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Transponder news for 21.05.2016

News of satellite TV


Kazsat 2 86.5°E
11495 V, DVB-S2/8PSK 8000 8/9 and 11504 V, DVB-S2/8PSK 7000 8/9 -new SR for TV "OTAU package + appeared Almaty channel tv

YahSat 1A 52.5° E
11958 V 27500 7/8 — "FACE 1", "The GAM River» (scanned as "GAM Series») and "GAM Rubix» (scanned as "GAM Bollywood»), Open

türkmenäle / monacosat 52 ° F
Tv Channels Sundress, Science 2.0, Techno 24, History, Terre Vivante, Amusement Park, 24Doc, Mom, Mult, Bestseller, My planet has left 12226 V 30000, DVB-S2. Frequency is disabled

Türksat 3A 42° E
RAKI TV appeared on 12685 (H) 30000 ; FEC:3/4 ; Dvb-S/MPEG2 ; SID:13813 ; PID:1213/1313 ; Turkish. outdoor
KORKU TV appeared on 12685 (H) 30000 ; FEC:3/4 ; Dvb-S/MPEG2 ; SID:13818 ; PID:1218/1318 ; Turkish. outdoor
SULTAN TV appeared on 12685 (H) 30000 ; FEC:3/4 ; Dvb-S/MPEG2 ; SID:13821 ; PID:1221/1321 ; Turkish. outdoor
(C) ACTION appeared on 12685 (H) 30000 ; FEC:3/4 ; Dvb-S/MPEG2 ; SID:13822 ; PID:1222/1322 ; Turkish. outdoor
YEŞİL VADI out 12685 (H)
A Korku Sinema resigned 12685 (H)
Tosun TV out 12685 (H)
(A) Sinema resigned 12685 (H)
Eskici appeared on 12685 (H) 30000 ; FEC:3/4 ; Dvb-S/MPEG2 ; SID:13827 ; PID:1227/1327 ; Turkish. outdoor

TRT World HD masters popular positions
Lately there is a definite interest in events, What is happening in the Republic of Turkey. In point 13 degrees East broadcast channels currently TRT Turk and TRT Belgesel. They are broadcast in standard definition (SD) in the Turkish language and target audience, that is outside of the country. But, apparently, soon State television channel will appear here, which broadcasts in HD.
We are talking about channel TRT World HD, It can be freely taken from satellites, Turksat 3A (42 g e) and Eutelsat 7A (7 g e). But these positions are not the most popular among viewers in Europe for which the feed is intended, t.. the broadcast is in English. TRT World HD in its news releases to reflect the views of the Turkish Government at events, changes in the world and is currently looking for ways to overcome broadkaster to a wider audience.
To this end, organized broadcasting, closed encoding BISS from positions 13 and 9 degrees East longitude. Three channel TRT test broadcast World HD with different bitrate. Channel speeds 6 MB/sec leads transmissions from the satellite Hot Bird 13B (13 g e) the following parameters: 11623 Ver MPEG-4 SR 27500 FEC 3/4. Bit rate channels 4 M/s and 8 MB/sec are organized on satellite Eutelsat 9B (9 g e).
All tests are closed encoding BISS, that speaks volumes about the technical nature of the broadcast. Perhaps, the channels eventually leave packages and test results will be accepted by decision on broadcasting of TRT World HD on a regular basis with one of the two tested positions.

“Roscosmos” limited time-frame design and manufacture of satellites
State Corporation “Roscosmos” limited time-frame design and manufacture spacecraft, State representative said Valeriy Zaichko.
“The average term of performance of research- 7 years”, He said. Next come flight tests, the dates for which limited 6 months, Although may end before.
After spending the first flight test apparatus, from 1 year to 3 years is given for completion of the second satellite. After conducting its tests should start serial production of series of satellites.
“The average term of manufacturing of the serial device- 4 year, lifetime in accordance with the technical specifications for low-Earth orbit spacecraft at least 7 years, geostationary satellites- 10 years, devices on the elliptical orbit is 5-7 years”, Zaichko said.
Thus, from the beginning of the experimental works before starting the serial apparatus, under the new rules, State Corporation, It may take more than a decade.