OSCAM EMU 1105 для OpenELEC arm cortex a9

OSCAM EMU 1105 для OpenELEC arm cortex a9

OSCAM EMU 1105 для OpenELEC arm cortex a9

OSCam базируется на MPCS версии 0.9d, которая является паблик версией (OpenSource). Обсуждение и модификация этого эмулятор/картсервера в основном осуществляется на форуме Streamboard. Oscam корректно обрабатывает как групповые так и индивидуальные ЕММ в Drecrypt1 с ревизии 834. Очень удобное окружение для сборки cmake под многие распространенные аппаратные платформы, естественно при наличии нужной SDK. Нужный SDK можно получить из проекта openembedded.
OSCam может работать как со встроенными картридерами, так и с внешними через com port или USB (SmatGo).

OSCam является не только Cardserver, а работает также и как ЭМУ.

OSCam поддерживает все самые популярные протоколы — newcamd, cs378x, camd3 и cccam.
Поддерживаются Mgcamd клиент, клиент CCCam (IncubusCamd, CCCam_Client), Camd3 и Scam.

Данный эмулятор работает не только с шаринг серверами но и как эмулятор для официальных карт.
— работает очень быстро, кодированные каналы открывает на лету
— настраивается не очень сложно, можно быстро осилить
— легко понимает софткам, то есть не нужно отдельных софткамов, остается лишь в конфигах прописать правильный путь к файлу софткама
— открывает все, что прописано в софткаме (БИСС, Крипто, ВИА…)
— можно настроить на любого провайдера
— не виснет при остановке на кодированном канале, не прописанном для декодирования

В данном случае OSCAM EMU 1105 завёрнут в упаковку как плагин к OpenELEC.

OSCAM EMU 1105 устанавливать через установку add-on из zip


service.softcam.oscam-emu-r11105.zip 727 KB

11105 	1d 21h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	fix index reset 	 
11104 	1d 21h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	revert last commit: does not solve the problem 	 
11103 	1d 21h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	make sure that unused indices get released when we need a new one 	 
11102 	1d 22h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	fixed a bug in dvbapi_get_descindex() 	 
11101 	1d 22h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	small fix 	 
11100 	1d 22h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	fix crash in dvbapi_parse_capmt() when pmtfile == NULL 	 
11099 	1d 22h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	small fix 	 
11098 	1d 22h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	according to doc for recv():
"These calls return the number of bytes received, or -1 if an error occurred. The return value will be 0 when the peer has performed an orderly shutdown."
-> so we must treat len == 0 as a disconnect, because we are using MSG_DONTWAIT, also added EWOULDBLOCK to the error checks 	 
11097 	1d 23h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	tryfix for #4343 	 
11096 	1d 23h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	fixed some bugs 	 
11095 	1d 23h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	reworked index related code:
converting back and forth between int8_t, int32_t and uint32_t is very confusing -> replaced with ca_index_t
no longer using index == 0 for FTA
this makes the code a lot easier to understand and helps to find bugs 	 
11094 	2d 01h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	fix wrong config check 	 
11093 	2d 02h 	theparasol 	/trunk/ 	- Tryfix ticket #4343 	 
11092 	2d 02h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	updated video/audio pid detection 	 
11091 	2d 05h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	raise tcp_ito for cccam so that keepalive can work 	 
11090 	2d 05h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	updated cccam keepalive 	 
11089 	2d 07h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	update for last commit 	 
11088 	2d 07h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	tryfix: black scren when switching from a des channel to a csa channel 	 
11087 	2d 15h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	fix crashing on shutdown because of oscam-cache.c 	 
11086 	4d 00h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	update video/audio pid detection 	 
11085 	4d 03h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	cleaner version of last commit 	 
11084 	4d 04h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	fix crash when no filters are returned 	 
11083 	4d 04h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	more fixes for extended cw code 	 
11082 	4d 09h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	extended cw tryfix for black screen when switching from multiple cw mode to single cw mode 	 
11081 	5d 01h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	another tryfix for radegast 	 
11080 	5d 01h 	theparasol 	/trunk/ 	VIACCESS:
- All classes in an emm have to match! 	 
11079 	5d 01h 	theparasol 	/trunk/ 	VIACCESS:
- Seems an emm can contain multiple classes -> reworked the code once more! 	 
11078 	5d 03h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	radegast: suppressing subecms for caid 0x500 is broken on 0500:041980 -> fix: only suppress subecms when ecmlen > 0xFE 	 
11077 	5d 13h 	theparasol 	/trunk/ 	DVBAPI:
- Revert EMM handling exset and drecrypt since it breaks bulcrypt 	 
11076 	5d 23h 	theparasol 	/trunk/ 	RATELIMITER:
- Fix on cooldown: take the srvidholdtime into account too! 	 
11075 	6d 01h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	the 0x4A caid range contains a lot of systems, so better revert to the old line.
caid_is_dre() is meant to be for Drecrypt, if a function for Dreamcrypt is needed, please create another function. 	 
11074 	6d 02h 	theparasol 	/trunk/ 	DVBAPI:
- Increase maximum filters to 32 for now.
We could increase to 128, some boxes/images do support it but its eating up too much resources we better make it dynamical but it involves many dvbapi code changes
The fd limit issue on demuxers has been researched in deep by AbrahaM, Mickey and Tequila for quite some time due too 0 size recording issues on some images.
So a big thank you for the great effort you put into it: https://github.com/Duckbox-Developers/dr...a43375c2fddc7a6
- Added a check on dvbapi startup how many filters each demuxer can handle (only api 1 and 3, so no stapi/coolstream/whatever)
- To avoid possibility of 0 recordings on old images/boxes due to too many emmfilters now emm and sdt filters get killed right before new channel is starting to descamble
that way we make maximize the chance that ecm filters can be started
- Dreamcrypt seems to use caid 0x2710 too -> added!
The fd limit on demuxers has been researched by AbrahaM, Mickey and Tequila due to the 	 
11073 	6d 03h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	fix for long emms 	 
11072 	6d 07h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	+Added OE2.0 and OE2.2 cipher mode API to module-dvbapi.c (dreambox only for now)
Possible ciphers on OE2.0: CSA, DES
Possible ciphers on OE2.2: CSA, DES, AES128
(if the driver supports it)
+Updated oscam for extendes cws, this includes:
->using different cws for each stream type (video, audio, data)
->using CSA, DES, AES128 as cipher
-> All these changes are DISABLED by default atm, and can be turned on in globals.h:
//#define WITH_EXTENDED_CW 1 	 
11071 	6d 12h 	theparasol 	/trunk/ 	DVBAPI:
- Tryfix streampid takeover 	 
11070 	7d 05h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	added caid_is_dre() 	 
11069 	7d 06h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	*Fix: emmcache truncated last 3 bytes of cached EMM
*Update: support large EMMs
*Update: verify EMM length 	 
11068 	7d 07h 	Aeon 	/trunk/ 	fix MAX_EMM_SIZE for emm reassembly buffer 	 
11067 	7d 09h 	theparasol 	/trunk/ 	DVBAPI:
- Some rework on ca pmt parsing & connection handling 	 
11066 	7d 09h 	theparasol 	/trunk/ 	DVBAPI:
- Some retrying while disabling filters and their fd's 	 
11065 	11d 05h 	theparasol 	/trunk/ 	DVBAPI:
- Fix PMT parsing for caid 2710 (tricolor) 	 
11064 	12d 01h 	theparasol 	/trunk/ 	DVBAPI:
- Disable all indexes for a streampid on ca right before takeover by new index 	 
11063 	12d 05h 	theparasol 	/trunk/ 	DVBAPI:
- Tryfix takeover streampid from other demuxer with different index 	 
11062 	15d 08h 	gorgone.impertinence 	/trunk/ 	clienttimeout -> increasing multiplier to prevent low timeout values 	 
11061 	18d 02h 	theparasol 	/trunk/ 	IRDETO:
- Extended logging cardstatus after ECM request (Tnx Newcslover for providing initial patch!) 	 
11060 	18d 03h 	theparasol 	/trunk/ 	SECA:
- Dont return ERROR on corrupt/fake ECM since it will block the channel for correct ecm too! 	 
11059 	19d 08h 	theparasol 	/trunk/ 	IRDETO:
- Some cards have status on different position, so start using cta_res[cta_lr-2] instead of cta_res[3] (Tnx jsompis for providing patch!) 	 
11058 	26d 00h 	theparasol 	/trunk/ 	CRYPTOWORKS:
- EMM rework
report issues here: http://www.streamboard.tv/wbb2/thread.php?postid=553585#post553585 	 
11057 	26d 03h 	theparasol 	/trunk/ 	IRDETO:
- Fix for non acs57 based cards: cardstatus after emm was 1 byte off (tnx Jsompis and newcslover!) 	 
11056 	26d 05h 	theparasol 	/trunk/ 	VIACCESS:
- Fixed a logcosmetic 	 
11055 	27d 00h 	theparasol 	/trunk/ 	VIACCESS:
- EMM logcosmetics



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