Transponder News Satellite TV 15 March 2018

Daily news satellite television

Daily news satellite television

Horizons 2 85.0°E
Channel, ‘Ruble’ I left with 11760H.
TV channel 'Super (0h)’ He appeared on 11760H (Russia beam), DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG-4/Conax/Irdeto 2, SR 28800, FEC 2/3.

Intelsat 20 IS-20 68.5°E
Kings TV turned off at 12562 N 27500.

Express-AM6 53° E
Rybalka i Ohota International is now encoded in Irdeto 2 on 12537 N 7234 FEC:3/4, DVB-S/MPEG-2
Family 1 has started, on 12594 V 27500; 1/2 Open

Azerspace 1 46°E
Tv channel “AZStand” Appeared on 11095 V 30000 3/4. DVB-S2. Open

EUTELSAT-9A / 9B 9 and
Carousel Int back on 11938H

BulgariaSat 1 1.9°E
Kurdsat HD channels, Sahar News HD, Gali Kurdistan, Kirkuk TV and Badinan Sat and radio station XFM Radio, radio Dijla, radio Goran, Radio Janda and yard appeared on radio 12,418 GHz, Paul. (H), SR 30000, FEC 2/3, DVB-S2 / 8PSK, FTA


News of satellite TV

News of satellite TV

Spanish police in collaboration with Europol carried out anti-piracy raid
Boris Skuratovskyy
Spanish National Police (National Police) Europol (Europol) They arrested six people during operations, which, in their opinion, It should cause a serious blow to the illegal network access to streaming television content.
Spanish national police in Operation, Conducted in collaboration with the Coordinating coalition to combat intellectual property offenses (IPC³) with Europol, arrested six people, members of the criminal group, suspected of selling access to the illegal television flows through more than 14 000 locations worldwide. Access to flow through the company sold, which has developed an application, enabling illegal streaming movies, TV series and sports programs.
The investigation was launched after complaints, submitted to the police the industry body for copyright protection Entidad de Gestión de Derechos de los Productores Audiovisuales (EGEDA), multimedia communication group Mediapro and Spanish football league La Liga. In the course of the investigation, police conducted, investigators found a company, registered in the Spanish province of Galicia, which fell under the suspicion of illegal distribution of pay-TV signals.
The company has developed a decoder and an application, necessary for illegal access to pay-TV. Each decoder sold for 120 Euro, a server, providing broadcasts of illegal flows, It was located in France, and ruled from Spain.
Total, searches were held in eight areas in different parts of Spain, and their result was the arrest of six members of an organized criminal group and seizure 4 600 IT devices.
Organization Europol has provided direct support to Spanish police on the day of raids, sent to Spain and expert analyst with mobile office device and to retrieve data. This gave the opportunity for the exchange of information in real-time and cross-checks data, collected during raid, by comparing them with the databases Europol.

MTS will pay 100 th. USD. for unfair advertising of satellite TV
The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) Russia has appointed PSC "MTS" a fine 100 th. USD. for advertising, where satellite TV is compared with essential, reported 13 March on the site office. The maximum size of the fine for this violation can reach 500 th. USD.
A complaint to the FAS advertising satellite TV from MTS approached RTRS and "Saratov Electromechanical Plant REMO". Commercials character tries to configure the signal ether external television antenna, mounted on the roof of a country house, and then her neighbor this antenna from the roof of knocks and offers to move to "satellite".
In February, the antimonopoly authority considered it such a comparison is incorrect, and the advertisement itself unfair. FAS prescribed PAO "MTS" ustranitʹ inappropriate. The case file handed over to the protocol on administrative offense for the imposition of a fine, the amount of which could be from 100 before 500 th. Br. After that RTRS expressed satisfaction with the decision of the authorities.
Recall, in January 2017 , FAS recognized the false advertising of satellite TV from MTS, which it suggested to get the equipment for receiving satellite TV signals for nil.

South Korea has set a goal to become one of the leaders of the aerospace industry and has begun to develop a reusable space launch vehicle.
On Wednesday the head of the Korea Aerospace Institute (KARI) Lim Ho Chol.
“We follow the example of the US company SpaceX, already employing reusable rocket. Currently, KARI has been developing a similar missile”, – said the head of the organization.
Until now, almost all boosters are disposable: complicated and expensive system used in minutes, then ejected.
According to director of KARI, if successful, development will be a landmark event in the history of South Korea, and the country will be able to catch up with these space powers such as Russia and the US.
“It is expected, that research and development work plan will be approved during the year”, – He said.
Lim added, South Korea also leads the development of multifunctional geostationary satellites of the second generation Chollian. One of them, most likely, It will be involved in the field of communications, the second will be used for ocean observation.
Earlier, the South Korean government has announced plans to launch a lunar orbit research satellite Pathfinder. To launch the rocket Falcon-9 SpaceX company will be used.

The satellite industry has a big problem, - Deutsche Bank analysts say
A negative report on the situation in the satellite industry, prepared by stock market analysts from Deutsche Bank, It does not contain any special indulgence towards the sector. In it simply stated directly and clearly: "The first - you have to admit there is a problem".
In the first part of the report the analyst Laurie Davison brings brief the outcome of the "Big Three" operators (HIS, Intelsat и Eutelsat) the last month, summing: "The next selection results, and again - everything is going on down. SES reduces dividend, referring to the reduction in income from the video transmission 2018. ETL indicates results, but only after an agreed reduction in numbers. Intelsat also not up to par. Is it possible in this situation boast their relevance and earnings? far from it. Results for the 4th quarter reinforce our concerns about that, that the sector is shrinking Video, and that after the actual recognition of the company SES, In Western Europe, there is the transfer of form of lower prices ".
Speaking specifically about the SES and Eutelsat, Davison adds, that both operators are on the verge of investment grade and are under the threat of an even greater decrease in dividend payments. Now is not the time to buy or SES, ни Eutelsat.
"One of the conclusions, which follows from the results for the 4th quarter, shows, that business in shirokoluchevogo broadcast via geostationary satellites is at risk even greater erosion, coming from the LEO- and MEO-satellites, and managed solutions with binding working in the Ku-band high-bandwidth satellites. Eutelsat company is more tied to the sector and the main traffic flows, very little attention was paid to the topic of managed solutions and does not invest in MEO and LEO. Its only active sphere - is the consumer broadband satellite Internet, the project Ka-Sat, However,, consumer interest in it has decreased. According to the results of our investment organized meetings with the new management of SES, as well as meetings with the leadership of Eutelsat, held in the past two weeks, we still believe, that SES strategy in the area of ​​MEO and managed solutions is more reliable to ensure long-term growth ".

Kurdish channels started FTA on 1.9 (E)
On the new Bulgarian Telecommunication satellites BulgariaSat 1 (1,9°E) It was put into operation one more transponder. The new DVB-S2 capacity use television and radio channels in Kurdish.
The new DVB-S2 platform IQ Teleport operates at a frequency 12,418 GHz and includes Kurdsat HD, Sahar News HD, Gali Kurdistan, Kirkuk TV и Badinan Sat. There is also a radio station – XFM radio, radio Dijla, radio Goran, Radio Janda and yard Radio. All programs – FTA .
The transponder operates in the European beam, that means, that trouble-free reception of the packet is also available in the Central European region, with a diameter of about a parabola 60 see.
technical specifications:
BulgariaSat 1 (1.9°E), frequency 12,418 GHz, Paul. (H), SR 30000, FEC 2/3, DVB-S2 / 8PSK, FTA

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