned off.
It is worth recalling, that with 2 November 2017 the station is available to the transponder number 5 satellite Astra 1KR (19,2°E) at a frequency of 11,273 GHz, Pol. (H), (SR: 22000, FEC: 2/3, DVB-S2 / 8PSK).
New distribution GoTV available transponder DVB-S2 in image compression MPEG-4, therefore needs to receive HD receiver.
Current technical parameters GoTV:
Astra 1KR (19,2°E)
TP. 5 (11,273 GHz, Pol. (H), SR: 22000, FEC: 2/3, DVB-S2 / 8PSK)
ID: gotv neu
PID V: 3160 (MPEG-4/SD)
PID A: 3161 (GER)
PID PCR: 3160
SID: 13316
Provider: GoTV
Kodirovanie: No (FTA)

Russian channels First, Russia 1 NTV and finished broadcasting its new programs for some time zones, which were launched at the end 2017 year.
Perviy Kanal, Russian NTV new time versions -1ch, +1h, +3h relative to the Moscow time served viewers in the New Year's Eve and New Year. They allow viewers to watch New Year's greetings of Russian President Vladimir Putin for five minutes before the end of the year in the local time zone. Typically, the channels listed above are broadcast to viewers in the version in the nearby time zone.
The first channel -1ch, +1h + 3h and NTV + 1h, NTV + 3h are available to subscribers Trikolor TV in position 36 ° E, a first channel in versions -1ch, +1h, +3h, +5h for CALLER platform Telekarta (85°E).

Italian television channel Canale Italia 83 и Channel Italy 84 switched to transponder Sky Italia
Italian television channel Canale Italia 83 и Channel Italy 84 Telespazio left a package on the satellite Eutelsat Hot Bird 13E (13°E). Both stations broadcast in the old format of compression MPEG-2 at a frequency 12,558 GHz, Paul. V (SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S/QPSK).
Recently Canale Italia 83 и Channel Italy 84 can be found on the transponder Sky Italia – frequency 12,245 GHz, Pol. (H) (SR: 29900, FEC: 5/6; DVB-S/QPSK). This is one of the few Italian niche channels, who retained broadcast in the compression format MPEG-2.
The purpose of the transition to the new parameters – use the services of the operator Sky Italia, that supports the vast majority of Italian niche channels on satellite Eutelsat Hot Bird.
At both stations Canale Italia 83 и Channel Italy 84 broadcast numerous programs, talk shows and a lot of music, mostly the 80s and 90s. last century. The rest of the airtime is filled teleshopping.
New technical parameters:
EUTELSAT Hot Bird 13B (13°E)
TP. 77 (12,245 GHz, Pol. (H), SR: 29900, FEC: 5/6; DVB-S/QPSK)
ID: Channel Italy 83
PID V: 2512 (MPEG-2/SD)
PID A: 2513 (ITA)
PID PCR: 2512
SID: 4053
Provider: Sky Italy
Coding: No (FTA)
ID: Channel Italy 84
PID V: 2529 (MPEG-2/SD)
PID A: 2530 (ITA)
PID PCR: 2529
SID: 4056
Provider: Sky Italy
Coding: No (FTA)

On the European Astra satellite system at position 19,2 ° E finished broadcasting another channel, aimed at refugees in Germany.
Following the recent completion DW Distribution (Arabia 2), New Year has been broadcasting station and H2D Handshake 2.
Handshake2Deutschland was a non-profit project media company High View und Apfel TV Kontor. number of programs, including movies, news and TV magazines in German broadcast, English and Arabic.
Handshake2Deutschland channel began broadcasting in September 2016, in the year of the beginning wave of refugees.
Former technical parameters – H2D Handshake 2:
Astra 1KR (19,2°E), frequency 11,421 GHz, Pol. (H), SR 22000, FEC 5/6, DVB-S/QPSK, FTA

There were changes in the broadcasting of erotic “soft” channel Blue Hustler.
The station remained in the platform nc + offer and 1 January 2018 year changed the technical parameters of broadcasting. The receivers nc + change occurred automatically, channel remains in position 200.
New technical parameters:
Eutelsat Hotbird 13 c (13,0°E)
TP. 158 (11,662 GHz, Pol. V, SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S2 / 8PSK)
ID: Blue Hustler
PID V: 1925 (MPEG-4/SD)
PID A: 1926 (Eng)
PID PCR: 1925
SID: 16928
Provider: Telespazio
Kodirovanie: Conax (NC +), Nagra MA (S4 / N3 – NC +)

Russian CTC International started on 31.5E
Another Russian television channel available to viewers in the international version. Russian commercial operator CTC Television launched on Astra 5B satellite program channel in the international version.
CTC International broadcasts a DVB-S2 multiplex at the frequency 12,070 GHz along with other programs, such as REN International, Pepper International, Domašnyj Channel International and NTV-Mir.
CTC International focuses on the audience outside of the Russian Federation. brings viewers, First of all, show their own solutions, reports, documentation, interviews, series and entertainment shows.
Most international versions of Russian programs broadcasted FTA. Thus, they are available to all viewers in the satellite coverage area.
technical specifications – CTC International:
Astra 5B (31,5°E), frequency. 12,070 GHz, Pol. (H), SR 30000, FEC 3/4, DVB-S2 / 8PSK, FTA

RSCC organized a satellite broadcast of the New Year Russian President Vladimir Putin's treatment in all time zones in Russia
RSCC together with JSC "First Channel" and FSUE RTRS was carried out extensive work on preparation and transfer via RSCC satellites to six additional streams of TV "First Channel" in the odd time zones in Russia.
In December 2017 , in order to ensure reliable signal transmission test organized broadcast TV streams from JSC "first channel" through terrestrial and space infrastructure RSCC to the receiving network RTRN.
As a result, citizens of the Russian Federation - residents 15 regions (from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka region) - we were able to, together with all other Russians, in 23 hours 55 local time 31 December 2017 year to see New Year address by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.
To form and deliver additional television transport streams of "first channel" to the receiving network RTRN were used spacecraft "Express AM7", "Express-Am6», "Express-AM33" and "Express-AM5", as well as ground hardware RSCC: TC "Shabolovka" center of formation of multimedia streams and CFB "Bear Lakes".

German public broadcaster ZDF left the satellite Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B (13°E).
In its place came the German teleshopping Juwelo.
Juwelo 13 ° E is a faithful copy of the SD broadcasting 19.2 ° E with tp. 113 (12,633 GHz, Pol. (H), SR: 22000, FEC: 5/6; DVB-S/QPSK), however, uplink of the same operator Media Broadcast Satellite. Save as technical quality, and service presence HbbTV.
Technical parameters:
EUTELSAT Hot Bird 13B (13,0°E)
TP. 127 (11,054 GHz, Pol. (H), SR: 27500, FEC: 5/6; DVB-S/QPSK)
ID: Juwelo TV
PID V: 570 (MPEG-2/SD)
PID A: 571 (GER)
PID PCR: 570
SID: 8011
PID HbbTV: 576
Provider: MB Satellite
Kodirovanie: No
ZDF remains as SD and HD from the position 19,2 ° E – always unencrypted.
Technical parameters ZDF with 19,2 ° E:
Astra 1KR (19,2°E)
TP. 11 (11,362 GHz, Pol. (H), SR: 22000, FEC: 2/3; DVB-S2 / 8PSK)
PID V: 6110 (MPEG-4/HD)
PID A: 6120 (DEU), 6121 (what), 6123 (I have), 6122 (DEU, AC3)
PID PCR: 6110
SID: 11110
PID HbbTV: 6170
PID TXT: 6130
PID SUB: 6131 (DEU)
Provider: ZDFvision
Kodirovanie: No
Astra 1N (19,2°E)
TP. 79 (11,954 GHz, Pol. (H), SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S/QPSK)
PID V: 110 (MPEG-2/SD)
PID A: 120 (DEU), 121 (what), 122 (I have), 125 (DEU, AC3)
PID PCR: 110
SID: 28006
PID HbbTV: 950
PID TXT: 130
PID SUB: 131 (DEU)
Provider: ZDFvision
Kodirovanie: No

Universal Channel has finished broadcasting in Poland
As previously announced, with 1 January 2018 year, as a result of the decision of the broadcaster – NBCUniversal (Comcast Corporation), finished translation is present in Poland with 2007 year on Universal Channel Channel market.
After closure changed broadcasting channel service identification – of TestU (and TestU1 – take, which served to place in the channel list in two places).
Technical parameters channel satellite broadcasting Universal Channel HD:
Eutelsat Hotbird 13 c (13,0°E)
TP. 120 (10,911 GHz, Pol. V, SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S2 / 8PSK)
ID: texts (still: Universal HD)
PID V: 260 (MPEG-4/HD)
PID A: 516 (Pol), 532 (Eng)
PID PCR: 260
SID: 15904
Provider: Cyfrowy Polsat S.a.
Kodirovanie: Nagra MA (N3 – Cyfrowy Polsat)
Universal Channel – film and series channel. Bыla stations available in packages platforms Cyfrowy Polsat, NC + and Orange TV, as well as cable and IPTV networks. The station is in standard definition debuted in Poland 1 December 2007 year. 5 March 2013 year launched Universal Channel HD. SD and HD versions have identical programs.
Recall, that initially the station was broadcasting in the country to end the night with 31 August 1 September 2017 year, but the broadcaster has decided to, that the channel will be present in Poland until the end 2017 year.

Concern Viacom International Media Networks closes launched 1 September 2005 , the countries of former Yugoslavia the local music and entertainment channel MTV Adria.
Broadcasting satellite Total TV platform on Eutelsat 16A position (16°E) said, that with 1 January 2018 year instead of this station will provide the international version of the MTV Europe. Such a replacement is prepared in the other distributor networks in the region.
The local branch of MTV Adria has worked for audiences in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenian, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, providing regional music and entertainment content. Pronounced changes in the software offer took place in July last year,, when all the thematic programs have replaced music videos.
MTV Europe offers the most popular in the international arena projects – series and entertainment programs, such as "Awkward", „Catfish”, MOTHER, VMA и Movie Awards.
Technical parameters: MTV Adria in Total TV:
Eutelsat 16A (16°E)
TP. C02 (11,231 GHz, Pol. V, SR: 42000, FEC: 3/5; DVB-S2 / 8PSK)
Coding: VideoGuard