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Replace the OSCam to OSCam Mega (r11242 emu svn r728) Enigma 2 for example Mnigma for WeTeK Play 06.06.2016

Firmware Mnigma available at. At the moment there are two main options Mnigma Enigma2 firmware for the HD receiver WeTeKPlay. Mnigma to install, on the external SD card (further sdcard) and the internal memory (further, NAND). I use option SD card. In the internal memory installed WeTeK OS Android 1.1.7....

Download plug-in emulator OScam 11286 arm libusb emu ssl WeTeK for LibreELEC and OpenELEC

Plugin Mega OSCam (r11226 emu 728) Armv7 for OpenELEC and LibreELEC (updated 10.05.2016)

Mega Oscam tools is an emulator OSCam 1.20 EMU r728 to emulate PowerVu, DRE c ICG algorithm, biss and other character sets in a convenient package for OpenELEC.Dannaya plugin plugin version Mega OSCam compiled by Cortex a9 ARMv7 processors for use on receivers WeTek Play in OpenELEC c services...

"Crisis suggestion toll-free rendered virtually all satellite television packages»

OScam replacement on Mega OScam (r11226 emu 728) Enigma 2 for example Mnigma for WeTeK Play 17.04.2016

A good option for Enigma2 WeTeK Play is image available at Mnigma. Enjoyed the quality of the displayed channels, and speed, at the time of the test the best of the WeTeK Play for Enigma2. Also convenient that the emulator is installed the first time Setup Oscam system. Image Mnigma based on OpenPLI...