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Transponder news for 15.04.2016

News of satellite TV
Astra 2 g, 28.2°E
New package ‘ Sky UK’ ‘ channel Insight’ appeared on 11494H (Europe beam), MPEG-4/HD/Videoguard, SR 22000, FEC 5/6
HD version ‘ CNN International Europe’ appeared on 11112H (Europe beam), MPEG-4/HD/clear, SR 22000, FEC 5/6

Astra 3B, 23.5°E
‘ Belsat Tv’ has started on 11582 h (Europe beam), DVB-S2/QPSK/MPEG-2/FTA, SR 2400, FEC 5/6



In Turkmenistan, decided to give some free Russian thematic channels
Interesting information for fans of satellite television news reported the Russian news agency MIA «Russia today» (former RIA "Novosti") . According to his data, in Turkmenistan began broadcasting eight cognitive Russian channels, currently until spread in test mode via the cable network of Ashgabat. Access to channels for spectators is free, they need only pay for network access service (about 3 dollars per month). But Interestingly the other channels are broadcast in Turkmenistan through its own satellite and free too.
CJSC «Turkmen satellite ", which is the owner of "TürkmenÄlem KA/MonacoSat» in the position of 52 degrees East longitude, agreed with Russian partners, the conditions of the test broadcast eight Russian thematic informative channels on the territory of the Republic of. Their line-up at this point coincides fully with open channels, broadcast on

frequency 12226 Ver DVB-S2/8PSK SR 30000 FEC 3/4 -"Science 2.0", «History», «24 dock», «Tehno24»

"Living planet", «Amusement park», "Dress" and "Mama". Also on this frequency in Irdeto broadcast «my planet», "Animation" and "Peretz». Most likely, These channels are also broadcast in Turkmenistan and in the foreseeable future can be opened on the satellite.
According to the results of a test broadcast will be determined by the direction of further cooperation in the dissemination of Russian tv channels in Turkmenistan and neighboring Central Asian republics, as stated in the communication.
All this says is likely on how, that soon Russian translation of thematic channels on this frequency to be encoded is unlikely and may increase their number.
Also this information from ZAO Turkmen satellite "puts an end to the assumptions that, that this package is "a continuation of the" Russian satellite platform "TeRus", that with 1 April stopped airing "satellite ABS-2» in the position of 75 degrees East longitude.


Ukrainian sports channel in Azerbaijani satellite
Unexpected restocking received Ukrainian minipaket "UkrKosmos", which broadcasts on satellite AzerSpace "-1" in position 46 degrees East longitude. Channel XSport» resumed its satellite broadcasting. Why was selected as the most popular in Ukraine and satellite broadcasting is calculated, try to understand.
But first, a little history. Channel XSport has hockey backstory, because it is called "Hockey" he started broadcasting from a position 4 degrees West longitude 2012 year. He was totally dedicated to the declared in the name of sport, but a year later, in June, It was decided to expand the content filling the Canal and its online other sports. In 2015 year channel due to financial problems, ceased broadcasting on satellite, and in the network of Ukrainian digital broadcasting provider "Zeonbud".
The resumption of broadcasting was held 13 April 2016 year. It is now difficult to say, How long it will last and whether the problems were solved, that channel went from ether. According to some Ukrainian users of social networks, tv channel launched, in order not to lose licenses, issued by the Council on teleradiovešaniû.
On the other hand, According to announcements, the channel already broadcasted football matches for FC Shakhtar Donetsk in UEFA club competition, Basketball matches of the Championship of Ukraine and already announced games broadcast Division 1B, where will serve the national team. Therefore, you cannot talk about how, the channel leads only the technical broadcasting and has no plans to move on a regular
Broadcast settings

"XSport»" satellite AzerSpace-1» (46 g e): 11039 View SR3700, FEC 5/6 MPEG2, Open.

Holders of receivers rulers "Fortis", that have support for broadcasting in Multistream can receive the signal from the satellite package "Zeonbud", intended for subsequent on-air relaying on the territory of Ukraine. Broadcast settings: satellite

Astra 4A (4,8 g e) — 12341 Hor SR 30000 FEC 3/4 DVB-S2/8PSK/MPEG4/Multistream.

This implies that, that the Ukrainian viewers can watch the channel via terrestrial DVB-T2 network.


The Palestinian platform on satellite Badr 4
On satellite Badr 4 been activated once the transponder with covering the Middle East and Europe.
The new Palestinian platform uses capacity called PALSAT with multiple encrypted television and radio programmes,including sports station Palestine Sport. Platform PALSAT broadcasts at a frequency of 11,958 GHz and includes 10 television positions: Palestine News, Palestine Sport, Palestine Live, Palestine, Musawa, Al Fastiniah, Awdeh, Qou.Edu, An-Najah NBC and channel Feed 1, as well as the radio Voice of Palestine, Al Najah Radio and Palestine Quraan. All tv channels are available in MPEG-2 and can be made even on older receivers. For lovers of sports channels might be interesting program Palestine Sport.
Technical parameters:

Badr 4 (26°E), frequency 11,958 GHz, Pol. (H), SR 27500, FEC 5/6, DVB-S/QPSK, FTA

PALSAT multiplex reception in Central Europe is possible on the antenna with a diameter of about 90 see.


UPC DTH satellite transponder first Thor 7
On the satellite Thor 7 activated the first transponder Ku-band.
Capacity for the countries of Central and Eastern Europe here began using the Luxembourg media company UPC DTH, that in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia operates under the brand name freeSAT. UPC DTH on new Thor 7 moved one of the transponders with a neighboring satellite Thor 6 in the same position 0.8° W. Mul′tipleks even after the transition to the new satellite Thor 7 work continued on the frequency 12,111 GHz, pol. (V). with the same parameters – SR 28000, FEC 7/8, DVB-S. However,, changed cover, that extended to Northern Europe. At frequency 12,111 GHz broadcast programs not only for the platform freeSAT (CR, SR), but also for UPC Direct (Hungary), Focus Sat (Romania), also for the subscribers companies Slovak Telekom and Lama Energy Group, ie. Nova platform Digi TV SK, Magio Sat and Nova Digi TV CZ. Thor 7 carrier Ariane rocket was launched 5 year ago – in April 2015 year. The satellite is equipped with a total of 11 active transponders in Ku-band. The satellite also has 25 transponders in the Ka-band. Transpondery Ku-band satellite Thor 7 covers the territory from Northern to Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.
Technical parameters:

Thor 7 (0,8° W), frequency 12,111 GHz, Pol. V, SR 28000, FEC 7/8, DVB-S/QPSK


Fransat: Channels BIS TV HD soon
French free satellite platform Fransat soon will begin to provide seven thematic programmes BIS TV in high definition (HDTV).
HD versions of programs will be available from 25.4.2016. Fransat provides viewers, with HD receiver, possibility to order a paid package BIS TV, that includes 7 programs: Action, RTL9, Ab1, AB Moteurs, By animaux, Trek and Science & life TV. These stations are now in SD,and with 25.4.2016 will be available in HD. Fransat platform designed for French households, that are beyond the reach of quality broadcasting signal. Viewers are invited to access all free terrestrial broadcast programs. In addition to free programs,Subscribers can order a paid package thematic stations BIS TV.


Indigo TV channel Viasat subscribers available
Dear subscribers,
with 17 April 2016 ViaSat offers subscribers of satellite tv channel Indigo (No. 262 in EPG).
Indigo TV channel gives viewers the opportunity to escape from everyday life. In the channel: mystical history, love and passion, ironic detective stories, popular series.
The channel is available for subscribers of all tariff packages.
We wish you pleasant viewing!
Viasat Team
The Vintage Channel TV is available to subscribers of "Home tv"
Dear subscribers,
with 17 April 2016 ViaSat offers subscribers "Home tv" channel Vintage TV (No. 403 in the EPG).
Vintage TV – British music channel, dedicated to the music of 20 century. Tv channel music videos, concerts, shows and interviews, more 30 hours premiere monthly programmes.
The channel is available for the subscribers of the "optimal" tariff plans and "premium" domestic services "HD tv".
We wish you pleasant viewing.
Tv channel Fashion TV HD is available to subscribers of "Home tv"
Dear subscribers,
with 17 April 2016 ViaSat offers subscribers "Home tv channel Fashion TV HD (No. 279 in EPG).
Fashion TV HD – international channel fashion and stylish life. Tv channel fashion show of the latest collections, transfer about fascinating make-up and hairdo, partying, Photo – and videosety models.
The channel is available for the subscribers of the "optimal" tariff plans and "premium" domestic services "HD tv".
We wish you pleasant viewing.
Viasat Team