Download skin HD Glass 16 see. 11.06 for Enigma 2

Good day, friends! Updated beautiful skin under Enigma2 HD Glass 16 before see. 11.06 , was delivered with no problems! I really like the skin HD Glass 16. Works fine. I use it with the very first version, regularly updated and refined. Has its own settings panel skin. The skin provides download pikanov.

Скачать скин HD Glass 16

Download skin HD Glass 16

                                    see. 11.06

- fix date in some extrascreens and base infobar
- added to translation text from help pictures
- help: updated en, sk, cz translations
- added in "INFOBAR": TP type(color), TP info(color), Video resolution(color)
- updated pl, sk, cz, in, ru, from, it, uk, pt, tr, is, fa, al, ro, hu, nl, and, lt
- added screens def.: autotimer plugin
- display info about new version as "Changelog"
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