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Replace OSCam on OSCam_Emu svn r11276 emu r732 Enigma 2 for WeTeK Play



Satellite Media boxing WeTeK Play Miracle foreign technology which I propose to finish in terms of the opening of paid satellite TV. This will be replacing regular, or nominally established a new OSCam OSCam version svn r11276 emu r732.

OSCam WeTeK Play

This version of the emulator OSCam_Emu 1.20 SVN 11276 emu r732 compiled under CPU Cortex a9 Armv7 for use on digital HD receivers WeTek Play with IOS Enigma 2: Mnigma, OpenPli, PBNigma etc..

«Антикризисное предложение по бесплатному просмотру практически всех спутниковых телевизионных пакетов»

To the point, firmware Mnigma, when initially setting up the system select and install the emulator OSCam (without emu). To replace OSCam emulator to a new OSCam_Emu 1.20 SVN 11276 emu r732 should I replace the binary (executable file bin) which is available free of charge download link :

oscam_emu-1.20-svn11276_732-arm-linux-gnueabihf.7z 539 KB