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Replace OSCam on OSCam_Emu svn r11279 emu r732 Enigma 2 for WeTeK Play



Satellite Media Box WeTeK Play Miracle foreign technology which I propose to finish in terms of the opening of paid satellite TV. This will be replacing regular, or nominally established a new OSCam OSCam version svn r11279 emu r732.

OSCam WeTeK Play oscam-emu-r11279_732-arm-linux-gnueabihf-ssl-libusb

This version of the emulator OSCam_Emu 1.20 SVN 11279 emu r732 compiled under CPU Cortex a9 Armv7 for use on digital HD receivers WeTek Play with IOS Enigma 2: Mnigma, OpenPli, PBNigma etc..

«Антикризисное предложение по бесплатному просмотру практически всех спутниковых телевизионных пакетов»


Version:        oscam-1.20-unstable_svn-r11279_732
Compiler:       arm-linux-gnueabihf-ssl-libusb
Box type:       wetek (generic)
PID:            2567
TempDir:        /tmp/.oscam ConfigDir:      /etc/tuxbox/config/oscam/ 
WebifPort:      8888
Web interface support:                   yes LiveLog support:                         yes jQuery support intern:                   yes Touch interface support:                 no 
SSL support:                             yes DVB API support:                         yes DVB API with AZBOX support:              no DVB API with MCA support:                no DVB API with COOLAPI support:            no DVB API with COOLAPI2 support:           no DVB API with STAPI support:              no DVB API with STAPI5 support:             no DVB API read-sdt charsets:               yes Irdeto guessing:                         yes Anti-cascading support:                  yes Debug mode:                              yes Monitor:                                 yes Loadbalancing support:                   yes Cache exchange support:                  yes CW Cycle Check support:                  yes LCD support:                             yes
LED support:                             yes Emulator support:                        yes Clockfix with realtime clock:            yes IPv6 support:                            YES
Chand 3.3x:                               yes camd 3.5 UDP:                            yes camd 3.5 TCP:                            yes newcamd:                                 yes CCcam:                                   yes CCcam share:                             yes gbox:                                    yes radegast:                                yes scam:                                    yes serial:                                  yes constant CW:                             yes Pandora:                                 Yes ghttp:                                   yes  Reader support:                          yes  Nagra:                                   yes Irdeto:                                  yes Conax:                                   yes Cryptoworks:                             yes Seca:                                    yes Viaccess:                                yes NDS Videoguard:                          yes DRE Crypt:                               yes TONGFANG:                                yes Bulcrypt:                                yes Griffin:                                 yes DGCrypt:                                 yes  cardreader_phoenix:                      Yes cardreader_drecas:                       yes cardreader_internal_azbox:               no cardreader_internal_coolapi:             No cardreader_internal_coolapi2:            no cardreader_internal_sci:                 Yes cardreader_sc8in1:                       Yes cardreader_mp35:                         Yes cardreader_smargo:                       yes cardreader_pcsc:                         no cardreader_smartreader:                  yes cardreader_db2com:                       no cardreader_stapi:                        no cardreader_stapi5:                       no cardreader_stinger:                      Yes


To the point, firmware Mnigma, when initially setting up the system select and install the emulator OSCam (without emu). To replace OSCam emulator to a new OSCam_Emu 1.20 SVN 11279 emu r732 should I replace the binary (executable file bin) which is available free of charge download link :

oscam-emu-r11279_732-arm-linux-gnueabihf-ssl-libusb.7z 539 KB