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Download plug-in emulator OScam 11272 arm under LibreELEC and WeTeK OpenELEC

Скачать плагин эмулятор OScam 11272 arm WeTeK под LibreELEC и OpenELEC

Download plug-in emulator OScam 11272 arm under LibreELEC and WeTeK OpenELEC

Plugin emulator OScam 11272 EMU 732 receiver for WeTeK Play -modification oscam-1.20-unstable_svn-r11272 arm-linux-gnueabihf-libusb. In continuing the theme of inexpensive satellite television packages this time of crisis. Today the package to the emulator Oscam 11272 collected under LibreELEC OS and OpenELEC for satellite receiver WeTeK Play.

This version of the plugin Mega oscam compiled under CPU Cortex a9 Armv7 for HD receiver WeTek Play and running the latest firmware OpenELEC and LibreELEC complete with servers, digital satellite television HTS Tvheadend or VDR PVR.

Version:        oscam-1.20-unstable_svn-r11272 
Compiler:       arm-linux-gnueabihf-libusb 
Box type:       generic (generic)
TempDir:        /tmp/.oscam ConfigDir:      /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.mega-oscam/config/ 
WebifPort:      8888
Web interface support:                   yes LiveLog support:                         yes jQuery support intern:                   yes Touch interface support:                 yes SSL support:                             no DVB API support:                         yes DVB API with AZBOX support:              no DVB API with MCA support:                no DVB API with COOLAPI support:            no DVB API with COOLAPI2 support:           no DVB API with STAPI support:              no DVB API with STAPI5 support:             no DVB API read-sdt charsets:               yes Irdeto guessing:                         yes Anti-cascading support:                  no Debug mode:                              yes Monitor:                                 yes Loadbalancing support:                   yes Cache exchange support:                  yes CW Cycle Check support:                  yes LCD support:                             no LED support:                             no Emulator support:                        yes Clockfix with realtime clock:            yes IPv6 support:                            no  camd 3.3x:                               no camd 3.5 UDP:                            yes camd 3.5 TCP:                            yes newcamd:                                 yes CCcam:                                   yes CCcam share:                             yes gbox:                                    yes radegast:                                no scam:                                    yes serial:                                  yes constant CW:                             yes Pandora:                                 no ghttp:                                   no  Reader support:                          yes  Nagra:                                   yes Irdeto:                                  yes Conax:                                   yes Cryptoworks:                             yes Seca:                                    yes Viaccess:                                yes NDS Videoguard:                          yes DRE Crypt:                               yes TONGFANG:                                yes Bulcrypt:                                yes Griffin:                                 yes DGCrypt:                                 yes  cardreader_phoenix:                      Yes cardreader_drecas:                       no 
cardreader_internal_azbox:               no cardreader_internal_coolapi:             No cardreader_internal_coolapi2:            no cardreader_internal_sci:                 Yes cardreader_sc8in1:                       Yes cardreader_mp35:                         Yes cardreader_smargo:                       yes cardreader_pcsc:                         no cardreader_smartreader:                  yes cardreader_db2com:                       no cardreader_stapi:                        no cardreader_stapi5:                       no cardreader_stinger:                      Yes

Плагин Mega OSCam для OpenELEC и LibreELEC

Mega OSCam plugin for OpenELEC and LibreELEC

Dear users! Триколор36 moved to a new 4ae0 Ident and available only sharovatov. On the tuners with closed soft enough to change the port. For other tuners to update the parameters of the priority sheets and rules. References to config on replace with 4ae1 4ae0.

The list of available channels with 36 Board:
Brazzers TV, A-la-la, Nano TV, RuTV, Shopping Live, SHOP24, Top Shop, TV sale, Beaver, The House Of Cinema, Home, Star, Zoo TV, Temptation, Carousel, Film screening, MATCH!, The world, Muz TV, NTV, Night club, PRP, Hunter and Fisher, First, The fifth channel, FRIDAY, Ren TV, Russia 1, Russia 24, Russia, Russian night, STS, Union, TV3, TVC, TNT, TTS, TV trip, Ûveliročka.

Frequency : 12190 L SR 22500 FEC 3/4; 11881 (L), 12226 (L), 12303 L SR 27500 FEC 3/4.

Check with Your Saratov!

Mega OSCam plugin for OpenELEC and LibreELEC