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Bootlogo for Enigma 2 OpenPLI OpenATV OpenHDF

Download E2 firmware Openatv 5.3 NAND whith Kodi 16.1 (openspa) WeTek.Play by Raxone

  How to update 1.Extract(unzip) zip and copy file (aml_autoscript,logo.img,recovery.img,rootfs.img,u-boot.bin,uImage) on sdcard fat32 formated. 2.To skip update/change bootloader just don’t put u-boot.bin on sdcard. 3.Power off and put sdcard on wetekplay and press Reset(Lower side) hold on reset and put power cord(power on)...

OpenATV 5.2 WeTeK Play

Soon OpenATV 5.2 for WeTeK Play

Скоро будет доступен обновлённый имидж with Enigma 2 OpenATV 5.2 for WeTeK Play. You will be able to download from here. Старые, но актуальные имиджи OpenATV 5.1 You can download it here.   What will be new with openATV 5.2 Update oe-core 03/2015 on 02/2016 Bitbake 1.27.1 to 1.29.0...