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Updated program Dreamset to version 2.4.8

Dreamset 2.4.8

Dreamset 2.4.8


Updated program Dreamset to version 24/12/2015 – see 2.4.8

Dreamset This editor channel list settings for digital satellite receivers. Dreamset offers convenient interface with lots of useful functions, that make modification channel settings and bouquets more convenient and easier.

24/12/2015 - see 2.4.8
Added:	Import A/V streams from m3u list, Right Click on Services panel (bellow Favorites panel) and choose 'Import Video/Audio stream (m3u)' Added:	Import unlinked bouquets, Right Click on Favorites panel and choose 'Import Enigma Bouquet(s)' Added:	On services tooltip, namespace value included.
Added:	On services Shift+Ctrl+C copies namespace to clipboard.
Fixed:	List sorting by hex values
24/10/2015 - see 2.4.7
Fixed:	Enigma DVB-T2 reading/writing settings Update:	Better parsing when Pasting #EXTINF lines from clipboard to dreamset
13/9/2015 - see 2.4.6
Fixed:	Enigma2, namespace on IPTV (DVB-TS)
Fixed:	Enigma2, sometimes markers was converted to IPTV services Fixed/Update:	Import List from fav, lamedb, settings.xml Fixed:	Export List(s) (fav)
Update:	IPTV Properties Dialog Update:	Pasting #EXTINF lines from clipboard to dreamset, handles unicode characters on stream name
28/10/2015 - see 2.4.5
Update:	Enigma2, reading/writing IPTV services format
10/5/2015 - see 2.4.4
Added:	WeRek Play support Update:	Dutch Translation (thanks Rob)
Download Dreamset 2.4.8

Download Dreamset 2.4.8


Pomer Vasya Ivanov, gone to heaven.
Suited to Apostle Peter, the him:
– About, Hello, Vasya! Let's take a look at-Ka thy good (paginates Notepad) – Nope nothing, It's you to Satan!
Vasya comes to Satan, the him:
– Hello-Hello, Ivanov, and what crime you have? (paginates Notepad) – No, It's you to Petra!
– So I just got out of there, What about now?
– (A), refusenik! You should now be reborn, but no man, You can't until you, and tree, dog or chicken, at your choice.
Vasya Porassuždal (the tree of life, dogs have a dog's life, and chickens warm Yes care), Yes and chose the chicken. Hatch it in the henhouse, grew up and asked:
– Chickens, What are you doing here, in the henhouse?
– And we favor the people bring – they eat us sometimes, the fate of our this chicken, birds we flight low, but do these people quickly and does not hurt, in General, do not worry.
– We also have testicles, too much use of the, people many of them goes, chefs cannot do without them!
– But what you are?
– Well as,- sit on a nest, tužiš′sâ, pyžiš′sâ, the pain you feel and – PIP, snosiš′ egg!
– Clear!
And that's somehow felt Vasya Ivanov need benefits people bring, sat on the nest, tužilsâ-tužilsâ, pyžilsâ-pyžilsâ, pain pre strong experienced, and here is the, Finally – PIP!
– Cheers! I carried its first egg!!!
And then his wife in shoulder pushes:
– Vasya, Vasya, wake up, You OBOSRALSÂ!