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Replace the OSCam to OSCam 11310 EMU 733 dre arm Enigma2 для WeTeK Play

Замена OSCam на OSCam 11310 emu 733 dre arm Enigma2 для WeTeK Play

Replace the OSCam to OSCam 11310 EMU 733 dre arm Enigma2 для WeTeK Play

Satellite Media Box WeTeK Play Miracle foreign technology which I propose to finish in terms of the opening of paid satellite TV. This will be replacing regular, or nominally established a new OSCam OSCam version svn r11310 emu r733.

OSCam WeTeK Play oscam-emu-r11279_732-arm-linux-gnueabihf-ssl-libusb

	- I fix them double release memory
	- He returned to the log information on the current index and key klase for DRE2
	- returned filtering Sid sid =

Changeset 11293
fix for local card change (card detected/ ejected) not reported to peers
Change two defaults to more reasonable values 

Changeset 11292
-Correct cooldown parameter in webif

Changeset 11291
-Improve the Webif configuration screen.
-Add httpreadonly as a parameter in the webif
-Make all config parameters for the webif clickable to point to the Wiki
-Small reorganization of the parameters that display additional infos in the Status screen to place then in the same order as they are displayed when we enable them.

- add feature
- block ecm from specific peer(s)
- ignore specific peer(s) entirely
- fix Warning ref. cs_readlock timeout
- code clean up and cosmetics

- add optional parameter to oscam.conf [gbox]:
- block_ecm = peer_id[,peer_id...]
- ignore_peer = peer_id[,peer_id...]

This version of the emulator OSCam_Emu 1.20 SVN 11310 emu r733 compiled under CPU Cortex a9 Armv7 for use on digital HD receivers WeTek Play with IOS Enigma 2: Mnigma, OpenPli etc..

«Антикризисное предложение по бесплатному просмотру практически всех спутниковых телевизионных пакетов»


Unix starttime: 1483505558
Starttime:      04.01.2017 06:52:38
Version:        oscam-1.20-megavolt85_-r11310
Compiler:       arm-linux-gnueabihf Box type:       wetek (generic)
PID:            3558
TempDir:        /tmp/.oscam ConfigDir:      /etc/tuxbox/config/oscam/ 
WebifPort:      8888
GBox tmp_dir:   not defined using: /tmp/.oscam
value read during start up, not refreshed if changed later in webif!
Web interface support:                   yes LiveLog support:                         yes jQuery support intern:                   yes Touch interface support:                 yes SSL support:                             no DVB API support:                         yes DVB API with AZBOX support:              no DVB API with MCA support:                no DVB API with COOLAPI support:            no DVB API with COOLAPI2 support:           no DVB API with STAPI support:              no DVB API with STAPI5 support:             no DVB API read-sdt charsets:               yes Irdeto guessing:                         yes Anti-cascading support:                  yes Debug mode:                              yes Monitor:                                 yes Loadbalancing support:                   yes Cache exchange support:                  yes CW Cycle Check support:                  yes LCD support:                             no LED support:                             no Emulator support:                        yes Clockfix with realtime clock:            yes IPv6 support:                            no  camd 3.3x:                               no camd 3.5 UDP:                            yes camd 3.5 TCP:                            yes newcamd:                                 yes CCcam:                                   yes CCcam share:                             yes gbox:                                    yes radegast:                                yes scam:                                    yes serial:                                  yes constant CW:                             yes Pandora:                                 Yes ghttp:                                   yes  Reader support:                          yes  Nagra:                                   yes Irdeto:                                  yes Conax:                                   yes Cryptoworks:                             yes Seca:                                    yes Viaccess:                                yes NDS Videoguard:                          yes DRE Crypt:                               yes TONGFANG:                                yes Bulcrypt:                                yes Griffin:                                 yes DGCrypt:                                 yes  cardreader_phoenix:                      Yes cardreader_drecas:                       yes cardreader_internal_azbox:               no cardreader_internal_coolapi:             No cardreader_internal_coolapi2:            no cardreader_internal_sci:                 Yes cardreader_sc8in1:                       Yes cardreader_mp35:                         Yes cardreader_smargo:                       yes cardreader_pcsc:                         no cardreader_smartreader:                  No cardreader_db2com:                       yes cardreader_stapi:                        no cardreader_stapi5:                       no cardreader_stinger:                      Yes


To the point, firmware Mnigma, when initially setting up the system select and install the emulator OSCam (without emu). To replace OSCam emulator to a new OSCam_Emu 1.20 SVN 11310 emu r733 should I replace the binary (executable file bin) which is available free of charge download link : 687 KB

if tricolor swears “error: deskey is missing or too short” then add to the reader settings

deskey = 4A1123B14599CF10211B18CD02D4A11F0756ABB44531AA23CDF255A1134CF17657D93175139889C8A3365B18C28345E219F73508C3DAE128E719B5D88DE323A4A7ECD2158B4259C51349832EFBAD7CD3372578E3721953D97A15A4C7154932E863D596A727D8B268425E1A8C41698EE8C2AB3729D3CF93A749D333C2EB71D314

For OSCam there are two ways, the path to the settings OSCam /etc/tuxbox/config/oscam/ and for the executable file //usr/bin/ which we replace. And so change we know what we have. Change will FTP, login root password of any, for this I use Total Commander

Mnigma mega oscam emu

Mnigma mega oscam emu

File //usr/bin/oscam first rename to any other, for example __oscam, then extruded from the downloaded archive file oscam (that new OSCam_Emu 1.20 r11310 emu r733 ), and copy it to the folder //usr/bin/ . After you set the attributes to the file 755, for launching and implementation of the new OSCam_Emu 1.20 r11310 emu r733.mega oscam mnigmaLeft to restart the tuner WeTeK Play and enjoy watching the decoded digital satellite TV.


oscam .user

user                          = root
betatunnel                    = 1833.FFFF:1702
the emulator =
group = 1,2
max_connections               = 5
user = monitor
pwd = monitor
monlevel = 4
group                         = 1

oscam file

logfile                       = /tmp/oscam.log
logduplicatelines             = 1
disableuserfile               = 0
clienttimeout                 = 9999
fallbacktimeout               = 7000
clientmaxidle                 = 9999999
nice                          = -1
LogLevel = 1500
waitforcards                  = 0
preferlocalcards              = 1
block_same_ip                 = 0
block_same_name               = 0
usrfile                       = /tmp/oscamuser.log
cwlogdir                      = /tmp/oscamcwdw.log
lb_save                       = 500
lb_min_ecmcount               = 3
lb_savepath                   = /tmp/.oscam/oscam.stat
failbantime                   = 15
failbancount                  = 3
suppresscmd08                 = 1
getblockemmauprovid = 1
stream_relay_enabled          = 0
enabled                       = 1
to = 1
pmt_mode                      = 3
request_mode                  = 1
delayer                       = 60
ecminfo_type                  = 4
user                          = root
boxtype                       = dreambox
port                          = 988
nocrypt =,
aulow = 120
monlevel = 4
httpport                      = 8888
httphelplang                  = ru
http_prepend_embedded_css     = 1
httprefresh                   = 10
httppollrefresh               = 10
httphideidleclients           = 0
httpshowmeminfo = 1
httpshowecminfo = 1
httpshowloadinfo = 1
httpallowed =,,
aulow = 120
httposcamlabel = MegaOSCam
httpemmsclean = 0
httpemmgclean = 0


oscam. dvbapi

(P):4Ae1:FE I:0