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Transponder news for 25.03.2016

News of satellite TV

ABS 2, 75.0°E
Package with technical and channel ‘ radio Mir’ has 11505V.
Package with technical and channel ‘ radio Mir’ appeared on 11508V (Russia beam), Open, SR 3100, FEC 7/8.
CTC love is now encrypted on 11853 (v) 45000 Irdeto

KazSat-3 58.5° E
Caspian HD: Amedia HIT HD appeared on 10845 V 30000 3/4 DVB-S2 / 8PSK ,MPEG-4, Irdeto2

Yamal 402, 54.9°E
Ohota i Rybalka International appeared on 12522 V 27500 3/4 DVB-S2/8PSK, MPEG-4, Irdeto

Turksat 4A. 42(E)
Tv channel “Turkmeneli TV HD” Appeared on 12442 (H) 3333 3/4. DVB-S2. Open

Astra 3B. 23.5(E)
Tv channel “Union Village HD” Appeared on 12168 V 27500 3/4. MPEG-4. Open

Eutelsat 7B, 7°E
IranAsMovie info card, IranAsMusic info card, IranCinema info card, IranTV1 info card has started on 11262 (H) 27500 5/6, DVB-S/MPEG-2, Open.

Amos 3, 4.0° W
New FEC for ‘ package Viasat Ukraine’ on 11258 h (European H beam), DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG-4/Videoguard, SR 30000, FEC 2/3.

Tricolor tv hooked 7-millionth HD Subscriber
Russia's largest digital tv operator tricolor tv» declared connection of the 7 millionth subscriber. Thus, proportion of households, connected to a high definition television, exceeded 59 % of the total subscriber base and reached half of all HD subscribers in Russia.
With 1 January 2016 year of the operator's subscriber base grew by 400 thousands of HD subscribers: c 6,6 million to 7 million. The company plans to convert all of their subscription on HDTV already to 2017 year.
Today 100% new connections to the Tricolor tv is HD subscribers. A significant proportion of the increase amounted to base the action participants to Exchange outdated equipment models (MPEG-2) the HDTV receivers (MPEG-4), carried out by the operator together with strategic partners.
The main advantage of the transition to the new format of broadcasting is more diverse and quality content. Instead of 52 SD TV channels to subscribers of basic service — package "One" becomes available 231 the body of the- and radio channel, including 30 channels — in HD *. For example, at the end of January "tricolor Tv» main service strengthened unified new sports channels in HD format: "Match! The game "and" Game! Arena».
Director of content "Tricolor TV" Mikhail Goryachev: "The transition to MPEG-4 and HD is the expected stage of evolutionary development of pay-TV market. Number of channels, broadcasting in MPEG-2, noticeable decreasing. This format essentially obsolete. The world is already several hundred HD tv channels. We do all, to each our subscriber had the opportunity to appreciate the new level of tv viewing, provided for in Russian legislation. Minkomsvyazi order approving the requirements for sound quality and (or) images of mandatory public tv channels and (or) radio channels» from 1 September 2015 year obliges operators to provide broadcast signals first and second multiplex cinemas in digital format is not worse than MPEG-4».
"Tricolor TV" is today the leader in number of HD subscribers in Russia and Europe (on 2 -Sky UK- 5,8 million subscribers *). Operator takes 3 place for this indicator (DIRECTV- 15, 9 million, Dish TV 10,3 million *). For 9 years, with 2007 on 2016 year, Russia on the number of subscribers rose to HDTV 10 stitches, moving from 17th to 7 place. Ahead only China, United States, India, Japan, South Korea, France.
Traditionally the leaders in connections for HD-services "Tricolor TV" remain Krasnodar Krai (9,62 % of the total HD-base) and Moscow region (8,4 %). The top 10 regions by the number of HD subscribers ' tricolor Tv» also includes: Rostovskaya oblast ' (4,52 %), Stavropol Krai (3,67 %), Moscow (3,24 %), Sverdlovskaya oblast ' (2,38%), Republic Dagestan (2,32 %), Samarskaya oblast ' (2,26 %), Voronezhskaya oblast ' (2,16 %), Saratovskaya oblast ' (2,07 %), The Republic Of Tatarstan (1,86 %), Tyumenskaya oblast ' (1,83 %).
* Available on the European part of Russia when used with HDTV receiving equipment. Subscribers, living in the area broadcasting KA "express-receptor antagonist" (project «tricolor Tv Sibir), available 32 HD-Tv Channel.
** According to the IHS Global 4 kV. 2015 g.
Press release «tricolor Tv»

Soon start 4 Entertainment channels for Iran
On the satellite Eutelsat 7B (7°E) starts on multiple entertainment channels FTA for Iranians.
The transponder C3, frequency 11,262 GHz, Pol. (H) (SR: 27500, FEC: 5/6; DVB-S/QPSK) information card test appeared new stations: IranAsMovie, IranAsMusic, IranCinema and IranTV1 (PlusFamily1). Planned channels for its audience will deliver mostly entertainment content – movies, serials and music. The contents of the content will come from domestic and American manufacturers. The deadline for the launch of the four stations is not known, but it must happen soon. IranAsMovie, IranAsMusic, IranCinema and IranTV1 (PlusFamily1) broadcast transponder in Luce Europe B, Which one, Unfortunately, bypasses Poland. Reception very difficult, but on the antennae of a diameter 80-110 see absolutely impossible.
Technical parameters:

Eutelsat 7B (7°E)
TP. C3 (11,262 GHz, Pol. (H), SR: 27500, FEC: 5/6; DVB-S/QPSK) - Ray Europe (B) Provider: BHS IranAsMovie (xxxx/-/xxxx/100; MPEG-4/SD; FTA)
IranAsMusic (1022/-/1022/101; MPEG-4/SD; FTA)
IranCinema (1032/-/1032/102; MPEG-4/SD; FTA)
IranTV1 (1042/-/1042/103; MPEG-4/SD; FTA)


Orange will replace all cards Viaccess
According to unofficial information, French Orange starts the process of replacing the access cards for its satellite TV platform (d) ’ Orange.
390 th. TV subscribers d ’ Orange, including 50 thousands of antennas, installed on the Eutelsat Hot Bird satellites (13°E) and Eutelsat 5 West (A) (5° W), in the coming days will receive new cards Viaccess (V6), to replace the still existing maps (V4). Recall, that satellite platform of the French operator Orange is currently available in three orbital positions – 13°E, 5° W and 19.2° E. In the future wants to abandon a parallel distribution on Eutelsat satellites and only stay at 19.2° E. Offer TV d ’ Orange encoded in Viaccess system. Another interesting fact is that, that no later than summer 2016 year of Orange in France introduces a new model to its range the device Livebox UHD enabled 4 k and HDR. Wojciech Jabczynski, Orange Polska spokesman confirmed, that, Although these devices are not made the offer in Poland, but the operator will introduce new models of FunBox satellite decoders.

Unire Sat HD available on 23,5 (E)
From a position of Skylink satellite platform, you can watch free channel in high definition (HDTV).
The capacity of satellite operator SES (Astra) the Italian appeared Unire station Sat HD. Channel Unire Sat HD appeared on the program position Teleippica 2. The station broadcasts horse race entries and other content ,which associates. Until recently, the UnireSat Channel HD broadcast only on weekends on satellite Eutelsat Hot Bird at 13° E position. Currently, the station at the specified position has its own channel, who works all week. It is not yet clear, whether parallel distribution program at 13° E and 23.5° E permanent or only temporary.
Technical parameters – Union Village HD (Teleippica position 2):

Astra 3B (23,5°E), frequency 12,168 GHz, Pol. V, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, DVB-S/QPSK, FTA


Freesat: Nat Geo Wild HD with its own capacity
Documentary channel, Nat Geo Wild HD will be available to subscribers of satellite platform freeSAT directly from tank company UPC DTH.
The operator of this satellite network yesterday launched its own distribution Nat Geo Wild HD. Now Nat geo Wild HD instead of Telenor Satellite Broadcastin (TSBc) will provide directly UPC DTH. Satellite viewers, watching the program listings on its own freeSAT receivers, must in the coming days to tune in to the following settings. On recommended hardware, there is no need to perform a new search – broadcaster automatically loads the current program.
Technical parameters – Nat Geo Wild HD:

satellite: Thor 6 (0,8° W)
frequency: 12,034 GHz polarization: vertical SR: 30000
FEC: 3/4
standard: DVB-S2 modulation: 8PSK Nat Geo Wild HD service ID: 30501
video PID: 101 (MPEG-4/HD)
Audio PID: 110 Hungarian, 111 Czech, 112 English


UPC DTH gradually launched its own distribution stations Discovery HD Showcase, Animal Planet HD, Travel Channel HD, History HD and now, Nat Geo Wild HD. All of these stations are two DVB-S2 satellite multiplex theatres Thor 6. UPC DTH in the Czech Republic and Slovakia provides satellite television under the brand name freeSAT, Hungary UPC Direct and in Romania under the brand Focus Sat.

FEDERAL STATE UNITARY ENTERPRISE “Space communications” (RSCC) and JSC “KB “Spark” announced the launch of the hub at the center of space communications in Dubna.
This means, now that the entire infrastructure ready for the launch of the West segment of the broadband satellite system (SSVD) Internet in Ka-band satellite “Express-Am6” (53° e) in the European part of Russia, Siberia and the Urals. RSCC has already begun testing the switching station, as of may planned commercial launch of the Western segment SSVD.
“Start a new hub – This is a great opportunity for the development of modern services and state electronic services in remote areas of our country”, – Managing Director of KB “Spark” Andrey Romulov at a press conference in Krasnoyarsk.
As Deputy General Director for innovative development RSCC Eugene Buidinov, Ka-band network now covers territory from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka. “RSCC is doing everything possible to reduce the cost of services for telecom operators, – He said. – In turn, operators try to find optimal solutions for subscribers: so KB “Spark” uses technology collective connection, to reduce the price of satellite Internet for consumers”.
All of April will continue testing the Central switching station (khaba) the Western segment SSVD. “Commissioning and first connection of commercial clients for Ka- the range of the satellite “Express-Am6″ planned in may”, – representative of the RSCC. According to him, the company expects an even greater demand for BROADBAND satellite services on satellite “Express-Am6”: This is due to the higher density of population in the European part of Russia and in the Urals.
Recall, construction of the hub for RSCC accommodated KB “Spark”. The Bureau in July 2015 g. WINS design competition “Space communications”, announced within the framework of the federal target program “The development of broadcasting in the Russian Federation 2009 – 2018 Gg.”. KB “Spark” implemented work for 290 million rubles.
SSVD comprises two launch complex – Western and Eastern. The Eastern segment is based in CFB “Khabarovsk” and works by using satellite resource “Express-Am5” (140° e). RSCC introduced Eastern segment of the SVD in operation in March 2015 g.
Services satellite Internet Ka-band satellite “Express-Am5” provide CJSC “Ka-Internet” (included in GC AltegroSky) and KB “Spark” (brand “Strizh”). In addition, in October last year distribution agreement with RSCC signed a third operator-LLC “Isatel” (subsidiary of an international organization of space communications (MOX) “Intersputnik”. Today the representative “Isatel” did not respond to a request.
“Strizh” started to provide satellite Internet services in Ka-band using the resource “Express-Am5” in August 2015 g. in 17 regions of Siberia and the far East. For 7 months after the launch of the project to the operator connected 10 286 Subscribers. The most active residents of the Krasnoyarsk region; in the second place, the Irkutsk region, the third-khabarovskiy Kray.
And “Strizh” intends to increase the area of the presence. “During the visit to Krasnoyarsk RSCC scheduled discussions on the modalities of cooperation in the Ka-band on “Express-Am6”, – representative KB “Spark”.
According to the representative of the press service of the RSCC, the company has already reached agreements on the provision of satellite Internet services in Ka-band “Express-Am6” with the two companies – “Ka-Internet” and KB “Spark”. “We also continue to negotiate with other market participants. As a result, the number of distributors may increase”, – He stressed.
CEO satellite provider “Rainbow-Internet” Denis Dianov told, that “Rainbow-Internet” plans to soon begin testing the service on “Express-Am6” together with our partner – company “Isatel”.
Transponders Ka-band are designed for mass high-speed Internet access on the territory of Russia, reportažnogo television and other tasks. SSVD project aims at eliminating the digital divide territories. “Residents of cottage townships and isolated villages (without communications infrastructure) in 60 regions of Russia will get access to broadband satellite Internet, comparable in price and quality with the wired Internet”, – the press-service of the KB “Spark”.

Changing the composition of the services of NTV-Plus
With regard to the harmonization of packaging channels NTV-Plus 1 April 2016 year package of "lajt" West is renamed the "Base West», a package of "lajt" and – in "Light plus.
The terms of subscription to these packages for subscribers, residing on the territory of Russia in the area of broadcasting satellite Eutelsat/36B 36 c, do not change.
In addition, with 1 April 2016 year stop broadcasting and excluded from the main package "Base West" and other archival packages channels "Luxury" and GALAXY, and with 20 April 2016 the year channels TOPSHOP TV "and" Mir Belogorya ".
We apologize for the inconvenience.