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Transponder news for 18.05.2016

News of satellite TV

Yahsat-1A. 52.5°E
Tv channels “GAM GAM River and Rubix” Appeared on 11958 V 27500 7/8. Open

Eutelsat 36B, 36.0°E
‘ Playboy TV Europe ’, ‘ Tv Center Europe (0h)’ and ‘ TV XXI’ gone with the 11785R
Amedia ‘ 2’ has 11900R
' Nude Art TV’ has 12092R
‘ Perviy Meteo’ has 12265L
‘ RTR-Planeta Ukraine’ has 12284R
‘ Bridge TV ’, ‘ Rusong TV ’, ‘ S TV ’, ‘ sovershenno sekretno’ and ‘ TNT4 (0h)’ gone with the 12341L

Astra 2 g. 28.2°E
Tv channel “CNC World English” Appeared on 11686 V 22000 5/6. Open

ASTRA 1 m, 19.2°E
New package with tests in a format ‘ Ultra HD’ appeared on 10714H (Europe beam), DVB-S2/8PSK/HEVC/UHD/open, SR 23500, FEC 3/4

Latest news about expanding United States tv channel in Russian
On satellite Hotbird 13 GR. E marked tests some channel, Telecasting the test table, which is written as Radio Free Europe / The Radio Liberty Russian HD. As they say, talking about the upcoming early on the tehkanalu broadcasts in high definition programs now», Joint television project of Russian services stations United States ^ voice of America and radio free Europe/Radio Liberty (Radio Liberty). Next, let's talk about the latest developments, related to the deployment of new tv channel United States ^ in Russian. OBOB. TV something managed to learn, about this, that is called, from first hand.
Recall, broadcasting "date" in the standard as you can watch for a few months in unencrypted form onto the same Hotbird 13 GR. (E). (as we wrote earlier). The channel is registered as Current Time (Nastoyashcheye Vremya), broadcasting on transponder, who takes on this satellite international United States (frequency 12207 (H)). Note, that "now" is not a full-fledged tv channel, and broadcasting is a set of disparate radio televersij Russian edition of "radio free Europe/Radio Liberty, Although already go and daily news and weekly reviews, produced specifically for television.
While at the headquarters of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty in Prague say, that very soon "now" becomes a rich and expensive tv channel, Which one (According to one of the perennial staff Russian edition, They said in an interview for OBOB. TV) "absorb" all Russian edition of "radio free Europe/Radio Liberty.
As far as is known, decision, that now runs United States ^ channel in Russian will start not one off fee, and gradually. In other words, all major popular radio program "Radio Liberty" will also be produced and eventually in television format (that gradually started to happen, and for this purpose already equipped and operate television stations in Prague, Moscow and Kiev). To this telekontentu now added editions of television news "now», made with technical assistance based in Washington Russian edition station "voice of America". Also started the production of documentaries in the newly established Department of documentary cinema of the Russian edition of "radio free Europe/Radio Liberty.
While it is unclear, whether there will be a new channel ^ United States called "Real time" (on the name of the flagship newscast), or it will be changed. The project "now" still only gets up on his feet, but already more forces selects all, technical and materiel from Broadcasting Corporation Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, He had already replaced (as far as is known) from Hotbird 13 GR. (E) television broadcasting Azerbaijani service of radio free Europe/Radio Liberty (most agreed to release only on the Internet).

Eutelsat has reported on successes
European satellite operator Eutelsat unveiled statistics on their activities for the 1 quarter of the current year. The main conclusion, that can be drawn from these data is a linear satellite tv continues to evolve. This also applies to channels, broadcasted in standard MPEG-2 ustarevaûŝem, and high-definition channels. As a result of which only the first three months 2016 year Eutelsat switched 17 new transponders. Their increase was mainly due to new Express satellites AMU-1 (the European name is Eutelsat 36 c) and Eurobird 9.
On 31 March 2016 the year via satellite broadcast operator 6 156 tv and radio. It is almost 7 percent increase, than the last report at the end of 2015 year. More rapid development of high-definition channels (HDTV). They became more directly on 13 %. In total, Eutelsat broadcasts 807 HD channels.
In General,, for broadcast tv channels and data transfer is used 1219 transponders.
General satellite "fleet" of French European operator is about 40 satellites. In the next few years will go into orbit new telecommunication spacecraft:
In 2016 -Eutelsat 117 West B, which will serve the regions of Latin America;
In 2017 year in the extreme eastern point 172 g e. depart for Eutelsat 172 to work on Asian and Pacific regions.
Interesting is the year 2018-th, When will go into orbit next generation satellite Eutelsat Quantum, and from "ordinary" KA in point 7 degrees East Eutelsat will go to 7 c, that including. will have a "Turkish" Ray.
Finally, in the year 2019 will be launched the first "African" African Telecommunications Satellite Broadband Satellite.

Cameroonian channels started broadcasting via “Yamal-402”
“Gazprom space systems” (GKS) and Cameroonian television channels Canal 2 International and Moving Pictures International (MTI) entered into a contract for the use of the resource of southern satellite beam “Yamal-402”.
Such information is contained in the records of the GKS. Private tv channel Canal 2 International, based in Daule, began broadcasting in 2004 year. Now his on-air grid consists of news, entertaining show, serials and sporting events. In turn, MTI specializes in news and political debates. Founder and Director of the MTI Hipolajt Kamdem Fotso personally familiarized with work of the telecommunications centre in Milton Keynes and Central GCS satellite television in Moscow., that the resource satellite “Yamal-402” It is used to broadcast both television companies would catch on an ongoing basis, and for the Organization of reports from the field. South beam satellite has a good coverage of the territory of sub-Saharan Africa. Resource of this beam is widely used for broadcast of African television channels. In particular, via satellite Yamal-402 "is airing a package of State tv channels of the Republic of Angola.

UPC Direct has included the FOX channel
Software offer Hungarian satellite pay-TV platform for UPC Direct, UPC DTH operator, today expanded on one station.
Subscribers can watch the program again FOX. Hungarian version of FOX broadcasts the legendary tv series The Walking Dead, animated series “The Simpsons” and many other successful paintings. FOX broadcasts from Hungary 1.2.2014 and is now available for subscribers to UPC Direct in Hungary in packages Medium HD, Plus HD, HD Pak. The Hungarian version of the program FOX broadcasts with Hungarian subtitles. Also available additional audio track with the original wording.
Technical parameters – FOX:

Thor 7 (0,8° W), frequency 12,111 GHz, Pol. V, SR 28000, FEC 7/8, DVB-S/QPSK, Irdeto CA (CAID 0D97, 0653), Conax (0B02), Nagra MA (1815)

Claims management system “razgonnika” to launch Intelsat 31 saved
Startup booster “Proton- M” Intelsat communication satellite 31 is transferred from the 31 may at the beginning of June because of the outstanding claims to the management system booster “Briz-M”.
This was announced today by a source on the Baikonur Cosmodrome, where start is to be made. Earlier media reported, the launch of the satellite is transferred from 28 may on 31 may due to problems with a booster unit. Later it was reported, that is a problem with “razgonnikom” eliminated, However, the start was postponed to early June.
As explained by the interlocutor of the Agency, now booster unit is at a gas station, but it does not fill with, Since no conclusion from technical leader (to recommend that the State start charging). “There were comments on the razgonnomu block, mostly they removed and replaced the block booster.
After the tests were normal. But one of these comments is not closed, It is associated with control system booster unit”, – the interlocutor of the Agency.
According to him, to run 31 may “Briz-M” had to refuel on the eve, 17 may. “This did not happen. Today too, most likely, zapravât no booster block, means, start has already shifted to 1 June. If tomorrow zapravât, then on 2 June start moves”, – the source said.
Satellite launch, which should ensure the television in South America, have been transferred,. At first it was planned to be held at the end of 2015 year, then – in April 2016-th, launch scheduled for later 17 may, and further – on 28 may.

Canal Digitaal turns off SD, Subscribers must perenastroit′sâ on HD
Dutch satellite pay tv Canal Digitaal, owned by the Luxembourg company M7 Group, turns off channels in classic SD resolution, informing subscribers, that these same stations they can watch in HD resolution.
Canal Digitaal turned off the commercial RTL5 station, Rtl7, NET5 and public NPO3 in classic SD resolution at the Astra 19.2° E position in. These stations subscribers can now watch in HD resolution, but on a nearby Astra 3B in position 23.5° E. M7 Group turned out the MPEG-2/SD distribution not only in the Benelux, but also in the Czech Republic and Slovakia sister platform Skylink. Subscribers offers channels in MPEG-4 in SD or HD.