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Oscam r11230 PowerVu emu для Mnigma arm cortexa9hf-vfp-neon

Oscam r11230 PowerVu emu для Mnigma arm cortexa9hf-vfp-neon

It is important to: disable stream relay


PowerVU config:

!!! W A R N I N G !!! - with JoeUser's new version, the SoftCam.Key file format has changed.

Now, each key is prefixed with a group ID:
Group ID (4 hex digits) + SID (4 hex digits)

Keys in SoftCam.Key:

(P) <groupid><srvid> <nb> <key>
Where: groupid = any 4 hex digits signifying unique group for all channels using the same keys.
(Leading zeros not necessarry, but makes viewing the file easier...)
srvid = SID (Service ID) of channel in hex with leading zeros to make 4 hex digits.
nb = key number (00/01)
key = ecm key  example groupid=0x1, sid=0x1234, keys 00 and 01:
(P) 00011234 00 11223344556677
(P) 011234 01 22334455667788

example groupid=0x2, sid=0x34, keys 00 and 01:
(P) 00020034 00 00112233445566
(P) 0020034 01 00223344556677

For channels with the same srvid the correct key will be detected automatically, but each key needs a unique groupid.

P 009E0234 01 11223344556677
(P) 00040234 01 22334455667788
P 013E0234 01 33445566778899

WARNING - duplicate <groupid><srvid> are not allowed anymore - only the last instance will be used!

AU keys:
(P) <groupid> <UA> <key>
P 009E 11223344 11223344556677
P 009E 44332211 22334455667788
(P) 0004 22334455 33445566778899
P 013E 00112233 00112233445566

Multiple UA keys are allowed for each group and each UA will update ALL ecm keys in the group.

NOTE: in order to work, the ecm keys must be "seeded" in the file for each SID you want to update since the UA has no information about sids.
So to add a key that is unknown, enter a dummy key to get updated, for example:

(P) 00010004 00 00000000000000000
(P) 00010004 01 00000000000000000

Also note: Duplicate powervu keys are no longer allowed (unnecessary since duplicate SIDs should now have a unique group ID.)
So, if there are any duplicates, only the last key in the file will be used.
This also means that as new keys are found and appended to the file, they will automatically replace earlier keys.

On compatible Dreambox STBs:

1) Disable the Stream Relay:
Weber -> Config -> Stream Relay -> Mode
0 - disabled (default)
1 - enabled  or in oscam.conf:

stream_relay_enabled = 0

On other devices the Stream Relay must be used.

2) Select the correct DVB-Api extended CW API:
Weber -> Config -> DVB-Fire -> API for extended CWs
0 - disabled (default)
1 - OE 2.2
2 - OE 2.0

or in oscam.conf:

extended_cw_api = 1 or 2

3) New Parameter: Process EMM from stream Webif -> Config -> Stream Relay -> Process EMM from stream
0 - disabled (default)
1 - enabled  or in oscam.conf:

stream_emm_enabled = 0 or 1