Make your TV Smart!

Turn your ordinary shower into a powerful Smart TV

Turn your ordinary shower into a powerful Smart TV

Android satellite receiver HDTV-what is it and why?
Android satellite receiver uses the most popular among mobile operating system Android. Android tuner, as it is called, It has a wide functionality and convenient interface. Installing Android satellite tuner you can use such popular programs as Megogo, FS,, YouTube, Adobe Flash, etc. directly on your tv.Android спутниковый ресивер
For satellite signal reception a little set parabolic antenna, that will capture satellite signal. This signal should be decrypted and translated into accessible form for the tv. It is done by special devices-satellite Android receivers, or tuners, that one and the same.
Now everybody is trying to buy a home tv, plasma or LCD Panel large diagonal, While Android satellite tuner HDTV gives you the opportunity to receive a high resolution picture. Such devices are in class FullHD devices, issuing on the output image resolution 1080 and the more pixels. Android tv tuner for satellite antenna, with the prefix HD or HDTV, uses to transmit a signal to the television special HDMI cable, that's usually a complete Android tuner. High Definition Multimedia Interface, that is, HDMI is a special interface, transmitting video and audio with copy protection. Because the devices work on Android operating system, in fact it is tantamount to a tablet device, only in conjunction with your big-screen tv.
Connecting Android satellite receiver to your tv, You can listen to your favorite music through media player, watch movies and music videos in FULL HD quality, view pictures and photos, as well as play games.
In addition to audio, video outputs and HDMI port, Android satellite receiver equipped with Wi-Fi module, that allows through your Wi-Fi router, no problem to connect your Android tuner to your network. Then through the tv will be sërfit′ on the Internet, Watch the weather, videos etc. d.

The use of USB interface in Android satellite tunersAndroid usb drivers[1]
Modern Android satellite tuners has full USB input, and some models are supplied with two or more ports to which you can connect a Flash map, portable hard disk. Card reader allows you to read information from the SD memory card. Through these ports can be connected to the Android wi-fi tuner, 3(G), LTE adapter to access the Web and use multimedia applications, such, How to view online video, including on YouTube, weather and games. In addition, the USB interface is important, If you want to use record or time shift, who also are typically implemented in Android satellite receivers. You can connect your Android satellite tuner to the Internet via LAN or wi-fi, but USB is still important to connect a USB flash drive, and the connection to the Android USB tuner Web camera with microphone, When you connect to the Internet without problems to communicate on Skype on your tv.




External memory to use the TimeShift and burning _
Android tuner for satellite tv with TimeShift function», or the time shift. It will allow you to put the show on hiatus-say, in order for the, to make yourself a sandwich or answer a call during the broadcast. At this time will also be rendered in parallel recording, and playback starts from the moment of, that was marked by you when you activate this function. Very convenient.
Also very handy to record satellite programmes, If you can not watch them online. Modern Android satellite tuner with recording function implemented. Connect via USB flash drive, set the timer to the start time of the transfer of interest to you-and get it recorded version.

How to manage Android satellite receiver
Everything Android system control satellite receiver and all possible functions, usually produced by both conventional remote control distanceonogo or wireless Bluetooth mouse, and wireless remotes with gravity sensors, You can control your Android satellite receiver by moving them into the air. Consoles themselves has small dimensions, so enjoy them enough to conveniently.
Manage Android tuner requires no special skills, You can easily teach and children manage Android satellite receiver.

Repeat all of the above briefly about Android satellite receiver
Android HD receivers are special devices, designed for signal processing and conversion in the tv picture.
HDTV is advanced technology, which combines high resolution pictures and high-quality sound. The widespread development and use of such technologies began after the invention of flat-panel TVs, Thus, many holders of such panels seek to buy Android satellite HDTV tuner.
Any tv stocked HDMI input will allow you to easily connect your Android tuner. Connecting a satellite receiver to your tv, Android will take you 1 minute, and will turn any tv Entertainment Center with access to Internet resources to implement any desires.
Watch the movie now will be happy to – Android satellite receiver has the ability to stream videos in excellent quality in FULL HD. See movies, serials, transfer, cartoons and other video without annoying advertising breaks. Besides, for it is not necessary to pay a subscription fee. Android to work you need a tv receiver, socket and Internet.
Audio, video files, online chat in social networks, Use Skype Communications program, full Internet browser – This will all be on your tv. You can use a much greater potential for Smart TV, than those TVs, that feature them and in doing so cost much more expensive!
You can also use the radio remote control (Fly Mouse) for cursor control. Radio keyboard will make work more convenient. There are special devices which combine and keyboard and remote control. Well, more advanced users can install Android on my phone or Tablet software and manage your Android tuner them!