Customizing Oscam with HTS Tvheadend on OpenELEC 5.0 for crafty view

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2015-02-13 14:32:15
Is this image working on VS-IP015 ?<br /><br />Powered by VS-IP015 this image?
2015-02-23 19:58:13
On stage <br /><!--dle_spoiler--><div class="title_spoiler"><a href="javascript:ShowOrHide('spe2ff1c14e8d7e53e3109da4f4f3baecf')"><img id="image-spe2ff1c14e8d7e53e3109da4f4f3baecf" style="vertical-align: middle;border: none;" alt="" src="{THEME}/dleimages/spoiler-plus.gif" /></a>&nbsp;<a href="javascript:ShowOrHide('spe2ff1c14e8d7e53e3109da4f4f3baecf')"><!--spoiler_title-->Show / Hide text<!--spoiler_title_end--></a></div><div id="spe2ff1c14e8d7e53e3109da4f4f3baecf" class="text_spoiler" style="display:none;"><!--spoiler_text-->Watch, If at this stage everything is done correctly, then :<br />Customizing Oscam with HTS Tvheadend on OpenELEC 5.0 for crafty view<br />Changes to :<br />Customizing Oscam with HTS Tvheadend on OpenELEC 5.0 for crafty view<br />Finish!<!--spoiler_text_end--></div><!--/dle_spoiler--><br />don't get green. До этой стадии все сделал по инструкции.<br /><br />Assembly OpenELEC with downloading with SD card. What can/should take?<br />Thank you.
2015-02-23 20:04:03
<!--QuoteBegin Screamer --><div class="title_quote">Quote: Screamer</div><div class="quote"><!--QuoteEBegin--><br />Assembly OpenELEC with downloading with SD card. What can/should take?<br />Спасибо.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd--><br />As they say seven woes, на Ваш вопрос &quot;Ребут&quot; response.
2015-02-23 20:17:31
Unfortunately did not help. <br />May need a specific oscam? Set of OpenELEC Unofficial Addons.
2015-02-23 20:23:55
<!--QuoteBegin Screamer --><div class="title_quote">Quote: Screamer</div><div class="quote"><!--QuoteEBegin-->Unfortunately did not help. <br />May need a specific oscam? Ставил из OpenELEC Unofficial Addons.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd--><br />No. работает из коробки.<br />проверить это и коль что лог оскама и твх сюда.<br /><div style="text-align:center;"><!--dle_image_begin:|--><img src="" alt="" title="" /><!--dle_image_end--></div>
2015-02-23 20:40:37
Oscam access port 8888 Nope. :( Вот почему я засомневался насчет версии.
2015-02-23 21:05:04
well it means it doesn't. и зелёненького не будет пока не будет установлен оскам.<br />try oskame for a default installation throw. Без дополнительных ожиданий.<br /><div style="text-align:center;"><!--dle_image_begin:|--><a href="" onclick="return hs.expand(this)" rel="nofollow"><img src="" width="300" height="132" alt="" title="" /></a><!--dle_image_end--></div>
2015-02-23 21:48:13
Did, reload. No effect. Trying to find oscam as zip to install from a file.
2015-02-23 22:01:39
<!--QuoteBegin Screamer --><div class="title_quote">Quote: Screamer</div><div class="quote"><!--QuoteEBegin-->Did, reload. No effect. Пытаюсь найти oscam в виде zip для установки из файла.<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd--><br />in vain, This should work <!--dle_leech_begin--><a href="" target="_blank">oscam</a><!--dle_leech_end-->!<br />Find another, Working throw LINC.
2015-02-23 22:19:57
<!--QuoteBegin GuRu --><div class="title_quote">Quote: GuRu</div><div class="quote"><!--QuoteEBegin-->This should work!<br /><!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd--><br />This version does not want to be. Wrote - &quot;Не соблюдены зависимости&quot;. Version of neoff. repo OpenELEC - 4.1.5, но не работает.<br /><br />Can this somehow be connected with the fact, that Open works with SD card?
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