Generator WeTeK.Play updated keys 16.03.2016

Updated to version 1.3

FreeColor v1.3 avtoskačivatel′ TriColor keys and key file SoftCam Key for WeTeK Play Mnigma , OpenELEC and Android c Mega Oscam

Added ability to send op keys and key file SoftCam Key on Android, for Mega OSTool

Unzip to the desktop or to a convenient empty folder.
Run the batch file “update_keys”(the Internet should be enabled and WeTeK. Play whether on the same network as the computer on which you run FreeColor ).
Updated files in folders (If server keys are not closed down).

To update the keys on the Android replacing the IP with the IP of your WeTeK Play in the file update_keys.bat

Mirror downloads FreeColor (433,80 KB)