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Mega oscam under WeTeK OpenATV 5.1 now support Drecrypt2 updated to svn11209 01.02.2016

Мега oscam r11142 под WeTeK OpenATV 5.1


Mega oscam under WeTeK OpenATV 5.1 -modification oscam 1.2 to view package 3Kolor and everything else. Say this new version of "Anti-crisis offers toll free viewing some satellite television packages" based on Oscam version 1.20 (c) support Drecrypt2

Version: oscam-1.20-unstable_svn-r11209 Patch: oscam-emu Compiler: arm-oe-linux-gnueabi WebifPort: 8888
Box type:       wetek (generic)
BinName: /usr/bin/oscam TempDir:   /tmp/.oscam ConfigDir: /usr/keys/ KeysFile: /usr/keys/SoftCam.Key Emulator [supported crypto systems]: CryptoWorks, SoftNDS, Viaccess 1/2/3, Nagra 2, Irdeto 2, BiSS, Powervu (via Stream Relay), Drecrypt2
Oscam r11142 mega OpenATV 5.1

Oscam r11142 mega OpenATV 5.1


Download Mega oscam OpenATV 5.1 (c) support for Drecrypt2-3-4

Download Mega Oscam

MegaOScam-11198-r0_cortexa9hf-vfp-neon.ipk 683 KB


To update to version Mega r11209 Oscam emu r728 replacement for binarnika (669,38 KB)

Mega r11209 Oscam emu r728 
- Fixed bugs
- Oscam emu r11209 r728
- [NEWCAMD] support long ECM for 040610
- [EMU] updated to r728
- [READER DRE] Processing of ECM and EMM for DRE4 (245 ,255 ,265) (MPEG2)
- [READER DRE] Read ee.bin from the circuit for two-chips zielonki
- [READER DRE] Added support for scripts "zielonki" (86 24 B1 ......)
- [READER EMU] BISS onid option is added.
- [READER EMU] in config settings have been added dre36_force_group and dre56_force_group ,Specifies the server for the AU over the network (for example dre36_force_group = 05)
- [DVBAPI] the filter (I):0 now works for IRDETO
- [EMM] Fixed bug caused it to crash when sending emulator EMM on server VIACCESS: 
- Fix for broken Nano 0E support regression introduced r11199 (Tnx Pr2 for patch!)
- [READER DRE] Fixed subscription to DRE2. Fixed drop emulator when using the card.
- Добавил поддержку скриптов с шифрованными командами DRE     формат скрипта для шифрованных команд
  CR 01 59 ................ ID KS

- BISS keys recording format
  (SoftCam Key)
  (F) [<unless>]<service id><ecm pid> <key number> <key>
  (F) [<unless>]<service id><video pid> <key number> <key>
  (F) [<unless>]<service id><1FFF> <key number> <key>
- script to read from the dual-GPU ee.bin green fodder
  REG2 /var/keys/ee.bin

Mega Oscam r11198
- cosmetics
- sofcam added MK05


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oscam-guru_svn-11198-r0_cortexa9hf-vfp-neon.ipk 683 KB


fiks7(fix7) – Cyrillic log

Скачать Мега oscam r11142 OpenATV 5.1

oscam-guru_1.0-r0_cortexa9hf-vfp-neon.ipk 679 KB



Thank you Justason

Thank you, megavolt85

Unix starttime: 1450222386
Starttime:      16.12.2015 01:33:06
Version:        oscam-1.20-unstable_svn-r11198 Compiler:       arm-linux-gnueabi oe-Box type:       wetek (generic)
PID:            17756
TempDir:        /tmp/.oscam ConfigDir:      /usr/keys/WebifPort:      8888
Web interface support:                   yes LiveLog support:                         yes jQuery support intern:                   yes Touch interface support:                 yes SSL support:                             no DVB API support:                         yes DVB API with AZBOX support:              no DVB API with MCA support:                no DVB API with COOLAPI support:            no DVB API with COOLAPI2 support:           no DVB API with STAPI support:              no DVB API with STAPI5 support:             no DVB API read-sdt charsets:               yes Irdeto guessing:                         yes Anti-cascading support:                  yes Debug mode:                              yes Monitor:                                 yes Loadbalancing support:                   yes Cache exchange support:                  yes CW Cycle Check support:                  yes LCD support:                             no LED support:                             no Emulator support:                        yes Clockfix with realtime clock:            yes IPv6 support:                            no  camd 3.3x:                               no camd 3.5 UDP:                            yes camd 3.5 TCP:                            yes newcamd:                                 yes CCcam:                                   yes CCcam share:                             yes gbox:                                    yes radegast:                                yes scam:                                    yes serial:                                  yes constant CW:                             yes Pandora:                                 Yes ghttp:                                   yes  Reader support:                          yes  Nagra:                                   yes Irdeto:                                  yes Conax:                                   yes Cryptoworks:                             yes Seca:                                    yes Viaccess:                                yes NDS Videoguard:                          yes DRE Crypt:                               yes TONGFANG:                                yes Bulcrypt:                                yes Griffin:                                 yes DGCrypt:                                 yes  cardreader_phoenix:                      yes cardreader_internal_azbox:               no cardreader_internal_coolapi:             No cardreader_internal_coolapi2:            no cardreader_internal_sci:                 Yes cardreader_sc8in1:                       Yes cardreader_mp35:                         Yes cardreader_smargo:                       yes cardreader_pcsc:                         Yes cardreader_smartreader:                  yes cardreader_db2com:                       yes cardreader_stapi:                        no cardreader_stapi5:                       no cardreader_stinger:                      Yes


Typical installation like any plugin


After you install SOFTCAM menu appears


Softcam menu choose oscam 11142 Mega and run


Rules for the use of access cards

any card oscam. server

enable          = 1
label           = CardReader
protocol        = internal
detect          = cd
device          = /dev/sci0
mhz             = 357
cardmhz; 357
Emnkache = 2,3,2,0
group           = 1

for 13th oscam. dvbapi

(P):4Ae1:FE I:0

for the 23rd 24th (only 2 channel) oscam. dvbapi


to 245th oscam. dvbapi


to 255th oscam. dvbapi


Pleasant viewing!

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