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Download the firmware E2 MNIGMA @ pcz from 01.11.2016 receiver for WeTeK Play

To download the firmware wetekplay-MNIGMA-0.3-(base_20160514)-modded_by_PcZ-20161101.sdcard to install and run memory card for satellite receiver WeTeK Play

Прошивка @pcz MNIGMA 0.3

Firmware @pcz MNIGMA 0.3

ATTENTION! Recommended use high-performance the memory card Class 10 or UHS-I formatted utility HPUSBFW!
All operations with its FULL HD receiver WeTeK Play you do on your fear and risk and not who in addition Inas not bears responsibility for performance InGallego receiver.

  • UHS-I (Ultra High Speed – an extension of the standard Class 10, the possibility of using such memory cards to record FullHD high bitrate video and 3D video).
  • Free download HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool (HPUSBFW) 2.2.3 for Windows

List of changes in the firmware wetekplay-MNIGMA-0.3-(base_20160514)-modded_by_PcZ-20161101.sdcard

It have built in:

- Code v16
- KodiwE2 (use kodi without mess any recording, watch live tv etc)
- Integrated Kodi vuplus pvr plugin (you have to setup if you want to use)
- Kodi sound volume patch
- Kodi Estuary skin by default
- E2 Estuary skin (it isn't the default, because of a bug*)
- DVB fix to E2 media player
- CEC support, with a ppanel script (cec disabled default, you can enable via ppanel)
- modded encoding.conf
- my keymap (if you have OE edition, select, the keymap_OE_pcz.xml) and keytraslation (including cec fixes)
- exit from kodi with power button


*- if you want to use it, than you have to set your screen to 1080, than after switch to, simple start kodi, and exit, or restart your box. Than everything should be ok
- If power button not working select the right rc model from menu
- If you change the root password, than, you must edit /usr/bin/, and insert your password to webpass=
or you can add a new user as well (in this case chande the webuser=root to the right username)
- Now the KodiwE2 using the same settings than Kodi, if you want seperate settings, you should delete the /home/root/.kodi (symlink), than, if you want to use your sdcard ext to store data, just make a new directory there and make a symlink. For example:
rm -r /home/root/.kodi
mkdir /media/uSDextra/.kodiwE2
ln -s /media/uSDextra/.kodiwE2 /home/root/.kodi

Here you can download the latest image MNIGMA :
Pruflink on @MS page MNIGMA for FullHD receiver WeTeK Play