Transponder news for 15.09.2016

Новости спутникового телевидения

News of satellite TV


NSS-12 57°E
"Qellat" left 11184 V and appeared on 11042 V 1210 3/4, DVB-S2/QPSK MPEG-4

Express-AM6 53° E
Tv channel “Velayat TV” Appeared on 12594 V 27500 2/3. Ray “AM-6 Ku band beam-2” Open

Belintersat 1 51.5°E
11339 (H) 2500 3/4 — change SID channel "Belarus 24"

EUTELSAT Hot Bird/13 c/13B 13E 13° E
11604 (H) 27500 5/6 — Instead of test card "Media Broadcast-Test 31 open there was a channel "Home & Health TV"

новости спутникового телевидения

News of satellite TV

TV channel "Tlum HD" came from the "Tricolor TV"
12 September 2016 informed TV channel "Tlum HD" came out of the package "Detskiy" in connection with the completion of the period of test broadcasting.

"The first channel" will review program schedule, when the Russian players will play spectacular
The return matches of the championship of Russia on football in the program grid of the First channel" will be possible only in the case, if the domestic clubs will increase the game level. This statement was made General Director of "First channel" Konstantin Ernst, responding to a question of the journalist of the edition "R-Sports".
"Here is the problem: when Russian clubs will play quite a spectacle and well, then the interest will be manifested. Yet our team is still not playing so, although we show it", mass media quote the words of Ernst.
"The first channel" to 2011 years broadcast the matches of the championship of Russia on a regular basis, then for several seasons at the weekend showed only the Central matches of the round.

TV channels and operators get any additional copyright fees
If the right to collect royalties do go to state-owned companies, this can lead to increased financial burden on television channels and operators, says the columnist “Kommersant”. Ministry of economic development proposes the introduction of two types of payments: for retransmission of audiovisual works (concerts and clips) and, separately, for related rights on TV. Experts remind, the operators do not enjoy the rights on the works, and the TV channels already make direct payments more.
Recall, The Ministry of economic development suggested that organizations for collective management of copyright and related rights in the form of a public-law companies. This issue was discussed at a meeting on the reform of the sector. The Ministry initiative was explained by the opacity of the existing organizations and conflicts of interest in their leadership. Obviously, what we are primarily talking about the aggravated situation around the Russian authors ' society (RAO).
Currently, the accreditation of the Ministry of culture have four organizations. The most significant of them – RAO (working with channels and operators) and the all-Russian intellectual property organization (WIPO), management related rights. The proposed fees for audiovisual works and related rights can mean, what channels and operators will be charged with the responsibility of paying for the broadcast of concerts and video clips, and not just authors, but performers and producers of phonograms.
Meanwhile,, Vice-President of the Association of cable operators of Russia Mikhail Silin considers, what the cable operators, these payments should not touch, since they in principle are not the users rights. However, the Ministry of calm, the proposals are preliminary.

TV channels continue to save at premieres
Ekaterina Bryzgalova
In 2015 g. the seven largest Russian TV channels (“Perviy Kanal”, “Russia 1”, NTV, TNT, STS, “The fifth channel”, REN TV) reduced the cost of producing Premier content 9% before 40,3 billion USD. compared with the 2014 g., analysts estimated KVG Research.
The premiere is content of domestic production, created by the order of TV channels: movies, TV series, show. Last year the show fell on the Prime Minister 12% before 9400 hours. Information programs, News, morning infotainment program, sports, concerts and lotteries in the study were not taken into account, the message KVG Research.
Most channels have reduced the number of screenings of premiere series – 33%. Shows entertainment programs decreased by 10%, movies – at 4%. But the channels started to show a movie premieres (on 28%), children's programs (on 17%) and talk show (on 10%).
Last year the TV has revised its content policy, explains KVG Research. Some of them have reduced the volume of the premiere broadcast, others have replaced the first-run content for cheaper. But there are those channels, which increased the cost of the premiere.
In 2014 g. a Prime number has also decreased: money this market fell 3% compared with the 2013 g., hours of the show on 12%. The market is down primarily due to reduction of expenses of advertisers on buying TV advertising, believes KVG Research. In 2014 g. advertising TV market grew by only 2% (compared with the 9% growth in 2013 g.) before 159,8 bln rubles., in 2015 g. – fell 14% before 136,7 billion USD. (data of Association of communication agencies of Russia). Also, viewers are increasingly interested in thematic programmes on smaller channels, not taken into account KVG Research.
Representatives of the majority referred to in the study of channels either did not comment on the study KVG Research, either not responded to the request. Representatives of NMG and “Gazprom-media” claim, what their company did not cut costs at the premiere. Co-owner of the film company Amedia Alexander Akopov believes, the reduction of the time premiere does not imply deterioration in its quality: so, TV channels can be profitable to rent shorter, but high-quality movie or TV series. Or to repeat several times in the movie, what show series, which is not gather an audience. In 2015 g. the cost of shooting the Prime Minister grew up, says Akopov: they will continue to grow, as channels have to attract an audience.
In 2016 g. the market for the production of premiere content stabiliziruemost, while purchase prices may increase by 5-10%, believes KVG Research, linking it with the, the crisis in the economy began to decline

In Russia may receive the basketball channel?
Before the start of the regular season of VTB United League in basketball in Moscow has passed meeting with participation of representatives of the clubs in the League, where information was published, which promises to be interesting for the lovers of sports broadcasts. Recall, last year stopped broadcasting the basketball channel, which was produced by the TV company "NTV-Plus". But, apparently, without his basketball TV fans of this popular sport will remain.
Following the meeting, the Director-General of the League of Ilona Korsten was voiced by representatives of the news media about, the League is currently working to improve the quality of the basketball broadcast, their graphic design and plans to start satellite broadcasting games in HD.
It is quite possible, that after the channels "Our football", "KHL" and "Equestrian sport" in this season (2016/17 Gg.) you may receive the television broadcasts of basketball battles from the League.
Season in the League will start 2 October, so until that time we can hope for developments. You should pay attention, on the official website of the Russian basketball Federation is regularly carried out Internet broadcasts of all basketball games, in t. h. and lower leagues. But their quality, Unfortunately, last season left much to be desired.

Part of the former RBC employees went to work at the TV channel "Rain"
Some of the former employees of RBC switched to the TV channel "Rain", told in Facebook chief editor of "Rain" Roman badanin.
Happy to announce, that small, but friendly, a good desperate team of TV channel "Rain" in September, joins a group of outstanding professionals", — he wrote.
Notes, Hope she and Maxim Glikin will become the Vice editor-in-chief, Vladimir Motorin will be the chief editor of the site, Elizabeth Surnacheva, Polina Nikolskaya, Natalia Telegina and Maria Zholobova will join the Department of research and reports.
In July this year, media reported, the media holding RBC leave 20 key journalists. A month earlier from a holding was dismissed almost the entire leadership of RBC: Elizaveta Osetinskaya, Roman badanin and Solius.

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