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Installation AceStream 3.0.6 at WeTeK. LibreELEC or OpenELEC under Play

AceStream Weten LibreELEC

AceStream Weten LibreELEC


Ace Stream – This is an innovative new generation media platform, that will take you to the new high-quality level of multimedia space in the Internet.

Ace Stream – It is much more, than just a BitTorrent client to share files via P2P-networks!
The main areas of specialization of the platform: Avod (Audio and video on demand), Live Stream (live/streaming), Localizing foreign BitTorrent traffic, Decentralized social network, Iotti (Interactive-Over-The-Top) – Interactive service on top broadcasts. And it will go about watching tv on a Torrent of media receiver WeTeK. Play running new openelek such LibreELEC.

Freebie as always ends, and that's with 14.04.2016 introduced fee for Live streams and applies to "Torrent-tv»

LibreELEC AceStream

LibreELEC AceStream

If you already have WeTeK and sd card'a (memory card), where lives the preloaded LibreELEC or OpenELEC – You are on the right track.

In other words : Receiver and openelek itself should be like operating system to it, installed on the memory card.

Удобный просмотр Торрент ТВ

Well that ? Finish ? Then insert the card into the receiver and switch on. While loaded LibreELEC or OpenELEC go to favorite composer or notebook.

On it, run PuTTY: Telnet/SSH Client Enter your IP address in putty WeTeK. Play, Click Connect, drive user root and to prompt for the password nothing to fertilize them and enter the name of the operating system libreelec




Login : root

Password: libreelec


Login : root

Password: openelec

If you are connecting to for the first time LibreELEC WeTeK, you get about this post:


You click Save key (answer "Yes"), then you are prompted you into the console of your media-boxing.


No complicated nuances.

Type in console commands :

/storage/.config CD curl-LO
tar xf guru-engine.tgz
rm -f guru-engine.tgz

Spell AceStream installation 3.0.6 standalone on WeTeK. Play should look like this:

Ace Stream 3.0.6 на LibereELEC

And so on this everything Finish, left overload WeTeK. Play.

Engine Ace Stream 3.0.6 installed and after restarting the receiver is ready for use.

Install the module view Torrent TV Kodi adapted for devices with processor Amlogic and TS-Proxy plugin.