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Download DreamBoxEdit channel editor Enigma 2

Download DreamBoxEdit channel editor Enigma 2

Download DreamBoxEdit channel editor Enigma 2

Good day, friends!

Editor settings Enigma 2 / Editor withlist channels / Bouquet editor for Enigma2

Program to edit channel list for Enigma 2. Best editor, there are Russian and easy to use. It is possible to merge the setting from the receiver, edit , pour back, save to computer. You can create your favourite channel lists and edit the services. DreamBoxEdit, where to download and how to quickly set up. Though, to be honest, the settings here are really the minimum. But, let's all in order.

So, first you need, actually, download the program the link:

Fast download channel editor dreamboxEDIT

- added support for real hidden markers (#SERVICE 1:832:(d):0:0:0:0:0:0:0:)
- fixed autoexpand of provider bouquetlist when using create bouquet from context menu
- fixed dreamboxEDIT installer, remove all files properly on uninstall
- added support for editing of non-TS streaming services with full reference
- added copying of existing service reference to an IPTV service (hold down CTRL while using drag&drop)
- added rename of IPTV services to context menu
- added automatic IPTV service name formating
- added picon support for streaming services with full reference
- added picon setting for using 4097_... service ref for filename (if needed)
- added service type indicators (SD, HD, UHD, H.265, Radio, Data) in front of servicenames
- added more filter options (SD, HD[H.265], UHD[H.265], DVB-T2)
- added support for DVB-T2 (only cosmetic changes, older versions already work with DVB-T2)
- added support for DVB-S2 modulations 16APSK and 32APSK
- added support for multistream MIS/PLS (fully editable in satellites.xml editor, service details, transponder edit)
- added playback of IPTV streams
- added automatic replace of invalid polarization values (some satellites.xml use polarization L/R instead of 2/3)
- added copyable service reference with colons to service details
- added insert hidden marker to context menu (enable fastscan/hidden marker support first in options panel advanced)
- added support for unknown services in userbouquets (includes former known subservices) (options panel advanced)
- added experimental option to save lamedb5 format (OpenPLi)
- added configurable buffer size for streaming player (options panel GUI)
- updated streaming player
  Note:	VLC 2.2.4 is recommended (32-bit only), any other version may or may not result in error messages
- improved crypto icon (encrypted services) in front of servicenames
- improved reading speed on userbouquet switch
- improved picon resizing speed
- improved marker visualization
- improved Wine compatibility (Wine 1.8.3 recommended)
- improved compatibility with "Parallels Desktop for Mac" coherence mode
- dropped support for obsolete settings format 3
- re-enabled the export of terrestrial services/bouquets in Excel readable format
- fixed hiding of alternatives view after reading new lamedb
- fixed removing alternatives if a service is removed from all bouquets
- fixed user bouquet import with hidden markers
- fixed rendering of disabled menu items
- fixed memory exception when copying IPTV services from one dreamboxEDIT session to another one
- many GUI improvements (including the new MetroUI standard skin)
- language file updates, added missing ones to setup exe file
- minor fixes
- fixed dreamboxEDIT installer, now the registry is cleaned properly on uninstall again
  Note: before reporting any bugs, please try to uninstall first if you experience any issues
		if you experience any issues with the file open dialog, switch to the old style dialog (options panel general)

Then unzip and start the installation process. It's simple, any issues should arise.

After installing the program, open the program DreamBoxEdit and select Russian language – "Language -> Russia. After that, produce the required network settings, clicking "Options".

All just, just like in total Commanderie. Take what you have left, create or choose a bouquet of channels, and drag it into the right side of the window. But it's only after a simple setup.

Need to know the IP address of the receiver. You can find it in the menu of the tuner: setting>system>network>configuring the adapter . Username and password depends on the firmware of the receiver.

dreamboxEDIT как пользоваться, сетевой адрес Enigma2

dreamboxEDIT how to use, the network address of the Enigma2

In the settings enter a profile name, enter the IP address of your receiver and press option “New Enigma2 setting” to fill automatic the fields the paths to the data files in the receiver. Or just edit the settings "default".

Настройки редактора dreamboxEDIT

Settings editor dreamboxEDIT

Then show the path where to save our settings in the computer. Then press the button “Receive files from Dreambox” and after you see the message “The installation of the Dreambox successfully received”, click “OK” and edit the channels, necessary load it into the receiver.

To create favorite lists (bouquets), in the window “Bouquets” click the right mouse button and create any bookmarks (bouquets) in the main or subcategories. After that, selecting the newly created bouquet, from the window “Services” you can drag and drop channels into it using the left mouse button, that is out the window “Details TV user Bouquet”, and also to make their edit. When you have finished creating favorite lists, loaded them back into the receiver, menu press the button again “FTP”, in the opened window press the button “Transfer files to Dreambox” and agreeing with the proposal to save the changes, the program will load into the receiver all the new settings.