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Transponder news 08 January 2018

Daily news satellite television

Daily news satellite television


TürkmenÄlem/MonacoSat 52° E
ASR HERAT appeared on 10721 N 27500 5/6 Open

Azerspace 1 / Africasat-1A at 46 ° E
Mooz Dance disabled on 11095 V

Türksat 3A 42° E
AVANTAJ TV replaced Nurs on TV 11096 V 30000; FEC:5/6; Dvb-S/MPEG2; SID:11309; PID:2309/2409; Turkish open
AVANTAJ TV replaced Nurs TV 12559 V 27500; FEC:2/3; Dvb-S/MPEG2; SID:50407; PID:5407/5507; Turkish. Open
AVANTAJ TV replaced Nurs on TV 12079 (H) 6400; FEC:5/6; Dvb-S/MPEG2; SID:11400; PID:2175/2275; Turkish. Open

Eutelsat Hot Bird 13C 13°E
Sky Sport Plus appeared on 12731 (H) 29900 FEC:5/6 DVB-S/MPEG-2 SID:11611 PID:174/430, VideoGuard
Buffa tells ушёл c 12731 H DVB-S SID:11611 PID:174/430
VOISFARSI appeared on 11200 V 27500 5/6 Open


Russian satellites, in orbit, most of them are under the control of air and space forces of Russia.
At this point in space it operates one hundred and fifty Russian satellites. And, 90% of the total number of devices controlled by VCS Russia.
The main test space center named after Titov manages thirteen of seventeen devices, Launched last year,.
Military experts are actively working to optimize the Russian satellite constellation management system. To do this, the developers involved in the creation of modern satellites and software.

The operator of the satellite platform Pantelio turned from his offers hungarian sports channel M4 Sport public broadcaster MTVA.
The proposal of the operator is still available Slovak sports station 213.
Channel 213 still broadcasts in Pantelio platform on one of the DVB-S2 multiplex Belarusian satellite Belintersat 1 (51,5°E). Program 213 It is broadcast in SD resolution and encoded PanAccess system.
FTA SD signal 213 It was previously available on the satellite Thor 6 (0,8° W), HD distribution on satellite Astra 3B (23,5°E) and some time ago and FTA in Ultra HD resolution satellite Belintersat 1 (51,5°E). All of these FTA distribution ended.
Pantelio is currently the only satellite platform, which has in a sentence station 213. Compared with the original distribution of the signal is continuously encoded.
Technical parameters – 213:
Belintersat 1 (51,5°E), frequency 11,350 GHz, Pol. (H), SR 45000, FEC 5/6, DVB-S2 / 8PSK, CA PanAccess

Arrabiaa channels and Assadissa of Moroccan package 13 E went in HD.
Regular channels of Moroccan package Societe Nationale de Radiodiffusion et de Television, available for free on the satellite Eutelsat Hot Bird 13C (13°E), moved to broadcast in high definition (HDTV).
It has previously launched Al Aoula Inter HD, Arryadia Live HD, Tamazight HD and Al Maghribia HD Starter 2018 Year joined Arrabiaa and Assadissa.
Moroccan broadcaster SNRT consistently implementing individual stages of the transition of its own channel to broadcast in HD for viewers in Europe and the Middle East in the satellite coverage Eutelsat Hot Bird 13C (13°E).
The first step was the launch of Al Aoula Inter HD in February 2017 year. Then, in August 2017 , the broadcaster increased its satellite capacity used due to change of broadcasting standard DVB-S with a newer DVB-S2, and therefore able to offer alternate channels in HD: Tamazight и Al Maghribia.
At this point in SD broadcast only the state sports channel Arryadia and private TV station Medi1.
Technical parameters:
Eutelsat Hotbird 13 c (13,0°E)
TP. 118 (10,873 GHz, Pol. V, SR: 27500, FEC: 3/4; DVB-S2 / 8PSK)
ID: Arrabiaa HD
PID V: 46 (MPEG-4/HD)
PID A: 47 (ARA)
SID: 4
Provider: SNRT
Kodirovanie: No (FTA)
ID: Assadissa HD
PID V: 1537 (MPEG-4/HD)
PID A: 1538 (ARA)
PID PCR: 1537
SID: 6
Provider: SNRT
Kodirovanie: No (FTA)

British commercial television Channel 5 closes its channel My5.
The new channel will be called 5PRIME in its place.
It will be a completely new station, which will begin broadcasting 16 January 2018 year. My5 will continue to exist as an online on-demand service (VOD).
5PRIME will broadcast the original series and the best program of proposals Channel 5.
Technical parameters – My5 / 5PRIME:
Astra 2 g (28,2°E), frequency 10,964 GHz, Pol. (H), SR 22000, FEC 5/6, DVB-S / QPSK, FTA, British ray

With 5 January 2018 satellite TV, the Xtra TV launches tariff packages Film Xtra MIX new entertainment channel - Paramount Comedy.
Package cost does not change.
Paramount Comedy - Ukrainian adaptation of the popular international entertainment channel with the iconic content «Comedy Central». Channel incorporates such best foreign sitcoms, comedy series, full-length movies, sketches and animation series, as friends", "The Big Bang Theory", "How I Met your mother", "Modern Family", "South Park", The "new", "2 girl without a penny", "Community", "Last Man Standing".
All content Paramount Comedy offers audiences with professional Ukrainian dubbing. Channel available to viewers satellite Astra 4.9E.
If you do not have the "Cinema" or a family pack "the MIX Xtra", you can connect them now!. After a personal account on the site or by calling our contact center.
We wish you pleasant viewing.
Team Xtra TV

Viasat Ukraine News
(C) 1 on 19 January 2018 Viasat Ukraine, the subscribers to open access to all the premium channels of the more expensive packages.

attention subscribers, working through the Express AM5 satellite
Technical work!
10 January 2018 g. with 21:00 before 24:00 Moscow time (with 4:00 before 7:00 11 January 2018 g. Khabarovsk time), in connection with work on the site, possible interruptions in the provision of communications services to the duration 30 minutes.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

With 1 January 2018 XSPORT, the channel switched to broadcasting from a satellite transponder AMOS-3.
Technical parameters of the satellite:
– Satellite: AMOS-3.
– Orbitalynaya position: 4° W.
– Frequency: 11139,5 MHz.
– Symbol rate: 30000.
– FEC: 3/4.
– Polarization: horizontal.
– Standard: DVB-S QPSK MPEG-4.
– Coding: ONLY.
Daylight AMOS-3 became the next step XSPORT work towards increasing comfort in the reception of satellite signals for our viewers. AMOS-3 is part of the operator Spacecom Satellite Communications Series. As it posted the largest group of channels StarLightMedia, such as STB, ICTV and New Channel.
For the convenience of the audience to XSPORT 15 February inclusive TV broadcasting will be continued on the satellite ASTRA 4A.