Скачать Kodi Entertainment Center 17.0 Alpha 3 “Krypton” для Android

Android Kodi v17 “Krypton” Alpha 3

Android Kodi v17 “Krypton” Alpha 3

Code 17.0 “Krypton” Alpha 3 Entertainment Center – a real container for all your multimedia data: weather, music, video, HD video, photos, movies, RSS… You will have no more problems with codecs, and you can even read ISO images with the extension up to 1080p. A big plus is the graphical interface: beautiful and absolutely professional, he does not need to envy the competition from the official operating systems… faster on the contrary! The speed of execution of programs, depending on the complexity of the graphics, really lovely.

Code 17.0 “Krypton” Alpha 3 supports formats MPEG-1/2/4, DivX, XviD, MP3, AAC, JPG, GIF and other, and also plays discs CD/DVD (the latter can be read in the form of captured files from the hard drive).

Code 17.0 “Krypton” Alpha 3 works with streaming media content, broadcasts on the local network or the Internet. It is possible to view video directly from the server, without downloading.

VDR plugin for Kodi 17.0 “Krypton” Alpha 3 to obtain a list of available channels, to watch live TV, to control the timers on the entry, get EPG for selected channel.

Loses all that is possible in full screen mode, has a built-in two-pane file Manager, view photo! KODI can be extended to retrieve from the Internet and various other information – weather forecasts, imaging systems, etc.

Among the scripts/extensions are simple plugins for services, and quite complex applications, for example the mail client, a variety of games.

CODE 17.0 “Krypton” Alpha 3 a huge number of alterations in various fields, such as video playback, TV & PVR, library, skins(cover) and more. In these areas produced severe changes, now coming to the end and ready for the masses. This means, it will be the last alpha, and we will soon put beta version.

Skin features
As you have noticed we included two new default skins. Estuary for regular use and Estouchy for touchscreen devices. At the same time we made sure some limitations we had to deal with in the past are now solved or at least improved. One of those was that the context menu (right click) didn’t work on any media items that were displayed on the home screen. Well now you can call up the menu like in library view.
Add-ons can now include screenshots which will be visible within Kodi itself to give you an idea how they will look.
More more changes were done in different areas however we’ll let discover those yourself.
Music library
This section received a lot of love during the past year to get it up to speed again and it’s certainly catching up to the video section. Some of the improvements include better tag scanning, browsing speed ups and a lot more tag fields to be used and shown. You music enthousiast will certainly be happy with these changes so we encourage you to try it out and leave you feedback on our Kodi forum.
Live TV and PVR (Personal Video Recorder)
To make it easy i just copied the list from one of our developers on the changes that happened in this section.
• Extend Kodi eventlog with PVR events, namely ‘create/delete timers and timer rules’ and ‘start/stop recordings’.
• Guide window: Allow timer creation for EPG in recent past.
• Timer window: Add option to hide disabled timers.
• Separate windows for “Timer Rules” and “Timers”.
• Guide & Search window: Add ‘Edit timer’/'Edit timer rule’ to context menu.
• Timer rules window: Echo up important Status info to Timer Rules.
• Guide window: Use timer logos depending on its state (needs skin support).
• Added enhancement and improvements to the PVR add-on API (connection state change handling, asynchronous EPG updates, and more – needs support from the different PVR add-ons!).
• Channels window: Add support for sorting channels by ‘last played’.
• Recordings window: Separate TV and Radio recordings.
• Guide window: performance improvements, especially on first open.
• Guide & Search window: Add ‘Delete timer rule’ to context menu.
• Add “ShowTimerRule” builtin, so one for instance can map a key to open the “add timer” dialog which is pre-filled to create a epg-based timer rule.
• Rework PVRManager: add-ons are now owned by add-on system.
• Make instant recording behavior configurable (fixed-time vs. current show vs. interactive).
• Timers: Allow to change timer type for existing timers. Makes it possible to for example ‘transform’ a timer for one episode of a show to a series recording (timer rule) for that show.
• Recordings window: make ‘group items’ setting persistent.
• JSON-RPC api: Sync pvr types fields with current implementation.
• Lots of bug fixes in all areas.
Game controller add-on
In the past it has always been a pain to configure game controllers within Kodi. There were some XML files people could download and copy to a certain location. This has now been solved by making them add-ons (like almost everything else) which you can install with a click of a button. This rework of the controllers was needed for retro gaming feature which may land somewhere in the future. No sadly that doesn’t mean retro gaming will be available in v17 but we keep our hopes up for the future. Adventurous users can grab a build from our forum though here.
3dlut and simple ICC linking support for color correction
Developer laurimyllari added a ColorManager class that supports loading madVR 3DLUT files, and loading ICC display profiles, creating source profiles and linking them. Users can use this to correct their display response with a 3DLUT file, or emulate other displays (with whitepoint, primaries and gamma selectable at runtime) with an ICC profile of their own display. The ICC profile linking is still work in progress, but is functional and shows what can be done with it.
Other improvements
Well as always we did the usual round of bugfixes and stability improvements that happen during the entire cycle so let’s not bore you with those. Though here are some mention worthy improvements form that list.
• Added “Copy to Kodi” functionality on iOS which adds the option to the iOS share sheet of apps to “Open In” Kodi
• Bump a variety of external libraries which Kodi uses to function which includes ffmpeg 3.1
• On Windows all the external libraries were rebuild with Visual Studio 2015 and received some DLL loading cleanup which hopefully solve some startup problems on some installations
• Video playback got further improvements in the wake of the big change from DVDplayer to VideoPlayer


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