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Transponder news for 27.03.2016

News of satellite TV

Yamal 401, 90.0°E
"Hunting and fishing" appeared on International 12522 V 27500, MPEG-4/Irdeto 2.

ABS 2, 75.0°E
"Sts Love (0h)"the newly encrypted on 11853V, MPEG-4/Irdeto 2/Verimatrix, SR 45000.

Yamal 402. 55(E)
Ohota i Rybalka channel International” Appeared on 12522 V 27500 3/4. DVB-S2. Irdeto2
GTRK Have E. Altai, the transponder 3918L3000 DVB-S/MPEG-2, now network partner Poland +4 instead of Rossii1 +2.
At The GTRK Chita, the transponder 3582L2850 DVB-S/MPEG-2, now network partner Poland +6 place Rossii1 +4.
"Radio chanson" appeared on the 12531 (H), SR 2500, FEC 5/6, DVB-S2 / QPSK, Open.
"Radio record" has left 12531 (H)

TurkmenÄlem, 52.0°E
Package with channels ‘ 2v2 (+2h)’, ‘ InterAz ’, ‘ World (+3h)’, ‘ World (0h)’, ‘ World ’ 24, ‘ NTV (0h)’, RBC TV ‘ ’, ‘ TNT4 (+2h)’, ‘ TNV-Planet ’, ‘ TRO’ and ‘ Star (0h)’ He appeared on 12226 V 30000, Open, a copy of the package on ABS 2, 75.0° E e, 11605 V.
‘ Fenix + Kino ’, ‘ Live!’, ‘ Nickelodeon Russia ’, ‘ Weapons ’, ‘ Paramount Comedy Russia’ and ‘ Zee TV Russia’ appeared on 12226 V 30000, Irdeto 2.

Eutelsat 36B, 36.0°E
"Kentron TV International ' has left 11212H.

Hot Bird 13.0° E
"Hip Hop TV (Poland)» appeared on the 11508 V27500, MPEG-4/clear.

Amos 2/3 4° W
11389 (H) 27500 3/4 -"Test-3» («Trophy») disabled.

Eutelsat 5 West (A), 5W
History HD ' has started on 12034 V 30000 Dvb-S28PSK, content encoding.
"Al Jazeera English has left 12418 V 28000 7/8.

The shadow of the "Rainbow" or "the new adventures of the GTSS in Russia
Recently the publication "the Cable Guy" reported news that, that Russian satellite platform "TeRus", which is broadcast by satellite, "ABS-2" in point 75 degrees East longitude with the 1 April current year suspends broadcasting. As a retired from the market at the end of 2014 year satellite DTH-package «Raduga Tv», This project is implemented with the direct participation of LLC «GeoTelekommunikacii». «TeRus "focused on work in the countries of near and far abroad for Russian-speaking audience. This package is broadcast 24 tv channel, in t. h. 3 HD.
According to Anatoly Sosnovsky, Director General of LLC «GeoTelekommunikacii», initiated the termination of the contract to broadcast "TeRus" with ABS-2 delivered owner KA company Asia Broadcast Satellite. As a result of which, with 1 April of the current year will cease broadcasting. Currently being explored different ways to translate the package on another satellite broadcasting or broadcast via IPTV.
Just a few days after the publication of the material in the "Kabel′ŝike" via satellite "Turkmen TurkmenÄlem" (or "MonacoSat") began airing the Russian package, which provider is LLC "GeoTelekommunikacii". The package includes the open Russian tv channels — such as "NTV", «RBK», «World», "The world of 24", etc.. Part of channels encoded in COURT Irdeto (eg, «Weapons», Phoenix-Cinema», "Zee TV»).
Broadcast settings:
the satellite "TurkmenÄlem" (52 g e) — 12226 see SR 30000, FEC 5/6, DVB-S2 / 8PSK.
In addition to tv channels, This package is broadcast about 10 Radio — Radio World ", Belarus Radio», "Good" and other.
The package is fully similar to, that is broadcast from ABS-2 for 11605 see SR 43200 7/8.
While the remains suggest, Thus "GeotTelekommunikacii" test "tank TeRus". On the other hand, the official website of «TeRus "any information about an upcoming cessation of broadcasting with ABS-2 still no.

52(E): The first regular broadcasting in Luce MENA
TurkmenAlem satellite/Monacosat put into commercial operation the first multiplex in Luce MENA (Middle East + North Africa).
We are talking about capacity, used by Yahlive, satellite operator Yahsat 1A (Y1A) on adjacent positions of the 52.5° E. Satellite operator Yahlive at the end of last year reached an agreement with the owner of Monacosat capacity to use transponders for Yahlive subscribers. Satellite TurkmenAlem/Monacosat – Joint satellite Turkmenistan and the Principality of Monaco, offers three different beam cover – West, East and MENA. The first two can be taken and in Central Europe. admission of new MENA beam is impossible.
Technical parameters:

TurkmenAlem/Monacosat (52°E), frequency 12,456 GHz, Pol. V, SR 27500, FEC 2/3, DVB-S2/8PSK available programs (all FTA):
World Travel Channel HD Iqraa Arabic Abu Dhabi TV Abu Dhabi Al Emarat Drama TV Abu Dhabi Nat Geo Abu Dhabi Sports 1
Abu Dhabi Sports 2


Starts the official broadcasting Polish Hip Hop TV»Polish Hip Hop TV»
23 March Polish broadcaster "ZPR Media launched its new music-themed tv channel called" Hip Hop TV».
At first "Hip Hop TV is going to broadcast only by satellite Eutelsat Hot Bird» (13°E), with the nekodirovannym signal. Later will also comprise the Polish cable networks. This channel will initially only videos from Polish hip-hop, modern and older. Over time, the "Hip Hop TV" will expand the programme proposal and start own transfer. Director of channel became Tomasz Klejff, Polish rapper and music producer.
Satellite signal options will be as follows: 11508 MHz, polars. V, SR 27500, FEC 3/4; DVB-S2 / 8PSK