Project KodiwE2 – Cody, working with enigma2

Project KodiwE2 - Cody, working with e2

Project KodiwE2 – Cody, working with e2

Before you begin to study instructions:

  • Sdenano to mnigma 0.2 (should work on newer versions, but not tested), do not install other E2
  • Made for Cody v. 16 but should work with KODI v. 15
  • The installation package has neither any KODI in relieving herself. Cody you want to set up this.
  • The original Cody osaëtsâ untouched, and you can use it in a familiar way.
  • Will be a separate menu item kodiwe2
  • Vuplus plugin for watching tv channels from mnigma in zapuŝenom Cody, embedded in this package, for Cody v. 16 not sure that will work with KODI v. 15

Advantages (+) and disadvantages (-)
+ Faster startup and exit
+ E2 is still running in the background, so if you have turned on the timer, you don't miss!
– HDMI-CEC does not work in Cody (still works in E2)
+/- Have a higher CPU utilization / memory

After installation, restart the E2, and you'll see a new menu item kodiwe2 !
As always, no guarantees, What's your WeTeK Play not explode.

If you find any errors, or have any ideas, Let me know.