Official distribution OpenELEC 7.0 Beta 2 for WeTek.Play

Официальный OpenELEC 7.0 Beta 2 для WeTek.Play

OpenELEC 7.0 Beta 2


Before upgrading, it is strongly recommended that you make a backup of the entire system or, at least, all data and settings, You can't afford to lose.

Changes compared to the OpenELEC6.95.1 Beta 1

Pillow-3.2.0-setuptools installed 20.6.7 bluez-5.38 xorg-server-1.18.3 inputproto-2.3.2 mesa-11.2.0 kodi-4cf382f/9809c3c alsa-utils-1.1.1-alsa-lib 1.1.1 sqlite-autoconf-3,120,000 curl-7.48.0 cmake-3.5.1 ntfs-3g_ntfsprogs-2016.2.22-bcm2835 firmware-046effa projects/WeTek_ */initramfs: sets the video in "disabled" When the system boots

The full list of changes OpenELEC 7.0 Beta 2 from OpenELEC 7.0 Beta 1 is available on the Github

Update. TAR Users, that use version 6.0.3 or x 6.95. can use the .tar file to update OpenELEC as for NAND (internal flash memory) and SD-Card (Memory card) versions.

Download Update OpenELEC 7.0 Beta 2 for WeTek Play

Video instructions for upgrading OpenELEC

Download the install image to install internal memory OpenELEC 7.0 Beta 2 NAND Image for WeTek Play

Video instructions on how to install OpenELEC in the internal memory of the WeTeK Play.

Download the image to install on the memory card OpenELEC 7.0 Beta 2 SD-Card Image for WeTek Play.

Video instructions on how to install OpenELEC on your memory card