Replace the OSCam to OSCam Mega (r11242 emu svn r728) Enigma 2 for example Mnigma for WeTeK Play 06.06.2016

Mega OSCam (svn r11242 emu r728) Enigma 2

Mega oscam (r11242 emu svn r728) Enigma 2

Firmware Mnigma available at address. At the moment there are two main options Mnigma Enigma2 firmware for the HD receiver WeTeKPlay. Mnigma to install, on the external SD card (further sdcard) and the internal memory (further NAND). I use option SD card. In the internal memory installed Android WeTeK OS 1.1.7. Which allows when loading media select NAND or sdcard, that is, switches between the OS and Mnigma. Recently, it became possible for E2 Mnigma to run Kodi with the ability to view digital satellite television using your streamer server Tvheadend, but after a while the project changed the concept a little bit and stopped using the Tvheadend server and began to use the server itself Enigma2, client view of digital TV for Kodi was the VuPlus PVR . Allowing to use the timer and other functions Enigma2 Mnigma without restrictions while using Kodi. Such a 2-row, multimedia processor with an Elevator and Android on Board.

OSCam for Android

That is a miracle of foreign technology, I propose to finish to open pay satellite channels. Add the ability to fully view channels encoded Powervu with sound and remaining мпег2 channels package 3колор. This will be replacing regular, or regular installed OSCam on modified MEGA OSCam version svn r728 r11242 emu.

Oscam Emu

(M)EGA Oscam This emulator Oscam 1.20 EMU r728 for PowerVu emulation, DRE c ICG algorithm, BiSS and other character sets to view digital satellite TV channels kadirana, as for the legal use of access cards and screwing good old Aunt Shura.

This version of the emulator Mega oscam compiled under CPU Cortex a9 Armv7 for use on digital HD receivers WeTek Play with IOS Enigma 2 Mnigma.

To the point, firmware Mnigma, when initially setting up the system select and install the emulator OSCam (without emu). To replace the OSCam emulator on a more powerful Mega oscam should I replace the binary (executable file bin) which is available free of charge download link :